arch liner

  1. Strange Al

    Front Arch Liner modification

    Morning, I was hoping someone here could give me a clue as to how much extra space at the top of the front Arch you can get by carrying out the basic Arch Mod? I've seen that it's fairly straightforward - remove screw bend back bracket and push liner behind the bit higher up. But I've not seen...
  2. N

    20” wheel arch mod??

    Hi, Great forum some really interesting stuff here. I’m new to the forum and new to T6 ownership (I have a T6 2018 - T30 kombi) I bought it with stance+ street coilvers and 20” Velare Alloys. It looks awesome and overall I’m really really happy with it, but I have an issue with these wheels...
  3. S

    Can anyone help me with what this is please? Inside the little removable cover in the front near side wheel arch [Resolved]

    I had a bump and it broke away and was leaking water. It’s booked in to get fixed, but I need to go on a decent drive and just want to make sure it’s not important. It’s not leaking any more and there are no lights on the dash. Cheers.
  4. Texxaco

    Front wheel arch-liner fitting kit

    Can anyone help with part numbers for the inner wing liner fitting kits? In can find the screws that hold the wheel arch liner in place but not the plastic inserts that fit in the body of the van that they screw into. Thanks for your help all.
  5. Stu1974

    T32 4Motion rubbing

    Hi my T32 2018 4 Motion is rubbing or what feels like bottoming out at the rear. The van came fitted with B14 coil overs. I've bought and fitted the Transporter HQ recommend setup 265 40 20, with correct offset rim and Goodyear asymmetric 3 tyres which are Awesome ride quality at 42psi by the...
  6. K

    Wheel Arch Liner Part Numbers

    Hi Guys, Does any on have the part numbers for the wheel arch liners for a T6? I'm after the front passanger side and rear drivers side but if someone has them all it might help others, cheers Kev!
  7. N

    Wheel arch liner fitting/removal

    Hi Folks, probably very easy, however in my rush to change my side indicators in the rain, passenger side cable and connector has fallen into the inner wing. I haven’t looked as its now dark but is the wheel arch liner an Easy remove?
  8. K

    Sound-deadening internally under wheel-arch plastic protector.

    Hello all, has anybody tried fitting a set of wheel arch protectors of a wheel arch that has had Silent coat / Deadmat 2mm applied? Thinking it might good to sound deaden the arch but I don't want a carpet covering.. many thanks.
  9. TransporterTim

    Knocking noise from n/s/f

    Hi everyone I’ve been having an on going knocking issue from my my16 t6 for a while now. While it was in for service at VW they noticed my n/s/f damper was wet and had failed. I had this replaced on my extended warranty I run 30mm eibach springs and have done since new. I’ve been back a few...
  10. RattyMcClelland

    Wheel-Arch access panels for lights

    In the n/s arch lining, the fog light cover hole access thingy magiggy is missing. Can't figure out what's it's called so I can buy a new one. Anyone have a part number?
  11. T6180

    Front Arch Lining - Heating Up

    Has anyone changed/cut/heated up their front arch liner on the outside to stop the wheel rubbing the bolt at the top of the arch because of a 20x9 et35 offset? Or does anyone have a picture of how the arch liner looks? Weird request I know but it's raining outside and I dont fancy taking a...
  12. highwaycollective

    First Time Van Owner (no Idea Why I Waited So Long).

    I have been lurking on the forum for a few months, and I have to say it has been an invaluable help as I get going with my first van. I have owned VW's my whole life, and have done loved owning and driving everything from a MK1 Caddy, to various generations of the GTI. I have wanted a Van for...
  13. M

    Heat Gun / Wheel Arch Extensions

    Hi Everyone, I posted a wheel rub thread and I keep going round in circles (no pun intended), which is down to me not anyone elses posts! I'm going to try the heat gun method on the inner wheel arches (I have looked and I can see where the slight rubbing is). Any tips on how to do it please -...
  14. Montecha

    Sound proofing the Kombi floor?

    What's the best sound deadening for a Kombi floor? The roof, sides and wheel arches are all done, and was always planning to do the floor as well. I think the 20s generate a lot of road noise so figured this could be a nice little job for the B/H weekend. Are folks sticking with a 2mm Dynamat...