gas struts

  1. G

    FREE 900n gas struts

    Free to a good home, just taken off my van. Collection from cheadle stockport. Cheers
  2. nigeltreves


    SWB side bars (see original post 29/6/20 for more details) T30 front and rear springs(delivery mileage) Tailgate gas struts Collection from CM20
  3. B

    Our tail gate doesnt stay open

    We have just taken delivery of a converted T6 van. We have a fiamma bike rack on the tailgate which doesn't stay open, making it near impossible for me to load and unload by myself. The thing is, I'm sure it worked when we initially looked at the van a couple of weeks back. Does anyone have...
  4. Kev Liddle

    Upgrade rear struts - how to?

    This may sound like a daft question... I changed the tailgate struts to the stronger ones, mounted the same as the factory ones, thicker end to the body, thinner to the tailgate. no instructions with the new struts. passenger side popped off twice on opening, they are both fitted correctly on...
  5. david173

    985N Tailgate Struts Pair

    As per title looking for a pair of OEM uprated 985N struts for my tailgate if anyone has any available?
  6. G

    Found New or near new Standard tailgate struts

    Hi, I’m looking for some near new tailgate gas struts complete with parts. Genuine VW if poss. My van has sound deadening and insulation and the ones fitted are sagging. Don’t want to go straight to upgraded ones as I don’t want the tailgate to be too hard to close so thought I’d try another set...
  7. Taylorm

    Wanted T6.1 Caravelle 985n Tailgate Gas Struts

    T6.1 Caravelle 985n Tailgate Gas Struts Please let me know if you have a new pair for sale or anywhere I can purchase a decent set. Thanks
  8. N

    Sold Aftermarket Vanstyle uprated T6 1200N tailgate gas struts (pair)

    These are brand new and unused Vanstyle aftermarket uprated 1200N gas struts that are suitable when a bike rack is installed: They retail for £29.00. Offers around £18. I'm located in South Leicestershire, but...
  9. Sebnev

    Pop Top Bed Gas Struts

    Hi, I put up the pop top for the first time in a few month yesterday. When I push up the bed floor it the struts aren't holding the bed up into the up position. 1 of them is completely shot, the other is alright but can't hold the weight of the bed on its on. I've attached photos of the...
  10. OllieGBR

    Top strut rubber mount

    Afternoon all In-between the rain and hail I'm replacing my CRS supplied shocks. The front top rubber mount for the shock/ strut is badly perished and even though it will mean further delays I need replacements. I can't find any on Eurocarparts, but these are at TransporterHQ; Rubber mounts I...
  11. Ads_Essex

    For Sale 1080N gas struts

    Not sure if these are any good to anyone.. A pair of genuine VW tailgate gas struts rated at 1080N. history unknown - I needed T5 struts for my tailgate (conversion). Part number 7H0827550B refers. I think these will come up as a medium-sized parcel so £10 all in? If you’re a VIP member...
  12. Ads_Essex

    FREE 900N gas struts

    Not sure if these are any good to anyone.. A pair of genuine VW T6 tailgate gas struts rated at 900N. Taken off a 2015 van with 26k miles (due to changing them out for stronger struts to suit a Cali panel). Part number 7E0827550B refers. I think these will come up as a medium-sized...
  13. Ayjay

    2 Bike Racks

    Or racks to carry 2 bikes!!! Now that I'm in my first full year with the T6 camper, I'm beginning to look at bike racks. I know that this subject has already been done on here quite a bit but I've just had an email from Camperco pushing what seems to be a new Thule rack - the catchily named...
  14. U

    985n Tailgate Gas Strut - supplier?

    Can anyone advise where I can get the upgraded gas struts from after soundproofing and insulating the rear tailgate and the best ones to go for? Its the 985N rating ones I'm after not the 1200N for bike rack upgrades as I have heard they are too powerful.
  15. Spaghetti

    Sold 1200n Tailgate Struts

    Pair of 1200N tailgate struts for sale. Turkas. fitted for about 2 weeks when I had my bike rack on. They’re too strong for my setup, as I’ve only got a bike rack, which is not that heavy. £45 delivered.
  16. SNACK

    Stiff Tailgate

    Our tailgate can feel really heavy making it difficult to close - especially when it’s hot out and the boot warms up. I’m quite a strong lad I’d say, it definitely isn’t my muscles! Anything I can grease or lube up to make the door lighter and easier to close? (Electric tailgate is the one...
  17. Spaghetti

    Vw Bike Rack - 1200n/900n Struts

    Hi All, Just fitted a VW tailgate rack, and with the 900N struts on, it's a bit lazy lifting. With a pair of 1200N struts on, it's a bit urgent with the way it opens. Question is.... Has anyone put a 1200N one on side and 900N on the other, long term? any adverse effects? It seems to open...
  18. gal2009

    Tailgate Gas Strut - one only?

    Had ply sound deadening and insulating done to the tailgate. The existing struts now struggle a bit. Not to the point of not wanting to open, but they just need a bit of help on the last bit. Question is : If i buy uprated struts, can i just put one uprated on and leave the other standard?
  19. Chris Brett

    Longer Tailgate Gas Struts?

    Hi Guys, caught my head on the rear tailgate!!! Does anyone know if you can get longer gas struts to get the tailgate a little higher, please? (T6 204 DSG 4 Motion twin sliders & non-windowed tailgate). Cheers.
  20. 8balladdict

    For Sale Tailgate Gas Struts 900N Kombi

    Hi all, Got 2 original Kombi tailgate 900N struts up for sale if anyone needs replacements or is looking at doing a tailgate retrofit. £40