dash cam

  1. A

    Dash cam Hard wire kit

    Hi All, I am trying to install my hardwire dashcam kit with fuse taps (T6.1 fuse box under / right side of the steering wheel). Can someone point out which fuse i should use for the permanent live and switch live please? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. T

    Dash cam - how does it work?

    Hello I have front and rear dash cams in my new to me Van (had it 3 weeks). Not sure if they are factory or not I've never had them before how do they work? How do I operate them? Photos attached of front dash cam Thanks
  3. C

    T6.1 Blackvue Dashcam Install

    Hi all, I have the BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus which I want to hardwire into my 2022 T6.1 transporter. I need to find a suitable permanent supply and a switched supply in the fuse box. I will earth it somewhere on the body. VW don’t supply a diagram so I am struggling. Here is a pic of my fuse...
  4. A

    What’s this cable by my internal mirror for?

    Hi All, I’ve been wondering, in my T6.1 70 plate Transporter high line I have this cable here. I’m unsure what it’s for, can anyone help? Thanks Alex
  5. C

    Wireless dash cam?

    Hi, Another newb question as I have been frustrated by a Halfords (4 visit and multiple assurances) dash can saga. Hillside birch over all carpet lined inside causing much perturbation amongst Halfords folk. Does anyone have any experience of wireless rear camera) systems. I have had...
  6. P

    Dashcam fitting, front and rear - costs?

    Hi folks. Picking up my new T6.1 conversion in the New Year. Got a lot useful info here already. Have been reading the dashcam threads too and think I have settled on the Thinkware F790 front & rear. The convertor hasn't fitted one before but reckons 3-4 hours labour at most @£30+VAT per...
  7. C

    Dash Cam Mystery

    Hi, need to rack some brains on a baffler for me. I have a 21 plate T6.1 and want to hard wire a dash cam in. I've fitted a number of hardwired dash cams to various vehicles over the years so am pretty confident I know what I'm doing. I sourced a good earth and live feed and put a multi meter...
  8. kombisnaps

    T6.1 12v socket permanent live

    Hi all Seen a couple posts on this but nothing relating to 6.1's I don't think so wondered if it's different in latest models! Seems that the 12v by the usb sockets is constantly live (my dash cam remains on and indicator light on my 12v adaptor doesn't shut off even after waiting a good 5mins...
  9. G

    Wolfbox G900 Dash and rear view camera

    Hi All, Possibly looking at getting a Wolfbox G900 dashcam and rear-view camera system (amazon £220) to fit to my T28. Couple of questions for some advice... 1, Has anyone had any dealings with this make/unit? 2, If so what are the dimensions of the rear camera? I want to install it by my...
  10. Samro

    Garmin Mini 2 with Parking Mode Cable/Apparent Volt Drop Issue.

    After having some problems with my new Garmin Mini 2 Dash Cam , I have finally ascertained the cause of my issues and thought I'd share my findings for others. (I thought that this may well help anyone following installation of the Garmin Parking Mode Cable! Link Here.) In "short" My Garmin...
  11. osman

    Power magic pro for blackvue cameras wiring question .

    Hi I’ve had my blackvue cameras ( front and rear ) and the power magic pro running connected to my leisure battery now for ages … most of the time I’ve been happy with it . however I’ve only just really noticed that it doesn’t over ride being off when the van is running . In other words if it’s...
  12. The Van Cave

    Sold 2015 140PS DSG SWB Kombi. £26,500 + VAT

    Huge spec 65 Plate 2015 140 DSG SWB Kombi for sale. Base Van Spec Euro 5 140 DSG With 85k miles. Acapulco Blue. Full VW Service History. Cambelt and Water Pump Changed. DSG With Paddle Shift. Genuine VW LED Headlights. Genuine VW LED Rear Lights. Electric Single Sliding Door. Power Latching...
  13. Jonesy68

    Hard wiring Dash Cam T6.1 Caravelle

    So I have read through @Pauly uploads of various fuse box and earthing point diagrams but as a novice I'm still struggling. Really want to hardwire a dash cam in rather than have it plugged into the cigarette sockets as these are always live right? So I was going to pull the cable down the A...
  14. Sackmycook

    A very close shave.....

    A697 North of Newcastle, travelling South...Merc driver forced me to take evasive action onto the verge to avoid a head on collision.....it was only the fact that I was driving to the System of Car Control as taught to Advanced Drivers by the Police which saved me, the Mrs and the dog. Dashcam...
  15. Dom76

    Rear dashcam cable routing in caravelle

    Hi guys, looking at getting front and rear dash cam for caravelle, wondering what is the best cable route to get to get the wires to the back. Don’t really want to have to disturb headlining, so thinking is it possible to push a wire pull through from the back to top of A pillar? Or is it best...
  16. GavMc P11GT

    Are Halfrauds winding me up?? Poor DAB signal: powered aerials, LED bulbs and Dash Cams

    So I’ve been a bit miffed with the DAB quality in the van checked all connections with the mirror antenna in the mirror it’s self and the door. All seems well however I’m not running the standard head unit I have a Kenwood and they claim that the driver side door mirror is no good even though I...
  17. elTorerro

    Hardwire dashcam to T6.1 - Ground

    Hi All, I'm fitting my nextbase dashcam to my new T6.1, and can see there is a fusebox under the steering wheel which looks like an ideal location. My problem however is that I cannot see a location for the ground. Lots of vids on YouTube are based on the T6 but the configuration is different...
  18. T

    Rear Dash Cam with Blinds

    Hi, I am thinking about having a rear dash cam fitted but will be having blinds fitted. Can anyone tell me if there is enough clearance for a camera or won't the blinds close please ?
  19. K

    Dashcam power source.

    Morning. I've got a dashcam to fit to my 2016 t6 rearview mirror. Is there a suitable power supply in the courtesy light. I don't want trailing cable and lighter socket plug in thing. TIA.
  20. R8N XX

    is it possible to hard wire in my dash can to the cab interior light??

    Afternoon all so is it possible to hard wire in my dash can to the cab interior light?? if so what wires do i splice. Many thanks in advance