bonnet protection

  1. R

    For Sale Bonnet protector/stone guard Gloss Black Brand New

    Brand New Bonnet Protector/Stone guard in Gloss Black. (From VW Carbon) Never fitted to a van. This is stuck on using double sided tape (I bonded mine) onto the bonnet for a super flush fit, which I think looks really smart Cost £150, looking for £100. Collection only from Milton Keynes area...
  2. M90NCS

    Full Width Bonnet Protector

    Morning, I'm looking for some suggestions/advice on finding a full width bonnet protector. Preferably similar to the attached in black gloss however would consider matt black. Prices seem to vary massively and not sure if this is watered? Thanks in advance
  3. M1TCH

    For Sale T6.1 Bonnet Bra

    Vanstyle black full bonnet bra for sale used once on a new van from dealers to home (Ashford. Kent to Long Eaton Notts.) Cost £30 accept £20 collect from Long Eaton or could post at extra cost (unsure on postage cost). No longer required as van was sold. VW T6 T6.1 2015 Full Length Bonnet Bra...
  4. Ayjay

    Vanstyles bonnet protector interfering with bonnet release.

    I posted elsewhere on here that I fitted a black van styles bonnet protector a while ago which I'm pleased with: What Have You Done To Your Van Today? (post #8995 WHYDTYVT) BUT I have just noticed that it seems to interfere with the catch on the bonnet release - I'm talking here about the...
  5. B

    Bonnet-bra removal

    Hi after some advice please I'm looking to buy a t6 and viewed one I like. It has a bonnet bra on it and after viewing I got home and rhiuhht i should have looked under the bra. I've messaged the guy and asked him To take a photo but he's saying he doesn't want to remove it. Hrs owned it 3 yrs...
  6. RealGoneKid

    Van cover just for bonnet and windscreen on a t6.1

    Hi Just wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere that does some sort of bespoke cover for a t6.1, but just for the front windscreen and bonnet. In a similar style to the picture. We live under two trees, bird dropping nightmare for roughly four months of the year, but only at the at the...
  7. T

    Bonnet dimensions T6.1

    I am looking for the dimensions of a t6.1 bonnet so I can get some PPF film ordered up for my van arriving next week. if anyone can help me out that would be great! I am keen to get the PPF on ASAP so it doesn't see any damage.
  8. J

    Bonnet bra - Union Jack

    Hi all I have a t6 and I’m liking to get a bonnet bra but struggling to find what I’m looking for after a dark grey Union Jack dose anyone know where or who can do these please
  9. M

    Can you identify this bonnet deflector ?

    Please help I have asked the seller of the van but never got an answer. I like the full coverage it gives, gloss finish and smooth finish. Thanks in advance
  10. cgtmiles

    Bonnet protection

    I have only done 800 miles in my van and have already noticed a rather large stone chip on the bonnet. So I was wondering what the best way to protect against this is? I’m not a fan of bonnet bras etc so what other options are available. Is it possible to colour match a wrap to match the rest...
  11. Killo

    Xpel Front End

    Hi guys, has anybody had Xpel done on there bus if so would you recommend having it done. I know it’s not cheap.
  12. MrTesco

    Bonnet Wrap Recommendations

    Afternoon boys n girls. Looking at getting a bonnet spoiler after getting my first stone chip. What are people's thoughts on them as I never had one on my other van. Do they cause more damage then they save and has anyone got any recommendations of any ? Cheers in advance Charlie
  13. Va6314_calibre_tourer_18_inch_matte_gunmetal_finish_alloy_wheel_1035_jb_d


  14. DC.

    Bonnet Bra........ recommendations

    Hey! I'm in the market for a Bonnet Bra, can anyone recommend a company / Is there a "go to" place for quality bonnet bra's that everyone uses....??? Many thanks
  15. Bemmy GY

    Heko Front Windscreen Protector (aka Bonnet Protector).

    Evening all, as the post says, but thats what they call it on their website? yes or no on a white van? If so, please show me your pics.
  16. kieran

    Stone chip in middle of bonnet.

    I picked this chip up the other day , very small dent on one chip . I've just been told by chipsaway this cant be repaired ? What do you think ? Cheers
  17. mopardave

    vanstyle bonnet protector

    I just had a vanstyle bonnet protector delivered. Unfortunately it didn't contain any fitting instructions! This is the second vanstyle product I've had where they haven't bothered including instructions......I'm not impressed tbh.....has anyone fitted one? :(
  18. DaveyB

    ChipEx stone chip paint repair system

    Following on from another thread, I have started this new one for ease of finding. I have now had the chance to discuss with the owner of ChipEx (well Mrs Davey B his book keeper did - bless her). When you order the paint system on his website at you can use the discount code...