1. Texxaco

    One man brake bleeding kit recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a one man brake bleeding kit and if there is a sequence to bleeding brakes on a T6 T32? Looking to remove my brake calipers one by one to coat them hence the questions. Cheers all.
  2. H

    No brake light t6 transporter 2018 no warning light on dash

    Hi all has anyone had jo brake lights and no warning light on dash board every thing possible has been checked fuses bulbs brake switch etc
  3. T

    Snatchy brakes…

    Newly purchased T6 DSG Sportline Kombi.. Are the brakes supposed to make you all nod in unison every time you look at the pedal never mind press them… Drive all types of vans the whole week, but these are super sensitive.. Any ideas?
  4. B

    Brake fluid empty

    The MFD briefly flashed up a message to say brake fluid was low but disappeared again very quickly. I checked the brake fluid reservoir and it is completely empty. Van is driving fine, the clutch has juddered on reverse for the two years we have owned it. No noticeable difference to the brakes...
  5. Niknak

    T6 brake light switch

    Looking in the wiring diagrams for the brake light switch wiring it’s a four pin switch and can only find reference to three of them anyone got readings from thier switch for me
  6. Yzfr1

    Front brake calipers (manufacturer)

    Hi all, My front calipers are crusty to say the least. I can't make out the manufacturer of the caliper due to corrosion and was wondering if anyone knew who makes them. I have been looking at Auto Doc to purchase 2 new calipers that I will paint before fitting with a set of Brembo discs and...
  7. D

    T6.1 Front Brakes on a T6

    The T6.1 340mm brakes are a different caliper to the T6 but use the same disc. Will the T6.1 calipers fit the T6? I've got the opportunity of a complete T6.1 340mm brake front setup for very little money and was hoping I can drop it on my T6
  8. G

    Brakes t32 t6.1

    Just bought a t6.1 kombi and these are the front brakes, are these standard on all t32’s?
  9. N

    Brake callipers part numbers

    Hi All, As usual looking for some help. T6 in bits for a routine disc and pad change. So ordered the EBC axle kits. Done the rears, also nice and good. Fronts - different subject. I don't know who is at fault me or EBC but basically the discs that have been sent and are now on the van are...
  10. Dogs Dung

    T6.1 Noise while reversing and applying brakes

    Any 6.1 owners have a loud noise when reversing and applying brake pedal? Fairly loud screech , seems to be whilst steering is on part/full lock
  11. L

    Squeaking Front Brakes

    Hi all, Don't think this has been discussed yet so I'm just throwing it out there. Just had my pads and discs done all round 400 miles ago and I'm noticing that all of a sudden the front brakes are speaking when I'm moving slowly in traffic or towards a junction and when the brakes are only...
  12. Savgav1

    Rear brake upgrade

    Hi guys. Has anyone fitted the rear brake 365mm upgrade from SF TUNING. Just wondering if any pics and info as to what calipers these are and are they still single piston?
  13. Texxaco

    Any special tools needed to change T32 brakes all round?

    Hey All, I am in the process of swapping my brake discs and pads all round thanks to @Jayjmac. Do you need any special tools/products to swap them aside from a copperslip grease, brake hose clamp, impact driver etc? Cheers for any help you can offer. :thumbsup:
  14. K

    No hazard, indicator or brake lights

    Hi, my first post so be gentle haha. I have 2 lights on my dash a bulb and the abs symbol and now have ho hazards etc. I have checked all the bulbs and they are ok and all the fuses look ok. Any help would be appreciate
  15. P

    Grabbing brakes. Braking too sharp

    Hi all, I bought my 2018 T28 camper van a few weeks ago. I am finding that the brakes are extremely sharp. Just the slightest pressure on the brake pedal brings the brakes on with a vengeance! My wife says it’s my bad driving and hangs on to the grab handles if she thinks I’m going to brake...
  16. F2JON

    FREE T6 308mm discs pads and calipers

    As title I’ve replaced my front brakes with t6.1 t32, so I have my original brakes which have covered 34,500 miles , free to who ever wishes to collect from Rugeley Staffordshire. Thanks Jon
  17. moomin-j

    Difference between T6 & T6.1 rear calipers?

    I know that all T6 rear brake assemblies (calipers / carriers / pads etc.) are all the same as each other, but is there a difference between these & the new T6.1 complete assemblies? Any brake gurus out there that can advise please? I have tried the search function , but to no avail sadly :(
  18. DaveyB

    Removing front brake calipers

    Tried to remove the front callipers on my T32 at the weekend (big disc version), so that I can paint them (yes I know you can paint them without taking them off, but that would not satisfy my OCD), but it appears that I needed a fitting that was not in my toolbox. Can anyone confirm if it is a...
  19. Savgav1

    Are all T6 rear brake calipers the same?

    Are all t6 rear brake calipers the same part as wanna buy second hand and will have over hauled and powder coated...also has anyone fitted the front porsche brake kits. How do they rate them and any pics??
  20. Daddio3750

    Is it time to renew my brakes?

    HI Everyone, Away in Anglesey this week (awesome beaches and bays that could make parts of Cornwall blush!) and i start getting the front grinding noise under braking. From what I can see the outside pads are fine. The inside i cannot really see, but running my hand up and down the inside of the...