central locking

  1. G

    No Central locking / Alarm

    Hi all, Need a bit of advice regarding the central locking and alarm on my 2015 T6 Highline panel van (140 6 speed). Yesterday I went to lock my van and noticed it wasn't locking from the fob. I thought it was the battery in the fob first of all, but when i went to locked via the key the...
  2. C

    Remote Central Locking Issue

    Hi all, would appreciate some advice here if possible! Out of the blue my remote central locking is refusing to work with both keys. Has been working with no problem, then after a short drive it will not work on the keys buttons at all (also coincided with a start/stop error). The key works...
  3. J

    Side Sliding Door Unlocking, Intermittent Problem?

    My side sliding door it appears doesnt want to unlock at times and takes multiple presses on the key fob whilst the rest of the doors unlock fine, even the key won't unlock it when it does this. Anyone else had this issue?
  4. Littleblackflash

    Central Locking Help

    Ok, it's something I've done wrong. I've converted my van from barn doors to a tailgate and for the last few months I've had wires going from the BCM, across the floor and up to the tailgate. Yesterday I removed all the trim and ran the wire behind the dash, up the A-pillar and along the roof...
  5. yorkshirekev

    Crafter (2017-onwards) Alarm / Deadlocks

    Hi I'm getting a Crafter to convert and it comes with the Business Pack, which includes the alarm. I'd just like to know what people do when you're actually living in it / at night? Do you just use the internal central locking switch and leave it unalarmed / not deadlocked? Do you double press...
  6. A

    Central Locking Issue

    Hi everyone, Had an issue with interior lights and tail lights not working on 2017 Highline, now fixed, however the central locking is not working now? Does anyone know which fuse to check? Already tried battery disconnect. Thank you.
  7. andys

    Central locking switch

    Just had my T6 for acouple of days and couldn't find the lock/unlock button on the drive home so left it til I had a day off work to figure it out. Anyway, it seems it's not there! I've got central locking activated by the key, but the area above the mirror switches where the manual shows the...