dash cam

  1. Devoncream

    is it possible to hard wire in my dash can to the cab interior light??

    Afternoon all so is it possible to hard wire in my dash can to the cab interior light?? if so what wires do i splice. Many thanks in advance
  2. Rick

    Which Is The Best Dash Cam ???

    Will be collecting lwb 150 kombi dsg in October and looking to buy a dash cam and if anyone has any recommendations to which one to look at please let me know
  3. osman

    For Sale Kenwood DRV-N520 dash-cam

    dash cam with all cables and Manuel . Mint condition the only thing that is warn in any way is the sticky pad which should still function perfectly and can easily be replaced anyway works will the Kenwood series of head units that are very popular for VW conversions . super cheap for quick...
  4. K

    Dash Camera (Front and Rear) Autovox V5pro

    Hi I am thinking of getting this Dash Camera (Front and Rear) for my T6 2019 with dimming rear view mirror and auto lights. This dash cam mirror does not just go over the existing mirror it replaces the existing mirror...
  5. osman

    Kenwood drv-n520 dash cam for sale mint condition £140

    Ok so it’s what it is with box all cables fittings etc and instruction manual in the best condition only thing is the glue pads that attached it to my screen may need replacing but they look good and feel very sticky so may just be fine . Really prefer selling stuff to people that can come and...
  6. Thegee6

    Thinkware Q800,U1000 or Blackvue DR900s dashcam

    Whittled down to getting one of the 3 dashcam in the title and get a parking mode battery to go with it. Anyone any experience of these and make a recommendation. I’m familiar with thinkware as I had a F750 in my old T5.1 and proved very reliable. But I’ve not familiar with the Blackvue
  7. O

    Reverse Camera / separate monitor

    Hi. Looking for some help and pointers. I'd like to fit a camera pointing rearward. Mainly for reversing but if it can act as a rear view mirror then great. Happy to have an over the mirror screen. So are there any suggestions? Oh and easiest way to power it. I guess if it's rear view linking...
  8. AndyNichs

    Rear view mirror reversing kit

    Hi, hope everyone is doing well in these weird times? I was thinking about getting a mirror dash cam for the van. I don't have a dash cam at the moment and like the idea of a camera behind to help parking and reversing. Does anyone recommend a good make and model? I've looked on Amazon and...
  9. RyanGerry

    Anyone using a Nextbase dash camera?

    Just about to buy a nextbase dash cam and wondering if anyone is using one and if so what model?
  10. X

    Dashcam live from sub woofer live??

    Can I take a feed from the sub woofer ignition live wire or battery live wire to power the dashcam? Any issues? Thanks
  11. cbrblade

    Aguri DX1000 Dash Cam

    Anybody use one of these or know if any good https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aguri-DX1000-Dash-Cam-GPS-Speed-Trap-Detector/193105229032?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  12. E

    Rear dashcam mount

    We have a Thinkware F770 front and rear dashcam - generally very happy except not getting the rear dashcam to remain stuck to the van’s back window. Any recommendations or alternative points to fix (it’s just above the bottom of the window / wiper motor hump). Main problem seems to be getting...
  13. andy greenwood

    Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro - hard wiring help

    hi I've purchased a Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro, can anyone please give me some advice on how to hard wire it into the fuse box ?
  14. rod_vw

    Stabilised Voltage Supply For Dash Cam?

    I have a Mio MiVue 6Series dash-cam which although nothing very clever does all that I want. To enable the camera to come on whenever the ignition is on I have fed it via a USB converter module hidden in the dash its outlet just available under the front lip of the dash tray. The module is...
  15. M

    Rear Dash Cam Location

    Hi all Go easy on me please I have fitted a Nextbase 522gw dash wired in off ignition feed, I've added the additional rear camera which I have routed the wire behind the roof panels. My question is I cant decide where to locate the camera,I have barn doors with curtains on so was thinking on...
  16. D

    Dash Cam And Battery

    I am looking at getting fitted a dash cam, F800 Pro, front and rear. I have a concern that it may drain the battery. This is said due to the fact that my annual mileage is pretty low, <5k, and the van is sat on the driveway two weeks out of 5, due to working away. Does anyone have any advice on...
  17. Jonni2rets

    Blackvue Dash Cam Install

    Hi all, I have bought a blackvue front and rear dash cam and iv just fitted all the cameras in with the wiring to the rear one. Iv purchased the magic pro hard wire kit for the parking mode and I’m struggling with were to connect the red ACC(+) and yellow BATT (+) to the fuse box. Have the piggy...
  18. Keepad

    Blackvue Dr 900s Vs Thinkware Q800

    Hi, so I am back on my search for a dash cam after the RAC shop messed me around. So if you guys own or have any preferences between the BlackVue 900 s and the Thinkware Q800, could you help or advise Please.
  19. osman

    Using A Leisure Battery To Power A Dash Cam In Parking Mode

    Am I missing something? so much talk out there about using dash cams for recording whilst parked and worries about it draining the engines battery.. companies like blackvue charging £350 for a spare battery to keep the dashcams running without disastrously draining the engines starting...
  20. F

    Front Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode

    Hi all, Looking for real world experience of a dual dash cam on a T6.. I have seen some but not sure the connecting cable to rear cam is long enough. Anyone have a thinkware dash cam with a working parking mode?