1. I

    Euro Trip - Seat dilemma

    Hi everyone. We’ve recently purchased a new campervan and we’re taking it on our first Euro trip with a few friends in a couple of weeks. I’ve noticed a bit of a problem when checking the V5 that it’s technically been registered with 3 seats, despite having a belted rock and roll bed in the...
  2. C

    T6.1 headlight alignment or swap for Europe?

    Hi all, Apologies for this post. I've read a few in the forum but they either refer to T6 or don't answer my query. I'm taking my 2022 T6.1 to Switzerland and have to register it over there. I am aware they won't accept the RHD lights as they are. I enquired with THQ about aftermarket LED for...
  3. M

    Best way to find camper spots in Europe ?

    Might be a noooby question but I’m planning my first small trip now I’ve finally (nearly) finished my conversion! What’s the best way to find camping spots (or just anywhere I can park up over night)? Im finding loooads of places that look cool so any experience people have of nice places would...
  4. B

    driving across europe. need help/advice.

    Hi, i have a 2021 t6.1 that im planning to drive from Manchester to Italy to get e ferry to mainland Greece and then another ferry to Rhodes with my wife and my dog. just wondering if anyone can off any advice about driving across Europe? Best routes? Anything i shouod be careful of? What...
  5. Nohands

    European breakdown cover

    Me and the missus have a 3-week European road planned for May, French Atlantic coast > Pyrenees > Costa Bravo. Have driven to Spain before but it is the first time doing it in the van Our breakdown cover is also up for renewal - it's currently AA. I'd like to be as prepared as possible...
  6. Crazymind

    Digital cockpit Miles to km T6.1

    Hi folks, heading to Continent tomorrow and can’t find how to change unit and Speedo to km/h on the digital cockpit of my t6.1.
  7. Our Jeff

    Austria and LEZ stickers

    Busy collecting LEZ stickers for when we hit Europe, currently France and Germany sorted, but still unclear about Austria. Anyone know for sure if I need a LEZ sticker? They are over 25 euros and don't want to buy one if only needed if I'm a lorry!
  8. TheBadger

    “UK” on Reg Plate Requirements

    So, I understand if you have a Union Flag and UK identifier on your registration plate, there is no need for a slap on white UK sticker. No quibble there. My query comes in two parts.. Is the registration plate Union Flag and UK identifier needed on BOTH front and back plates?? I.e. could the...
  9. Bredenoord

    Euro-friendly Insurance Company?

    Hi, Apologies for asking obvious questions. Any advice on insurance companies that are more T6/ Europe Travel friendly? Quotes for the 2021 model all around the same amount. So just wanted to see if there are knes to ignore. Gerard
  10. RosscoPCole

    Diesel Prices on the continent

    As the title says, what is the price of diesel in France compared to the UK? Is it less expensive to fill up over here or over there?
  11. Blind-dog

    Transporter HQ V2 lights with LED bulbs, where to place beam convertors for Europe

    Hi All, we're heading off to France in a couple weeks to drive down to Italy - Autohaus T6 Campervan with Transporter HQ aftermarket headlights with their LED bulbs. Will likely use Mont Blanc tunnel route so need to be sure where not dazzling oncoming traffic - does anyone know how to work...
  12. J

    France Crit’Air vehicle category?

    Hello, heading France this summer and getting my Crit’Air stick. I have a T6 Kombi and wondered if people know what vehicle category it is? M1 passenger or N1 light utility ? thanks
  13. T6 Owl

    UK & Euro Breakdown Cover

    Hi all, We’re off on a bit of a road trip around France in August in the T6 and so I am looking at getting some breakdown cover. I have UK cover via my bank account, but this doesn’t extend to Europe. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  14. bethamari

    European campsite recommendations? France/Germany/Italy

    Hi, We're planning a little break later this year - late July/early August time. We'll be travelling with our two dogs (a lab and golden retriever) and were looking at doing the Eurotunnel then some campsites in France, Germany and Italy. Would like to do Switzerland but seems like we'd need...
  15. Pauly

    T6 Bulbs & Lamps

    I want to put together some fact sheets for members reference and the first one is listing all lamp types on T6 vehicles I have all the lamp types from my kombi with standard lighting but would like to hear from Cali/caravelle/posh LED people...
  16. Grim Reaper

    Hmm, this could be a problem for ‘Van’ owners If it includes any vehicle that has LGV or ‘Van’ in the description on the V5 then this may put an end to converted campervan travel in the EU.
  17. T

    Tips to prepare for Winter in French Alps?

    Hi Everyone, We're planning on visiting friends in the French Alps this Christmas. We're going to take the Caravelle (T6.1 Non 4WD). Has anyone on this forum done a trips to the Alps before in their non 4WD van? I'd really appreciate feedback on the experience? Also any recommendations for snow...
  18. Ayjay

    Taking the van to Europe / Croatia this year.

    We’re toying with the idea of a road trip to Croatia next month – there’s no real hurry and the aim would be to spend maybe 7 (or 8) days (in total) travelling with a couple of weeks in-country. We know Croatia well and the route is likely to be our usual from Calais via Belgium, Germany...
  19. A

    Advanture Magazine - new issue out now

    Hi everyone, Alex here editor of Advanture Magazine. I just released the latest digital issue, and hope that there is something interesting for you in there! Issue 06 out now. For those who might not have come across the mag yet, it is a print and digital...
  20. andy greenwood

    Europe roadtrip - Switz/Austria/Germany

    Hi , we are planning a trip to Europe in July 2022. We only have 2 weeks to do it due to work holidays. We want to spend a few days in Switzerland at Jungfrau & then head to Austria for a few days and then into Bavaria. I have not drove in Europe since 2003 so I'm after advice please, what...