1. K

    Euro Trip 2021

    Does anyone have any suggestions for camping in Europe? We're based in Germany and hopefully if restrictions are eased next year we'll be looking to head south on tour! Cheers Kev
  2. C

    Green Card cover

    Hi all, Anyone offer any green card advice in the current minefield of EU changes?! Basically I get the standard 90 days with my current insurer Direct Line and have 18 days left to use until May 2021 when the 90 days will renew. Trouble is I need more than the 90 days annually so am trying to...
  3. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  4. Body snatcher

    Any advice for travel to Spain ?

    I’m considering travel to Spain would love any tips or advice cheers
  5. Tourershine

    Getting into Europe and using aires?

    So i've just spent, or actually my wife has just spent the last 4hrs on the Eurotunnel website trying to book our crossings for August. It's well reported across the internet that is under a huge amount of pressure due to the whole country trying to make bookings after the latest...
  6. Ian28

    Scandinavia Ideas Please

    Hi, Planning a 'pilgrimage' with my son to the Nick Cave exhibition in Copenhagen this summer in my T6 and wondered if anyone could offer any travel tips for the region? Trip will be a week-ish and I'll start by sailing Newcastle to Amsterdam and then driving up through Germany etc. Probably...
  7. Oldrat

    Germany In June, Who’s Been

    Research is just gearing up! We are just booking the Eurotunnel, and having nearly three weeks at the end of June in that there Europe. (Driving permits organised) So Where should I take me new campervan. We are thinking of Bavaria, the romantic road, castles and Rivers? We use...
  8. Pete C

    Warmish Locations In October

    It looks like we will have some time free for a longer campervan trip in early October. We want to go to Scotland, but I suspect it could be a bit fresh up there doing something like the NC500. We have friends in the South of France, so could drop down there, then move on to Spain and Portugal...
  9. D

    Wild Camping In Switzerland, Italy And Austria?

    I’m roughly planning a 4 -5 week trip for September / October 2019 and would like to hear about personal experiences of wild camping in Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy, preferably in the Alps and Dolomites. We would be looking to be as unobtrusive as possible; no furniture, awning or...
  10. P

    Beam Deflectors For H7 Units, Driving In France

    Morning all, Has anyone got any clear instructions or photos for the H7 unit for where the stickers go? Instructions I have are useless. Thanks
  11. kiter

    Norway Adventures...............

    Probably wont sleep tonight as pretty excited, head off tomorrow for 5 weeks in Norway, plan is to try and get all the way up to Tromso, with about 2 weeks in the Lofoten Islands en route. Van all packed and tin tent hitched so ready to roll first thing tomorrow am. Scary how much 'stuff '...
  12. T6 Owl

    European Breakdown Cover.

    Hi all, We’re off on a bit of a road trip around France in August in the T6 and so I am looking at getting some breakdown cover. I have UK cover via my bank account, but this doesn’t extend to Europe. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  13. RyanGerry

    A Weekend Away In Holland!

    A cheeky little weekend away at Euro Camp this weekend in Hilvarenbeek Holland
  14. Shaun Witts

    Hull To Rotterdam Ferry Booking

    What are folk, who take their converted vans on this ferry route, stating as their vehicle type when booking ? The price for a car with the same dimensions as my SWB is half of that for a van!
  15. Lord Mfwic

    Headlights In Europe.

    We are travelling to Europe soon and reading up on what we need to take it says we need headlight adjustment. I remember years ago we used to put a sticker on the headlight to stop the glare. Is this still the case or is there a different system or way of adjusting the headlights for European...
  16. Mavis628

    Going Abroad - EHU advice needed

    Hi guys Going away in June for a month Switzerland and Italy, do i need to purchase any hook up adapters or will the end I use in the UK work, any links to what I need if I need it would be great Cheers Steve
  17. KombiKommando

    Anyone driven to Sweden?

    I want to go to sweden. Has anyone driven there? Or camped there? Any tips would be great!
  18. VanBlanc


    A few folk have mentioned plans to do this trip. This year we did 4400 miles up the Norwegian atlantic coast to the Arctic Circle and back through Sweden. I know the area around Stavanger and Stockholm but not much more so it was an adventure. There are a lot of pics on our FaceBook page Van...