1. Steeeeve

    Brembo 4-pot brakes

    Having 4 pot Brembos fitted and will need new wheels to clear the callipers. Any ideas? What are you big brake guys running?
  2. peter1987t

    Brake Discs + Pad replacement on my VW T6 - Help me verify?

    Hi All! Hoping you can help me out if I am ordering the right parts for my T6, bought it not too long ago, but the all discs + Pads definitely need replacement. Local garages/Dealers are too expensive if you ask me and I am getting help from an mechanic in private. Maybe someone else in the...
  3. B

    For Sale t28 Front Brake Calipers and discs

    Had brembos fitted with discs so the originals available. Part used discs and pads of course. Any interest before I try fleabay? Can probably courier but with discs would be heavy.
  4. RobertO2023

    For Sale T32 T6.1 Brakes front and Rear

    T32 T6.1 340mm front .Brakes Front and Rear. Calipers, Pads, discs, mounting brackets. The discs and pads have done approx 4k since new discs are Brembo. Front pads Brembo Rear pads Padgit. £750.
  5. Dellmassive

    NUTEXA - Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It -

    NUTEXA - Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It - Its that time again, Pads and discs on the T6 T32 Sportline . . . . . . and following on from the Dealer Visit, they reported 75% worn fronts. - @Dellmassive`s T6 T32 Sportline 204 LWB DSG PV MY18 - Van Adventure i thought we would give our...
  6. N

    Severed wire on front break pad wear sensor

    Hi everyone. I have had the break pads replaced on my T6 and there's a broken wire that joins the new break pad wear sensor and going into the wiring loom. See pictures below. Can anybody help identify the exact part I need to buy? I'm having trouble finding it so that I can get it in for...
  7. D

    Side light / DRL turns off on one side when brake light illuminated

    Hi All, First time posting, long time lurker. I do not believe this has been covered before but please point me in the right direction if it has. I have a VW T6 that I have upgraded the front headlights to LED. These are the THQ ones, and very good they are too. The local mechanic...
  8. M

    Brake Cost Replacement

    Couple of questions: I have a T28 T6.1 and want to get an idea of brake replacement costs before I visit the VW dealer. An oil service is supposed to be £216, but a dealer just quoted me £275 so I can see they’re charging whatever they like. 1. How much have people paid VW to fit new brake...
  9. Lawce

    Brake Cost Replacement

    Any recommendations on disc and pad replacements and costs? Looked on Vw commercial and its £680 for discs and pads to front and rear. Wondered if anyone had used an alternative either high street kind of place or anyone in Cornwall? Thanks
  10. Nutexa Frictions

    Nutexa Frictions Ltd - Wirral

    Nutexa Frictions Ltd has been manufacturing/trading as a family business on the Wirral Peninsula for well over 40 years in the commercial vehicle market, looking after trucks, buses, coaches, trailers, the M.O.D and other heavy based plant around the UK and Worldwide My name is Russ and with my...
  11. P

    Brake master cyclinder - replacement cost

    Roughly how much would it cost to replace a brake master cyclinder on a 2016 T6?
  12. E

    T6.1 Caravelle CXFA 110KW SHM Front Brakes

    Hello First time poster!! I have a T6.1 Caravelle (2019, CXFA) with a CBI brake system on the front brakes (PR number 2E3, disc diameter 308mm). I am going to change the pads and disks myself but I cannot find the torque values for a front CBI braking system. Does anyone have the torque...
  13. D

    T32 brakes differences between T5.1/T6/T6.1

    Hi all, My T32 T5.1 has failed it's MOT with binding front brakes, annoyingly only 2 years after new Brembo discs and pads all round. I've stripped the front down, cleaned them up and lubricated which resulted in a small improvement but then they started binding again. I've since read about...
  14. Macmain12

    Brake wear sensor

    Can anyone tell me which wire , red or yellow goes to what terminal on the new plug I've bought . 1 & 2, is marked on the plug. Looking at how it works does it make a difference it makes a continuous circuit when pads are worn.
  15. Macmain12

    DSG brake-pedal freeplay

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the DSG brake pedal should have a little Travel before Bite.. i don't drive the caravel that often so i cant remember, I've just swapped the front callipers for a big brake Kit, brakes bled no problem using a one man kit, no air bubbles, ill assume the travel on a Dsg...
  16. FerrisBFW

    Anyone out there bought new rear calipers for their van?

    I need to buy some new rear calipers for my 2014 Caravelle 4motion, are they all the same? Any recommendations?
  17. B

    Juddering when braking

    Hi All Am after a bit of advice/experience please! 2018 T6, 48500 miles. It’s juddering a bit when braking from higher speeds, not when <20mph ish to stop, probably more like >40mph to stop. Spoke to my independent garage, who I trust, he’ll have a look but suggested brake discs could be...
  18. F

    Squeaking from rear when reversing

    Afternoon all, So my 19 plate T6 has suddenly developed what can only be described as a loud creaking/squeaking from the rear end when reversing (at low speeds). Has anybody suffered with this before and if so found out what the cause was? Any help greatly appreciated as always! Fintank
  19. Lee540

    Brake Disc/Pad Offers

    Any retailers doing any offers on discs and pads? Seems ECP rarely do huge discount codes anymore.
  20. Steved55

    Wanted T6 340mm Big Brake kit

    My front discs on 2016 shuttle have come up as an advisory so looking at options for possibly upgrading to dia 340. Anyone have any kits for sale?