build sheet

  1. F

    Think I’ve been missold by main dealer

    Just bought a 6.1 T30 150bhp highline Transporter pre reg from a main dealer (this one deal in Nissans but have a VW branch elsewhere) and had it delivered. I asked repeatedly it was a 150bhp as insurance seems to expect it to be 110bhp. When it arrived it had 5 gears which I thought was strange...
  2. vungan

    Build label

    I have looked under the steering column to find my build label but it’s not there. Since I only have an electronic service book I don’t know where else to turn to. Any ideas how I can get it?
  3. M

    VW forgot to build my t6 with LED lights - what to do?

    Hello - long time listener first time caller etc I’d welcome some advice please. I’ve had a panel van on order for a very long time. My first Transporter. Unfortunately I’ve been told that while the van’s in the U.K. now it’s been built without the LED lights I had ordered. For me these are...
  4. JonnyTee

    Paint code location….?

    Afternoon, been searching the older posts on this topic and I seem to have abit of an issue finding out my Vans paint code, Followed earlier advice… on a sticker in the van handbook pack….. the van doesn’t have one, Possibly a sticker on the drivers door shuts….. only sticker is the tyre...
  5. mjn

    MY22 changes

    Anyone in ‘the know’ know if there are going to be any changes on model year 22 (MY22) vans. Usually VW tweak something. My dealer has told me there has been a factory reset where all vans that had a build date have been cancelled and will be reassigned. Thinking the model change maybe the reason.
  6. W

    Steering column label/build sheet with PR codes

    I read some where that this label says whether the van is tow bar prepped or not Code 1D7 yes 1D70 no ( or something along those lines ) Mine is different and what is tow bar prepped anyway ? Ready for a kit by any chance ?
  7. Forrest4799

    What Can You Not Do Without!

    Hi, looking at buying a T28. What compromise can you not have a van without. We’re very interested in one particular van but it has no diesel heater...can you live without it or not. What is the 1 extra you can’t live without.
  8. T

    What Options Have Been Fitted To My T6?

    HI, can anyone decipher what options I have installed? Thanks.
  9. czmate1999

    Cost Of Base Van...

    Hi All, I have been round the country (southeast, Wales and Yorkshire, amongst others) trying to get the lowest cost possible for my base van. Spec below. T32 Highline, 204, DSG, LWB 4Motion (with diff lock) (i have prices for both Panel and Kombi vans) - Glazed tailgate - heated / wiper -...
  10. Earl

    PR Codes: What Options Do I Have?

    Evening. Is there a way to find out all of the options fitted to my van? I have decoded all of 42 of the pr codes but they aren't much help. Thanks
  11. Apretext

    Is There Any Way To Tell Visually Between 150 And 204 Engines

    Er, as title really. If I'm staring in the engine bay, how do I tell if it's got an extra turbo (presuming they are round the back)
  12. Pauly

    VAG Option Codes - PR Codes 2015

    Complete list of VAG PR/option codes covering all brands (VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat) spanning 250 pages You will find a factory build sticker under your dashboard stuck above the pedals, this will contain your VIN number, engine code, paint code and major factory options list The downloadable list is...
  13. Pauly

    VAG Paint Codes

    Following on from another thread regards paint repairs, touch up sticks etc i put together a list of paint codes for T6s. Type - Description - Code SOLID: Candy White - LB9A, 9021, B4B4, B4 SOLID: Pure Grey - LH7J, J2J2 SOLID: Cherry Red - LH3T/ ?LA3E SOLID: Grape Yellow - LL1S SOLID...