1. D

    Squeaking brakes with new T6.1

    The brakes have squeaked ever since I collected the van six months ago. I've now covered nearly 3,000 miles and they still squeak. Why would this be? And is there anything I can do?
  2. Urbanfox

    Caliper Mounting Bolts

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy these Caliper mounting bolts? I have found one outlet but I'm not sure they are the correct bolts, M16 x 1.5 VW N90685402 front and 403 back? At £6.95 each they aint cheap. Are the front and rear bolts the same size? I know they both have a 21mm...
  3. A

    Brake disc wear at 15k on shuttle

    Hi, I’ve just bought a t6 shuttle 18 plate 15k on clock. I’ve noticed there is a bit of a lip on the rear discs compared to the front. Is this normal for this milage on a shuttle. I’m paranoid that it’s been clocked but no real way of finding out I suppose. Thanks Adam
  4. Urbanfox

    Bleeding Brakes

    In the not too distant future, I intend to replace my rear disks and pads,Brembo. While I'm at it I will also replace the brake fluid. Is the sequence for bleeding, rear offside, rear nearside, front offside and front nearside? I'm just going off the position of the abs not the cylinder. Thanks...
  5. B

    Squeaking in reverse.

    Hi, very strange but I have a very loud squeaking noise when braking but only Ever in reverse, does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  6. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Brake Caliper Paint

    Neon orange, Brand new, unopened £10 Collection from my home in Hampshire or can post for £3 extra
  7. Pauly

    T6 Braking System Workshop Manual 2019

    Workshop manual covering complete braking system This documentation covers removing/installing/servicing all elements of the braking system including front, rear & parking brake along with ABS system, brake servo/brake cylinder and hydraulic system etc VIP Membership is required to download...
  8. OllieGBR

    Removing callipers and brake bleeding

    Morning all I have some outlandish black paint for my callipers which I plan to apply whilst I have the shocks out. To make my life easier I’d like to remove the callipers, (I have a brake pipe clamp to reduce air ingress). How easy is it to bleed the T6? Should I worry about air into the ABS -...
  9. .50

    Brake Calipers Refresh.

    I job I'd been wanting to do since I got the van a six months old. The brake calipers very quickly look tired on these Transporters, so I've started on the rear while the van is inside. I wanted to do a half decent job, so I removed the caliper, handbrake cable and actuater arm, but left the...
  10. Mkgolfnutters

    T6 204tdi

    HI i tried to search the forum, I am trying to find the size of the front caliper alan bolt it seems to be 9mm odd size me thinks. Could any one shine some light on this please. TIA
  11. C

    Brake Failure!!

    I have a 19 plate kombi and this past weekend was out and about working in storm Ciara and after driving through plenty of large puddles in heavy rain i came to a junction to turn and was surprised to find my brake pedal was rock solid!! like i had zero vaccum and i sailed past the junction...
  12. Kev23

    Brake Discs / Pads - T32

    Hi, has anyone fitted aftermarket (drilled/grooved etc) discs to a T32 4motion? i need to change mine in the next couple months so wondered what options there were over the standard VW ones. Any links would be handy. Also how easy to change over yourself or is it recommended to get garage to...
  13. Jongall

    Brake Fluid

    Hi guys, Has anyone had this warning light/message? Comes on randomly while driving along for a few seconds at a time then goes back off. Never when pressing brakes. Had it into the garage a couple of times in which various bits have been replaced but still happening. ‍♂️driving me mad
  14. Mr D

    Brake Calipers

    Does anyone know the dimensions of both front and back of my brake calipers as I want to put covers on them but unable at this time to remove my wheels to measure
  15. Littleblackflash

    I Need Brake Pads - Are These Too Cheap

    I need to change the pads on my van soon. When Bognor motors serviced the van they said there was 30% life left and that was 6months ago. Searching on EuroCarParts with a MID60 discount code, the rear pads are £17.26 a set inc new wear sensors. Thats less than a set of normal pads for a...
  16. Hinks007

    Brake Discs And Pads???

    Hi Guys I have a t32 SWB 180bhp, vin WV1ZZZ7HZGH121070 any ideas on what discs and pads I need??? Thanks for your help in advance
  17. Mkgolfnutters

    Break Pad Warning Plug

    Hi does anyone know if I can buy a Brake pad warning plug its the one on the vans loom not the brake pads? just wounding if it can be bought, TIA
  18. J

    Brembo Brake Fitment

    Hi all, Im looking at converting my front brake setup..Can anyone tell me if the caliper carrier on the T32 is the same as a T30?..just trying to work out caliper and disc sizes etc. I have several brembo calipers of different sizes and fitments. Any advise or part numbers etc would be great...
  19. Glenn Board

    I Cant Find Out What Brake Pads My Van Has!

    Been trying to order some new brake pads, I give the reg number over to suppliers and they all tell me that there are multiple pads for my van and need to see the pads! Well I dont want to take the pads out just to look, then have to put them back whilst I order some, so does anybody here know...
  20. P

    Grinding Noise From Rear Brakes

    so what do you think about these. Over the last week or so I’ve noticed a grinding noise from the rear brakes (over the music) Car has done 16000 miles over 2 years - used at weekends for the first 18 months and now used most days for a 40 mile commute on the motorway Front brakes look fine...