central locking

  1. tomek12

    Typical central lock fault

    Hi I've notice lot people have similar problem with central lock. So I've too . I've done scan: Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels: 7H0-937-08x-09.clb Part No SW: 7H0 937 087 P HW: 7H0 937 087 Component: BCM T5GP H+4 H34 0424 Revision: BO034001 Serial number: 0673...
  2. T

    Central Locking issue - Solved

    Hello, new member here. This is not the first post I intended... I seem to have broken my central locking/alarm. I ran a cable behind the glove box this afternoon and suspect I may have dislodged something? Is that likely? If I press the key fob to lock or unlock then the indicators flash as...
  3. DavidS

    Central Locking Sequencing [Resolved)

    Hi - Nubiel looking for some expertise. My T6 central locking was working fine with the remote, then the remote stopped unlocking/locking the van. The transmit light on the fob flashes when pressed & the red light at the lock button on the drivers door still flashes (I'm guessing this is the...
  4. U

    Locks keep unlocking

    Hi Need some idears on why my internal door locking button is not locking all the doors?.The doors are all shut press the button and it keeps popping up ! Any idears would be great 2019 T6
  5. N

    Carista Drive Away Auto Locking Not Working

    Hi All, looking for some help with the auto lock when moving function on Carista as I cannot get it to work. I have a 22 plate 6.1 Highline. I first tried the standard app, managed to get into the settings for auto locking but nothing happens when I set the options to yes. I then tried the Beta...
  6. 109LWB

    Interior door lock buttons and folding mirror switch wont work.

    So I noticed that the lock and unlock buttons on the driver door don’t work, neither do the mirror fold or heated mirrors even with front screen on. Mirror adjustment does work and windows work fine with one touch up and down. I’ve reset the battery and reset the windows. All plugs are...
  7. P

    Double noise when locking/unlocking

    Hi everybody, I have a 204 TSI DSG 4 Motion T6 with one sliding door and rear barn doors. When I close/open the doors with the remote control, there is a double noise as if the doors were closed/opened twice. It happens also if I use the key in the driver lock, but it doesn't happen if I use the...
  8. abunnyuk

    VCDS - Auto lock/unlock not working (SOLVED)

    I've enabled both the auto lock and unlock adaptations on my T6 LWB Shuttle with a genuine VCDS HEX-2 but neither of them are working. I've also verified in long coding that the change was made: Other changes such as big MPH, needle sweep, and parking sensor volume have applied...
  9. Q

    auto lock door with speed - not working (VCDS)

    HI I have just bought a 2017 SWB T6 Kombi There is no convenience option on the MFD I used VCDS v18.2.0 and went to Control module/ 09. cent. elec. / adaptation I then chose the auto lock function and it was already enabled I also enable the feature for unlocking when key out Neither of...
  10. A

    T5.1 barn doors - locking issue

    Ok so I have a T5.1 with barn doors central locking via remote fob (or key) works fine including the barn doors I have fitted the switch to lock the doors in the drivers door but when I press it is locks the door and then just unlocks it again. same thing happens doors lock and unlock...
  11. T6Jay

    T6.1 Lock button for sleeping / leaving dogs inside / windows open How-To Guide

    I need a button in the rear of the van to lock the doors, without arming the alarm, as many seem to have fitted on the T6. Credit to @Willoughby for figuring this out on the T6 here; https://www.t6forum.com/threads/locking-doors-from-the-back-of-the-van-stop-me-before-i-do-something-silly.3939/...
  12. Mugwump

    Carrista fault codes - central locking?

    Carrista arrived and used in order: 1st 17 faults cleared what could 2nd 12 faults couldn't clear them Went for drive then re run carrista 3rd 7 faults headway! 4th 6! so this one is central locking 03396 Supply voltage terminal 30? can someone point me as to where it is please. if I can get...
  13. D

    Passenger Central Locking Buttons - doable?

    Hi all, I've probably been spoiled in my Skoda Superb where there was a central locking button on the door arm controls for both front doors. When leaving someone in the car outside a shop etc they could lock and unlock the doors without leaning across or around the drivers seat. I'm toying...
  14. G

    No Central locking / Alarm

    Hi all, Need a bit of advice regarding the central locking and alarm on my 2015 T6 Highline panel van (140 6 speed). Yesterday I went to lock my van and noticed it wasn't locking from the fob. I thought it was the battery in the fob first of all, but when i went to locked via the key the...
  15. C

    Remote Central Locking Issue

    Hi all, would appreciate some advice here if possible! Out of the blue my remote central locking is refusing to work with both keys. Has been working with no problem, then after a short drive it will not work on the keys buttons at all (also coincided with a start/stop error). The key works...
  16. j4ckal

    Side Sliding Door Unlocking, Intermittent Problem?

    My side sliding door it appears doesnt want to unlock at times and takes multiple presses on the key fob whilst the rest of the doors unlock fine, even the key won't unlock it when it does this. Anyone else had this issue?
  17. Littleblackflash

    Central Locking Help

    Ok, it's something I've done wrong. I've converted my van from barn doors to a tailgate and for the last few months I've had wires going from the BCM, across the floor and up to the tailgate. Yesterday I removed all the trim and ran the wire behind the dash, up the A-pillar and along the roof...
  18. yorkshirekev

    Crafter (2017-onwards) Alarm / Deadlocks

    Hi I'm getting a Crafter to convert and it comes with the Business Pack, which includes the alarm. I'd just like to know what people do when you're actually living in it / at night? Do you just use the internal central locking switch and leave it unalarmed / not deadlocked? Do you double press...
  19. A

    Central Locking Issue

    Hi everyone, Had an issue with interior lights and tail lights not working on 2017 Highline, now fixed, however the central locking is not working now? Does anyone know which fuse to check? Already tried battery disconnect. Thank you.
  20. Willoughby

    Locking doors from the back of the van. ~ Stop me before I do something silly

    Hi All Soooo. I have a long weekend and plan to do some bits and bobs on the van to make it more of a camper. One of them is to have a go at adding a secondary central locking lock/unlock buttons for the back of the van. Plan is to tap in to the switch on the driver door and run a switch in...