cup holders

  1. Aledh

    Dash cubby hole / cup holder rubber mats

    Any ideas where I can get rubber inserts / mats for the non-comfort dash cubby holes and in particular the cup holders from? a half empty (full?) bottle of pop in the cup holder and it vibrates like a good'un. Cheers Aled
  2. Cnud

    Retrofit left and right cup holders

    Hi, I have a kombi highline with a comfort dash and passenger airbag but without the left and right cup holders. I absolutely detest the centre console cup holders bouncing around and being too narrow for two coffees, so was wondering if I could retrofit the upper window level cup holder by...
  3. D

    Centre Lower Dash Cup Holder - Handle Broken

    On our 2020 T6 there is a cup holder just below the gear stick (has to be removed to get at fuses)...................this will hold an old style Chilly's Water bottle very comfortably, but unfortunately the new bottle is a bit taller and we got this stuck in there. The only way I could open it...
  4. A

    Crafter seat-covers for my T6? Or covers which accommodate cup-holder..

    I have a 1+2 front seat arrangement in my Transporter 2016 T32 kombi but the left-hand seat of the double has a pull down cup holder in the back and can only see Crafter seat covers that have this function... would they work in my van?
  5. G

    Using Cup Holder Holes To Mount Tweeters

    Hi, has anyone though of using those holes to mount tweeters, up firing, static pointing towards cabin or with adjustable swivel? I have these holders on my Caravelle and they are useless atm. Making these could be done with 3D printer, measure cup holder, make the design and print. Something...
  6. malcharr17

    Cup Holders In T6 With Comfort Dash

    hi I have a lovely t6 Kombi from Vanworx lowered on Bilstein coil overs so a sporty ride, the cup holders in the central console bounce about like a mad thing and are pretty much unusable, are there any fixes to damp down the cup holders to stop bouncing around?? Cheers and thanks
  7. drays

    Broken Cup Holder

    My cup holder broke! Is the small piece replaceable or is it the whole drawer? Can I have a part number and price please @Pauly
  8. Bernie the Bolt

    Table In Caravelle

    Hi all, I’ve just bought my first Caravelle and my kids have managed to get one the cup holders stuck in the rear table. Anybody else suffered with this? And was it an easy fix? Cheers Bernie
  9. Glenn Board

    Cup Holder in lower dash just like a T5.1

    Hi, i have see some T5 cup holder advertised to replace the ash try, do you know if they will fit in the compartment as per the image, or is there such a thing without having to replace whole center consul?
  10. Glenn Board

    Adding center console with cup holders like the California

    HI, i would like to fit the larger center consul from California with cup holders, does anybody know of aftermarket option please?