1. GONA66

    I have to wait 1 month to sort my leak!

    Evening all, Today i noticed and was confirmed (coolant level low ) by the digital dash ! that i had a leak . I rang my local VW Commercial Garage at Preston and explained the problem. I was asked for the registration,which i gave. This is a private plate which i have used on several vans ,but...
  2. tonybb66

    Intermittent Coolant Level Warning

    Hi All Had a major service on Monday at VW van dealer (29K miles), all ok, drove about 10 miles today, parked up, got back in and coolant level warning came on, switched off, started again, same warning, this happened 3 times, checked coolant level and was on MAX as expected after a service, so...
  3. M

    Losing coolant [Resolved]

    Ok Friend of mine lost all his coolant (well, went from max to minimum in a 50 mile journey) , scary temp light came on, got recovered to garage. Im 400 miles away - I can't get to him to look at it. Ruled out head gasket EGR Multiple other things They Think it was the seal on the coolant...
  4. T

    Coolant replacement & bleeding valves

    Hi everyone, I have noticed my van has the wrong coolant, it is a g12 coolant however my manual says it needs to be a g13. How do I get rid of all the coolant correctly and also where are all the bleed valves located and is it a straight forward job or is it more complicated as I have done...
  5. T

    Coolant bleeding

    Hi guys, quick one - is there a method for filling a t6 coolant system from empty? I changed my EGR today but upon replacing the coolant it barely took 1litre although I dumped a few when I started. I presume get engine warm, thermostat will open allowing coolant to fill block and I’ll top up...
  6. MarekS.

    Engine coolant bottle empty [Resolved]

    Hi all. My engine coolant compartment is bone dry. My wife still thought it's ok to drive it when red thermometer was flashing at her! Can I just get the coolant and replenish myself or do I need to go to garage? Yes, I know I need to find out where the original content had gone. Any advice...
  7. B

    Losing Coolant

    I’ve got a Shuttle with the 150ps Euro 6 engine manual gearbox, 16 plate with 55,000 miles on it. I’ve only had it a week and the coolant light has just come on, when cold it’s sitting about 20mm below the min marker. I checked it last weekend and it was on the min marker but the engine was...
  8. P

    Coolant Fault

    Anyone have an ideas for Coolant Level went lower when engine is cold ?
  9. A

    Which bike rack should I get for 4 cycles?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a towbar attached bike rack for 4 cycles that tilts enough to be able to open the tailgate on a T6 Caravelle.
  10. Yetibeard

    Flashing Coolant Light

    coolant, my coolant light intermittently flashes red. Coolant level looks ok when cold, but low when up to temp. When I leave it to cool and unscrew the cap the level fills back up! Temp gauge works ok and temp remains stable. What are the common faults? I still have VW warranty until...
  11. Johnathan R

    losing coolant!!!!

    hi guys, just looking for some advice as my dealer isn't filling me with much confidence. I'm having an ongoing coolant loss issue with my 204 dsg T6. it started when I took it in explained I had topped it up 2 weeks prior which wasn't alarming then it happed again. They booked it in did a...
  12. rmo69

    Auxiliary Coolant Pump Failure

    Engine management light on again, Back at dealers again, No courtesy vehicle again, Missed deliveries and pissed off customers again. Apparently the 2nd auxiliary coolant pump has failed. Moral of the story? If you don't want to be a VW R&D guinea pig, wait at least two years before buying a...
  13. Z

    Black Coolant [Resolved]

    Hi all, I drive a 2016 TDI250 - love the thing. I’ve done just over 47,000kms in her mainly to and from work and on weekend camping adventures. She’s been serviced every 10,000kms with the last one 1 month ago, where the diesel filter was renewed. 2 days ago I went to Newcastle and back (300km...
  14. Petehelmet

    Coolant Leak

    Ok so posted a couple of weeks back about my temp gauge beeping and flashing red and indeed as advised it required a small amount of water, about half a cup if that. Since then even though I have seen no signs of a leak I've had to do the same thing twice. So Van was booked in for a service last...
  15. Petehelmet

    Temperature light flashing?

    Ok so got in my van and for some reason the temperature light starts flashing and beeps several times then carries on flashing indefinitely. Drives ok, any ideas ?
  16. O

    Coolant goes down, triggers alert, but bubbles back up when cap is removed

    Hello guys! How are you all? I hope your T6 runs smooth :) I have on my Multivan wierd problem maybe someone from you could help me. Computer alerts me that doesn’t have enough coolant. When I look under the hood it really looks like that. Coolant level is very low. When I open the coolant...