1. bethamari

    For Sale T6.1 front brake kit

    Hi all, We have recently had a Forge big brake kit fitted so we have our entire original T6.1 front brakes spare now. We had driven just under 10,000 miles on them. They’re off our T28, pics and measurements below. They’re the smaller discs. Open to offers, buyer to collect. We’re based in...
  2. Constalation

    T6 T32 204 front brake hoses

    All, Hope someone can help. I want to change the flexible hoses on my front calipers but there seems to be two variation 550mm and 600mm. Which one is needed or can someone post a part number. I want to change them as the brakes are binding on one side and after stripping and lubricating the...
  3. H

    Crunching sound when the reverse sensor "senses" something.

    Hey to All, Brand new LWB T6 4Motion. Brand new member !!! G'day to all !!! Looks like a reasonably friendly/active forum you have going here :) Not sure if this is a feature or an issue. When my reverse sensor "senses" something and I keep reversing there's a horrible crunching sound. It...
  4. K

    inner front pad wearing quicker

    Hi am I have a 2016 t6 but every few months the inner front pad wears down way more than others changed calliper already but still happening any suggestions please
  5. Jayster

    Caliper covers

    Ok Im not really a fan of caliper cover but the T30 stock calipers look just OK. Thinking of painting but was curious if anyone done the caliper covers? Thanks all
  6. Mr D

    Caliper covers

    Does anyone know the dimensions of both front and back of my brake calipers as I want to put covers on them but unable at this time to remove my wheels to measure
  7. E

    Audi RS6 brakes on a Transporter?

    Hi guys I’ve upgraded my Audi 2016 rs6 brakes to ceramics. I was thinking can my old rs6 brakes be fitted to my t6.1 T30? If so what adaptors etc would I need? Is the master cylinder etc up to the job? Thanks
  8. S

    R/O/S brake-light not working

    Hi. I’ve have recently had a tow bar and also a kitchen fitted in my t6.1. The rear right brake light and rear light ain’t working. The side light, indicator and reverse light are still working. I have tried changing the bulb. Does anyone know what it could be or know anyone who could fix/help...
  9. Texxaco

    One man brake bleeding kit recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a one man brake bleeding kit and if there is a sequence to bleeding brakes on a T6 T32? Looking to remove my brake calipers one by one to coat them hence the questions. Cheers all.
  10. H

    No brake light t6 transporter 2018 no warning light on dash

    Hi all has anyone had jo brake lights and no warning light on dash board every thing possible has been checked fuses bulbs brake switch etc
  11. T

    Snatchy brakes…

    Newly purchased T6 DSG Sportline Kombi.. Are the brakes supposed to make you all nod in unison every time you look at the pedal never mind press them… Drive all types of vans the whole week, but these are super sensitive.. Any ideas?
  12. B

    Brake fluid empty

    The MFD briefly flashed up a message to say brake fluid was low but disappeared again very quickly. I checked the brake fluid reservoir and it is completely empty. Van is driving fine, the clutch has juddered on reverse for the two years we have owned it. No noticeable difference to the brakes...
  13. Niknak

    T6 brake light switch

    Looking in the wiring diagrams for the brake light switch wiring it’s a four pin switch and can only find reference to three of them anyone got readings from thier switch for me
  14. Yzfr1

    Front brake calipers (manufacturer)

    Hi all, My front calipers are crusty to say the least. I can't make out the manufacturer of the caliper due to corrosion and was wondering if anyone knew who makes them. I have been looking at Auto Doc to purchase 2 new calipers that I will paint before fitting with a set of Brembo discs and...
  15. D

    T6.1 Big Brakes on a T6

    The T6.1 340mm brakes are a different caliper to the T6 but use the same disc. Will the T6.1 calipers fit the T6? I've got the opportunity of a complete T6.1 340mm brake front setup for very little money and was hoping I can drop it on my T6
  16. G

    T6.1 T32 - big brakes?

    Just bought a t6.1 kombi and these are the front brakes, are these standard on all t32’s?
  17. N

    Part number - Brake callipers

    Hi All, As usual looking for some help. T6 in bits for a routine disc and pad change. So ordered the EBC axle kits. Done the rears, also nice and good. Fronts - different subject. I don't know who is at fault me or EBC but basically the discs that have been sent and are now on the van are...
  18. Dogs Dung

    T6.1 Noise while reversing and applying brakes

    Any 6.1 owners have a loud noise when reversing and applying brake pedal? Fairly loud screech , seems to be whilst steering is on part/full lock
  19. L

    Squeaking Front Brakes

    Hi all, Don't think this has been discussed yet so I'm just throwing it out there. Just had my pads and discs done all round 400 miles ago and I'm noticing that all of a sudden the front brakes are speaking when I'm moving slowly in traffic or towards a junction and when the brakes are only...
  20. Savgav1

    Rear brake upgrade

    Hi guys. Has anyone fitted the rear brake 365mm upgrade from SF TUNING. Just wondering if any pics and info as to what calipers these are and are they still single piston?