1. P

    Brake master cyclinder - replacement cost

    Roughly how much would it cost to replace a brake master cyclinder on a 2016 T6?
  2. E

    T6.1 Caravelle CXFA 110KW SHM Front Brakes

    Hello First time poster!! I have a T6.1 Caravelle (2019, CXFA) with a CBI brake system on the front brakes (PR number 2E3, disc diameter 308mm). I am going to change the pads and disks myself but I cannot find the torque values for a front CBI braking system. Does anyone have the torque...
  3. D

    T32 brakes differences between T5.1/T6/T6.1

    Hi all, My T32 T5.1 has failed it's MOT with binding front brakes, annoyingly only 2 years after new Brembo discs and pads all round. I've stripped the front down, cleaned them up and lubricated which resulted in a small improvement but then they started binding again. I've since read about...
  4. Macmain12

    Brake wear sensor

    Can anyone tell me which wire , red or yellow goes to what terminal on the new plug I've bought . 1 & 2, is marked on the plug. Looking at how it works does it make a difference it makes a continuous circuit when pads are worn.
  5. Macmain12

    DSG brake-pedal freeplay

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the DSG brake pedal should have a little Travel before Bite.. i don't drive the caravel that often so i cant remember, I've just swapped the front callipers for a big brake Kit, brakes bled no problem using a one man kit, no air bubbles, ill assume the travel on a Dsg...
  6. FerrisBFW

    Anyone out there bought new rear calipers for their van?

    I need to buy some new rear calipers for my 2014 Caravelle 4motion, are they all the same? Any recommendations?
  7. B

    Juddering when braking

    Hi All Am after a bit of advice/experience please! 2018 T6, 48500 miles. It’s juddering a bit when braking from higher speeds, not when <20mph ish to stop, probably more like >40mph to stop. Spoke to my independent garage, who I trust, he’ll have a look but suggested brake discs could be...
  8. F

    Squeaking from rear when reversing

    Afternoon all, So my 19 plate T6 has suddenly developed what can only be described as a loud creaking/squeaking from the rear end when reversing (at low speeds). Has anybody suffered with this before and if so found out what the cause was? Any help greatly appreciated as always! Fintank
  9. Lee540

    Brake Disc/Pad Offers

    Any retailers doing any offers on discs and pads? Seems ECP rarely do huge discount codes anymore.
  10. Steved55

    Wanted T6 340mm Big Brake kit

    My front discs on 2016 shuttle have come up as an advisory so looking at options for possibly upgrading to dia 340. Anyone have any kits for sale?
  11. Salty Spuds

    Squeal/squeak on accelerating after a long downhill run

    As the title. This has been happening for a few months & first became noticeable when we were skiing in the Alps. After a long downhill run with little braking or acceleration, I get a squeal on first acceleration at the bottom of the hill when we hit the flat. It sounds like a water pump/dry...
  12. T6ChrisO

    Will these 16” fit my T32?

    Hi you lovely lot, Can anyone confirm if these - For Sale - Bf Goodrich/ Clayton alloys will fit my T32? I currently have 16" steels on but between myself and the seller, we are a bit confused regarding caliper size. I'd assume 16 steelies will be the same as 16" Claytons? Chris
  13. Vanderlust

    Problem with overheated front brake

    I have a question re a brake problem maybe someone could advise on. Currently wandering in Europe but now on hold waiting for a new front left calliper pads and flexi pipe. Was on a level road not a steep decline when the TPMS warning flashed up. Stopped in next lay-by and found the front left...
  14. I don't

    Intermittent brake pedal travel

    Occasionally, when I gently depress the brake pedal I get nothing! Normal braking is ok but I've got no idea anymore where the bite point is. Had the garage renew and bleed the brake fluid, pads have plenty of meat etc. I'm thinking it's electrical only because of its random failure but I don't...
  15. R

    MFD: “Brakes Failed! Workshop”

    Greetings, apologies if already been posted but a search revealed nothing. I have a 2016 T6 Kombi. I keep getting an intermittent message on MFD, states “Brakes Failed! And then Workshop!” This appears when starting vehicle after being parked over night mostly. It appears for a second and...
  16. waxinggibbous28

    T6.1 (tailgate) brake light wiring diagram

    Hi everyone. My first post I hope I don’t make and faux pas. I bought some black led lights to replace the red reflectors on the bumper of my t6.1 (tailgate) from eBay. They seem very simple but obviously no instructions when they arrived. They replace the reflectors with lights that you can...
  17. S

    Annoying Rattle (resolved) from rear brakes

    We have had an annoying rattle outside of the camper since we bought it 3 years ago, i have looked underneath and not found it. Whilst it has been for its annual services the garages have looked for it, best suggestion was the tailgate, but no solution. having recently changed to B14 Komforts...
  18. bethamari

    For Sale T6.1 308mm front brake kit

    Hi all, We have recently had a Forge big brake kit fitted so we have our entire original T6.1 front brakes spare now. We had driven just under 10,000 miles on them. They’re off our T28, pics and measurements below. They’re the smaller discs. Open to offers, buyer to collect. We’re based in...
  19. K

    Brake pedal noise?

    Good morning. This is possibly a daft question. I've just noticed that when I press the brake pedal I can hear a sound like a bike pump blowing a tyre up. And it continues until the pedal is solid, but the pedal slowly depresses if I keep pressure on. Is this normal? TIA.
  20. Constalation

    T6 T32 204 front brake hoses

    All, Hope someone can help. I want to change the flexible hoses on my front calipers but there seems to be two variation 550mm and 600mm. Which one is needed or can someone post a part number. I want to change them as the brakes are binding on one side and after stripping and lubricating the...