1. gavp

    For Sale T28, T30 308mm dia front discs and pads

    Bought for previous T30 but too small for current T32. ATE discs, textar pads as pictured. £120 + delivery at cost or collect from Dursley Gloucestershire, might be able to drop/meet or deliver as starting to travel again for work.
  2. T

    Reverse and brake lights not working after camera install

    Hi - just been fitting a reversing camera (Autovox V5 Pro) to my 2018 T6. While doing this I've removed part of the roof paneling and disconnected one of the rear interior lights (not sure if this is relevant). When I've tried to find the reverse cable to connect the reversing camera, I've found...
  3. F

    Brakes juddering at speed.

    Hi. I've finally driven the van again after about 5 months!!!! Anyway to give it a charge etc driving down the motorway any braking gives a large juddering. Wasn’t happening before.Could this be to do with it sitting for so long? Any thoughts? Cheers Ben
  4. P

    Some brake lights not working [Resolved]

    Hi all. My mot is up and I've found out my brake lights don't work apart from the barn door brake lights. Checked fuses and bulbs and all fine. I know nothing about electrics so am totally confused about it. Anyone else had this problem ? Also, could a wire be taken from the barn door brake...
  5. mhill

    Brake disc and pad upgrade options

    Anyone replaced pads yet? Need to get my pads done, any recommendations on replacement pads?
  6. Pau1GTI

    First Brake of the Day.....frost?

    Evening guys, The last 3 mornings I've noticed when I come out my drive to the first junction I've almost no brakes. Never an issue as I'm driving so slow but I really have to press down hard to get the van to stop. After that its fine, as normal for the rest of the day. It feels like there is...
  7. Martin955

    Clearing "check brake wear" notification

    I've got this notification on the dash, I've checked all 4 corners, pads are in rude health. Is it possible to clear the warning with Carista? I could not find where to when I had a quick look. Thanks
  8. bootsam

    Fog light coming on with brake.

    Wifey just noticed that the front offside fog light comes on with the footbrake. Which seems a bit arse about face. Anyone seen this before?
  9. S

    replace lipped discs same time as pads?

    Hi, van is currently in for a full service/mot and front pads are 80-85% worn so need to get them changed, but they also noted the discs were lipped and recommed replacing also although they could take another set of pads... Is it best to get the discs replaced at same time so there is no...
  10. NickW

    Drivers side brake light not working

    Hi, I have a t6 and the drivers side brake light has stopped working, have checked the bulb and this is fine, passenger and the spoiler light work fine. Odd that one light is out?
  11. Rich Smifff

    brake light fuse?

    Hi - can anyone help me locate which fuse is for the brake lights? T6 high line 2019.
  12. G

    Brake light switch [Resolved]

    Hi guys, I’m trying to replace the break light switch, I’ve stopped all around the break pedal but can’t see it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. B

    No Brake Lights

    Hi Guys So we discovered yesterday that we have no brake lights. Who knows how long we’ve not had them working. We don’t get any error or warning on the Dash. I called VW assist and they sent the AA as they don’t cover north devon! Great AA guy spent about 2 hours looking at the van. His...
  14. LambethBoy

    Squeaking rear brakes!! With Video.

    Has anyone any idea what is causing this High pitched squeak only on rear driver-side only when reversing and breaking.
  15. D

    Squeaking brakes with new T6.1

    The brakes have squeaked ever since I collected the van six months ago. I've now covered nearly 3,000 miles and they still squeak. Why would this be? And is there anything I can do?
  16. Urbanfox

    Caliper Mounting Bolts

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy these Caliper mounting bolts? I have found one outlet but I'm not sure they are the correct bolts, M16 x 1.5 VW N90685402 front and 403 back? At £6.95 each they aint cheap. Are the front and rear bolts the same size? I know they both have a 21mm...
  17. A

    Brake disc wear at 15k on shuttle

    Hi, I’ve just bought a t6 shuttle 18 plate 15k on clock. I’ve noticed there is a bit of a lip on the rear discs compared to the front. Is this normal for this milage on a shuttle. I’m paranoid that it’s been clocked but no real way of finding out I suppose. Thanks Adam
  18. Urbanfox

    Bleeding Brakes

    In the not too distant future, I intend to replace my rear disks and pads,Brembo. While I'm at it I will also replace the brake fluid. Is the sequence for bleeding, rear offside, rear nearside, front offside and front nearside? I'm just going off the position of the abs not the cylinder. Thanks...
  19. B

    Squeaking in reverse.

    Hi, very strange but I have a very loud squeaking noise when braking but only Ever in reverse, does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  20. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Brake Caliper Paint

    Neon orange, Brand new, unopened £10 Collection from my home in Hampshire or can post for £3 extra