camping tips

  1. Chris Joyce

    Cooking and general camper accessories

    Hopefully there’s not a similar thread I’ve missed about this but please delete if so. We are just about in the process of kitting our our camper with cooking accessories and general kit for weekends/weeks away. We’ve have been looking at all sorts of stuff including the Ridgemonkey and...
  2. R

    Kit List

    Just purchased my newly converted T6 and working through the process to get hold of all the necessary kit - pots and pans, bedding, fire extinguisher, etc, etc. Is there a definitive list out there of the essentials and nice to haves? Also, on bedding, we have an elevating roof with built in...
  3. Teesix

    Looking For A Uv Bug Zapper For The Awning. Anyone Use One?

    As per the title, I'm looking for something decent enough to zap any mosquito/gnat/midge that dares to enter my awning and van. Can anyone recommend a decent light please? preferably rechargeable. It's not being bitten that I don't like, it's that really annoying high pitched buzz they make...
  4. kn0bby

    What Pots & Pans Are You Using?

    Need some suggestions please.. Pots and pans to use with my Cadac and hob inside the van. Thanks..
  5. GB_Vdub

    Van Friendly Forest Campsites

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a good campsite, preferably southwest UK, with a woodland feel, that's also camper van friendly? I've found lots of woody campsites, but they all seem to have parking at the entrance, i.e. no cars on site. I'm trying to recreate some of the RV experiences I had...
  6. ausyray

    How to keep the van cool overnight when it's raining...

    With two adults and a large greyhound we find the van can get a bit stuffy overnight. We normally put an external cover over the front and open up the front windows and then open the sliding window too but, what to do when it's raining? How do other people keep fresh air into the back of the...