dash cam

  1. A

    Mirror Dash Cam

    Hi, hope everyone is doing well in these weird times? I was thinking about getting a mirror dash cam for the van. I don't have a dash cam at the moment and like the idea of a camera behind to help parking and reversing. Does anyone recommend a good make and model? I've looked on Amazon and...
  2. X

    Dashcam live from sub woofer live??

    Can I take a feed from the sub woofer ignition live wire or battery live wire to power the dashcam? Any issues? Thanks
  3. cbrblade

    Aguri DX1000 Dash Cam

    Anybody use one of these or know if any good https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aguri-DX1000-Dash-Cam-GPS-Speed-Trap-Detector/193105229032?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  4. E

    Rear dashcam mount

    We have a Thinkware F770 front and rear dashcam - generally very happy except not getting the rear dashcam to remain stuck to the van’s back window. Any recommendations or alternative points to fix (it’s just above the bottom of the window / wiper motor hump). Main problem seems to be getting...
  5. andy greenwood

    Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro - hard wiring help

    hi I've purchased a Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro, can anyone please give me some advice on how to hard wire it into the fuse box ?
  6. rod_vw

    Stabilised Voltage Supply For Dash Cam?

    I have a Mio MiVue 6Series dash-cam which although nothing very clever does all that I want. To enable the camera to come on whenever the ignition is on I have fed it via a USB converter module hidden in the dash its outlet just available under the front lip of the dash tray. The module is...
  7. D

    Dash Cam And Battery

    I am looking at getting fitted a dash cam, F800 Pro, front and rear. I have a concern that it may drain the battery. This is said due to the fact that my annual mileage is pretty low, <5k, and the van is sat on the driveway two weeks out of 5, due to working away. Does anyone have any advice on...
  8. J

    Blackvue Dash Cam Install

    Hi all, I have bought a blackvue front and rear dash cam and iv just fitted all the cameras in with the wiring to the rear one. Iv purchased the magic pro hard wire kit for the parking mode and I’m struggling with were to connect the red ACC(+) and yellow BATT (+) to the fuse box. Have the piggy...
  9. Keepad

    Blackvue Dr 900s Vs Thinkware Q800

    Hi, so I am back on my search for a dash cam after the RAC shop messed me around. So if you guys own or have any preferences between the BlackVue 900 s and the Thinkware Q800, could you help or advise Please.
  10. osman

    Using A Leisure Battery To Power A Dash Cam In Parking Mode

    Am I missing something? so much talk out there about using dash cams for recording whilst parked and worries about it draining the engines battery.. companies like blackvue charging £350 for a spare battery to keep the dashcams running without disastrously draining the engines starting...
  11. F

    Front Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode

    Hi all, Looking for real world experience of a dual dash cam on a T6.. I have seen some but not sure the connecting cable to rear cam is long enough. Anyone have a thinkware dash cam with a working parking mode?
  12. Kev23

    **a Warning To You All**

    Had my Kombi into the local VW dealer for EML light issue, i just received back today after around 10 days (2nd time) for some reason i decided to remove my SD card from my dashcam for a look, to my absolute horror i found my van was used for "the morning roll run" and worse of all it was...
  13. K

    Thinkware F770

    Having read up on front and rear dash cams I'm just about to order the Thinkware F770.. Anyone know of any deals on it at the moment?
  14. K

    Dash Cam

    I've read God knows how many threads on dash cams and still can't decide which one to go for. Any advice which is best for the following features. 1. Front and rear cameras 2. Full HD recording at 60 fps 3. Ability for remote access of videos using mobile phone. 4. Continuous recording in...
  15. S

    Dashcam Advice Please.

    Hello again. So, I think we may have a completely addicted family (which might be a good thing). I set my husband the task of finding a company who will install a Ghost security system and he has... ... but they also do dashcams. Front and rear. They have a few different different options...
  16. Dellmassive

    Holy Cow Batman !! Dashcam Madness

    Holy Cow Batman !! This was a buddy the other day . . . . . im wondering what the T6 would have made of this situation? video clip below. Dropbox - Unbelievably close call yesterday on the M25 Two.mp4 - Simplify your life New pants please . . . . . .
  17. SF_52EVO

    Hardwiring Dashcam... Yes Again

    So, taken the dashcam out of my car and attempted to put it into the T6. It’s a Nextbase dashcam with the standard hardwire kite like this one Car Dash Cam DVR USB Hard Wire Kit For Nextbase 112 212 312 402G 412 512 512GW 703064139340 | eBay Switched live to the centre row of the fuse box and...
  18. GONA66

    Recommendation For Fitting Dashcam Please.

    Looking for a quality company to fit 4 way dashcam etc , preferably in the North Lancashire area . Anybody had any experiences or recommendations ? Don't mind to travel a reasonable distance. Ta in advance.
  19. J


    Good Morning all and Hello, Just paid my membership of the above and immediately downloaded the excellent fusebox layout conveniently posted by Loz. I'll be picking up my 2019 t6 combi later this week and need to immediately fit the dashcam from the old Passat into it...
  20. Daviesmd

    Auto Vox X2 Dash Cam

    ok so I didn’t find much help online with fitting this into my VW and thought I would share - the guy who had it before me had a rear facing camera drilled through the badge which was letting in water- so after a lot of research I decided on the Auto Vox X2 because: Has a rear camera Looks...