city braking

  1. gvicker1

    Radar Sensor on Startline front bumper

    Does anyone know if this sensor does anything? I don’t have ACC on my start line model…or at least I don’t think I do. I’ve bought a colour coded bumper set but the grill doesn’t have a cut out for the radar sensor. Can I just install the new grill age in front of it or do I need the cut out...
  2. Jeidmaster

    Radar - upgrade cruise control to city braking?

    My 2018 highline van is fitted with the radar on the front grill which and I just assumed it was for adaptive cruise control. I’ve tested the cruise control and it has buttons on steering wheel to set clear and turn on, off and while it works it certainly doesn’t slow down when catching up with...
  3. T

    Adaptive cruise control brakes too late

    Help please with using ACC. When I first used it, it was on the default normal driving profile and it was okay up to a point but I found it brakes much later than I would. I changed the driving profile to Eco and it was dreadful - I didn’t once wait for the ACC to brake for me. I’ve tried...
  4. B

    T6.1 Front assist just activated when there was no traffic or parked cars near to us.

    As the title says, the front assist on our 4 month old T6.1 Shuttle just activated when there was no traffic or parked cars near to us. The icon on the display in front of the driver lit up in white and the brakes banged on. I have checked the manual and it says that it will display as a red...
  5. R

    What can I do with this thing?

    Hi all I’ve just got a 68 plate highline but other than forum search, don’t really know a lot about this. I get front assist inactive message, and don’t have ACC. What am I supposed to have in a Highline with regards to front assist? Is it worth fixing? I hear some negative feedback to it...
  6. Foofighter25

    Front assist kicking in without obstruction??

    Hi all. I've had my new to me 2019 T6 for a month. So far no issues exept today when driving in town, approaching traffic lights, a symbol appeared on the MFD along with a beep. A while later, the same symbol and beep but the brakes also jammed on momentarily. There were no cars or obstacles in...
  7. OurSam

    Radar Sensor

    Do I need to get the radar sensor in the front grill (T6 Highline) recalibrated by VW after removal or does it simply plug back in? I need to replace the grill mount and cover after hitting a pheasant!
  8. J

    Radar Stolen - what are my options

    Hi there, it Looks like there are a number of very clever people lurking in this part of the forum. Hopefully someone can give me a steer. A little while ago some little scrote stole the radar off the front of my T6, it was just the basic control and I didn’t get any errors so I just ignore it...
  9. V

    Front Assist Not Available

    Hi all, On the last two longish drives we've done (135 miles down to Herefordshire and back for a camping trip) the dash has flashed up with an error - Front Assist. No sensor view This is usually around 100 miles in. It's also happened a couple other times before this. Does anyone else...
  10. E

    City Braking unavailable [Resolved]

    Hi I’ve got messages popping up on my MSD on start up saying manoeuvre braking currently unavailable followed by error ABS / Stabilisation control, followed by error hill hold assist followed by front assist unavailable! Anyone got any clues to why this might have happened! On looking around the...
  11. CRS Performance

    T 6 front Radar sensor Wiring

    Hi all Electricians , I usually spend all my time on here helping members with Suspension kits , issues and advise , BUT today i need help I have a T 28 2019 model it had a little bump at the front and the wiring harness was pulled from the radar sensor . it has 4 wires . I...
  12. T

    What's This On My Van?

    Hi there, I've just bought a T6 campervan and joined the forum. I've not even had a chance to go away yet but looking forward to doing so in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll have loads of questions over the coming months and this forum looks like a good place to post them or find...
  13. Skyliner33

    City Braking - A "must Have?"

    I've found a van that has most of the options I would like (difficult as I am buying used. However it is a MY15 T6 (65 reg). Obviuosly this does not have the auto braking safety feature. Is this regarded as essential or is it not really something to be to bothered about? What are the other...
  14. Dellmassive

    ACC & City Braking - How Its Done -

    ACC & City Braking - How Its Done - what is it? Adaptive cruise control (ACC) Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a speed control system with intelligent control of the vehicle speed. The system accelerates and decelerates comfortably. Adaptive cruise control is a combination of a speed and...
  15. New2t6

    Got city braking thingy.....want adaptive cruise control...possible?

    title says it all really, I’ve just got new kombi with city emergency the wee box is there at the front. Can adaptive cruise be added too....I assume it uses same tech.