door card removal

  1. J

    Shuttle drivers side sliding door card removal

    Can any help with instructions on how to remove the drivers side (T6 shuttle) sliding door, door card? Does the door need to be removed to do this? The door has a rattle and apparently you have to remove the door card and cover the fixings with tape!!!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any help much appreciated as I can’t...
  2. N

    Electric Window has eaten suction cups

    Hello so I got some cheap thermal screens for a quick get away as it's so warm thought it might help keep the temps down a little. Anyway stuck them on and decided to open the window a little and I watched in horror as the window auto opened and managed to eat two of the suction cups before I...
  3. RyanGerry

    T6 Door card upgrade....

    Just about to purchase these for my edition, I take it they are straight swap?
  4. oxocube

    Can I carpet line my cabin door cards?

    Hello So I'm wondering if anyone has carpet lined their door cards? I used to have a lovely t4 and it was made of carpet pretty much. My t6 just feels too vany with these plastic cards. I'm going to sound deaden the doors soon, so while the cards are off, I'd love to carpet if its possible. Has...
  5. J

    T6.1 door cards in a T6?

    Does anyone know or has anyone fitted T6.1 door cards into their T6, i know the doors the same so mounting holes should be fine but will it interfere with the dash ? Thanks
  6. S

    T6.1 door card removal

    I've become quite the expert on removing the door card on my T6 , but has anyone done the same to a T6.1? I'm sure they have. So what are the differences? where are the important clips etc?
  7. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove the front door card on a T6

    Can't have too many "how to" threads with pics, so here goes... Quick steps to remove door card (EDIT: this is the driver's side, but the passenger side is exactly the same steps, just fewer connections) 1. Prise off trim on handle on door card (little slot to below rear to put a screwdriver...
  8. D

    How to refit door card?

    I've taken the door card off, but now can't make the trim clips actually snap into place. Do I place the clips in the door card and push the card onto the door or clip the clips into the door and lower the door card onto the clips?!
  9. C

    Drivers door fixings - part numbers

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the bottom drivers door trim fixings and the mid door threaded fixing as attached pictures? many thanks Chirs
  10. Murdoch

    Sound proofing the plastic doorcards

    I’m in the process of adding sound proofing to my kombi (as VW obviously don’t think it’s necessary) and my next challenge is the front doors. I’ve had a search or two but can’t see any obvious threads that would help me understand how to get the internal panels off the front doors. Could...
  11. Wills

    Door Card Dismantling Plastic Weld

    I’m planning to dismantle my HL door cards that are held together by plastic welds. I’m sure I read that @Timr had undertaken the task when retrimming his cards but can’t find the post. Anyone had a go and has tips?
  12. T5.1 auto

    Caravelle Door Cards And Ambient Lights

    I would like t0 illuminate front door handles on my Gen 6 door cards which arevin my Kombi, does anyone know where the wiring goes to from the front doors? I assume they only come on with interior lights when ignition key is pulled, maybe forum members with caravelles could confirm how this...
  13. Johnod17

    Poor DAB Signal

    Sorry if I am being dim but tried to tune in dab radio but only get the local stations and talk sport ,smooth fm etc My wife has the golf mk7 with the dab and she gets bbc 1,2 etc am I doing something wrong ???? Thanks John
  14. LambethBoy

    removal: metal internal door skin / door assembly?

    How do I get this off guys!? I’ve taken out bolts but something is holding it there!
  15. S

    Front door card removal

    Right, so I've fitted a dash cam and successfully pulled things apart and put them back together again so..... Now I'm fancying taking the door cards off and fitting some new speakers and applying a touch of Silent coat or similar. Any tips please. Would you recommend applying the sound...
  16. A

    Door card removal. WTF

    Just WTF? I've been taking Transporter door cards on and off for 4+ yrs now and I just get worse every time. Just been out to try and sort another mystery rattle in the drivers door (a problem with having no room for a sub and relying on the Rainbows in the door for bass) and taped everything...
  17. A

    If you've got your doorcard off...

    ... while you're there could you possibly do me a massive favour and look at your window motor and maybe take a pic so that I can compare the part no to mine. I'm trying to find out if there are different door modules (which are part of the window motor assembly) for my deadlock project. This...
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