1. Teesix

    12v insect electrocutor??

    As per the title, I'm looking for something decent enough to zap any mosquito/gnat/midge that dares to enter my awning and van. Can anyone recommend a decent light please? preferably rechargeable. It's not being bitten that I don't like, it's that really annoying high pitched buzz they make...
  2. Mr blue

    Kombi windows mozzy-net DIY idea

    So looking for away of having the kombi windows open but not allowing Mr Gnat inside I looked around and although very nice £59 for a jerba one or god forbid the 100+ for Vw I thought why not use a kids pop out sun screen so have ordered a large 1000x500mm one at £3.99 which is approx the...
  3. P

    Sca roof and midges

    I got the sca 194 roof. When I unzip the canopy windows I have 2 fly screens. Can midges get through this, it is it just my imagination!
  4. JasonW

    Side window insect panels

    So my camper conversion has the side windows which aren't Kombi / VW OEM windows The opener is 39.5cm x 39.5cm when closed. 39.5cm high by 32.5cm when open fully.... I was looking for an insect panel / ventilation grill for the window.... I've tried the CSI Parts grill but these only fit the...
  5. J

    Tailgate Flymesh!!

    Does anyone have any cheap but effective ways to make a rear tailgate flyscreen on a T6 for when you are sleeping. Not wanting to spend $500 on pre-made ones. Is there a pattern that someone has to do it yourself ?
  6. Critch

    Fly Screen For T6

    Please can any one recommend any fly screens for the rear passenger sliding door for a T6, the wife has now tasked me with looking for one for the van, I am not looking for a magnetic one, or botch job, has to be the real deal. This is nearest I can find REIMO Left hand side sliding door...
  7. Sabre

    Tailgate Lighting

    Here's a question, might help with a project dilemma that's bugging me... If you have lights on your tailgate for when the door is open so you can sit at the back, do you have white light or colour changeable lights? Is there a better colour for not attracting flies and moths?
  8. Lord Mfwic

    Sliding Window Vent Things.

    I’ve seen post about these but could not find anything when I searched so apologies for starting another post. I’m after the vents that fit in the rear sliding windows that stop the midges from entering the van whilst offer ventilation when camping. If you have these, would you mind sharing...
  9. Ed Webb

    Sliding Door Mosquito/midge Netting

    Anyone have any first hand reviews of mosquito/midge netting for the sliding door? I know kiravans, reimo and brandup all do one but they all look completly different in design with fixing points. So far I'm leaning towards kiravans as their pictures seem to do their product more justice than...
  10. D

    Vanshades Vs Swellshades

    I'm looking for some 1st hand experience of "Vanshades" (blinds with frame surround) vs Swellshades (blinds without the frame surround). I think I prefer the look of the vanshade with the carperted frame surround, but I really don't like how the frame takes up so much of the window -...
  11. IMG_20170823_165303


    Stone damage to radiator fins.
  12. IMG_20170823_165247


    Stone damage to radiator fins.
  13. IMG_20170823_165217


    Stone damage to radiator fins.