1. E

    Does anyone know which is the sensor that indicates the temperature on board a t6 2.0 biturbo?

    Does anyone know which is the sensor that indicates the temperature on board a t6 2.0 biturbo?
  2. T

    Coolant temperature sensor

    Hi all, I have a 69 plate vw transporter and I have the EML on and get the code p218500 coolant temperature sensor 2 circuit high. Can you please confirm there are three sensors? One below the radiator, one in the block (i have changed both) and I think the other near the aux coolant pump. Can...
  3. The Tango Van

    T6 engine swap CXH 2017 to 2020

    I’ve recently bought my first Transporter and quickly found myself waist deep in a project. The Transporter in question is a 2017 ex-RAC SWB T32 (with 2017 2.0 tdi CXH engine), which I bought from a car auction site as a non-runner; upon delivery I found several holes in the side of the block...
  4. dandan88

    Service coolant level

    Just had a service, saw this- is it normal? I haven’t driven it yet at all? Cheers
  5. Deaky

    Low coolant level

    Had a low coolant level warning this morning. When I looked at the expansion tank it was about 1cm below the minimum mark but the cap was fully unscrewed and just sat on the top of the threads. Van was in for a service a couple of weeks ago but I can't think why they'd have removed it...
  6. Chessbo

    Coolant temperature readout obd2.

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know what temperature sensor the OBD2scan is reading from correctly? I am driving a 2017 T6 110kw. I noticed a few months ago that my gauge of my coolant was very slow to warm up and in some cases did not even reach 90. My mechanic told me my thermostat was probably...
  7. A

    Engine coolant dissapearing when parked on a slope

    My engine coolant dissapeared below the min level if I’m parked on a hill… only when the front of the van is down hill. It’s happened before, topped up with. Plant and was fine, just parked nose down again and it’s gone again?
  8. C

    T6 204 Coolant going then coming back.

    I have an interesting problem and would appreciate inspiration. My van (2016 Caravelle 204ps, 53k miles) has developed a coolant problem. Symptoms / points known so far from non-invasive investigations: Has alerted no coolant a few times shortly after engine start when still cool During...
  9. kartingmad

    Potential head gasket issue? [Oil filler sludge]

    Hi all, hopefully someone out there can advise me. I have a 2018 T6 150ps (Tdi) dsg that’s covered around 33k. Few weeks ago had a major service including the cambelt & waterpump for the first time (5 years old). Washing it today and inadvertently took off the oil fill cap, to find a large...
  10. DavidS

    Coolant Light - dodgy sensor?

    Hi, Had van out on Sunday for drive, got back and after 30 mins decided to check oil, water etc. All ok, About an hour later put key in ignition to close windows and the coolant warning light pinged & started flashing? Switched off everything for a few mins, ignition on warning still on...
  11. D

    engine coolant bypass valve control vw t 6.1 diesel

    Hi guys, I have a fault engine light coming on. I read it and it comes up as a engine coolant bypass valve stuck and also engine coolant bypass valve control circuit high it is on a 204 t6.1 2023 model with 8000mlies
  12. T

    Guzzling coolant

    Had my EGR valve replaced under warranty about 6 weeks ago, went away for a month with work, came back to empty coolant reservoir. Mrs has been driving it whilst I've been away... (scratches and a dent have now appeared also =( but that's for anither thread!) I've subsequently filled it up...
  13. M

    T6 Low coolant warning

    Hi Guys Recently purchased T6 with only 87k km's on clock Is starting to throw up coolant level warning, its sporadic, flashed on other morning, drove 5 mins to my school drop off and it didnt come on again until this morning it did the exact same, when engine cold the coolant bottle in engine...
  14. Deaky

    Oh no.......

    Supposed to be going to Holland on Wednesday and this light's just come on. :(
  15. Nik

    Coolant leak / Mystery - help!! SOS!!

    Coolant leak / Mystery. help!! SOS!! Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone can help please. I have a coolant leak / mystery. My van seems to be drinking coolant with no trace? Put approx ltr in a few weeks ago and just had to top it up as the light came on? Anyone else had a similar issue or...
  16. Barley53

    Coolant issue t6 2019

    Coolant temp warning started flashing, temp stayed the same for a couple of hours then racked nearly into the red so pulled over, a load of black fluid burst out over the pipes under the coolant tank. AA tech reckons that the oil has somehow started mixing with the coolant fluid, and looks to...
  17. stevieg21

    Coolant lost - in South France on holiday

    Hi All, looking for advice from you good knowledgeable people … T6 66plate 2.0 tdi t32 122,000 miles full service history owned by me one year. Saturday AM I’m Driving home to U.K. in the south France the red coolant light comes on. Pulls over and I can see coolant below minimum so added in 2...
  18. K

    Witch coolant g12 or g13 system bleeding

    Hi my manual says it came from factory with g13 but on the tank it’s says g12 what do people think and is they any bleeds on the Coolant system thanks kirk 140 euro 5 t6
  19. C

    Which coolant sensor…

    Hi I’ve got a dodgy coolant temp sensor but could anyone shed some light on which one I need to replace? I have the slow 2.0 Diesel engine….. Thanks in advance
  20. R

    Coolant temperature sensor

    Hi all, I've had my T6 for just over a week now. Its a 2017 150 dsg with approx 40000 miles on it and today when leaving work the coolant temperature sensor has started flashing and the gauge was not moving up. I stopped the van and turned it on and off and it disappeared. Has anyone had this...