1. N

    Interior colour combination

    Hi all, I’ve recently purchased an Indium grey 68 plate T6 and now in the process of getting quotes to have it converted into a camper. I’m having real trouble deciding/visualising what colour furniture and Altro floor colour to choose as there are just so many options. I have decided I’m going...
  2. Swoop1

    Rear flooring fitting

    Hi guys just wanted to know how people are fitting the flooring Altro/carpet in the rear of their vans I'm about to fix the ply in my conversion but am now thinking do I wait get the carpet (as that’s what I am having) and use the ply floor to cut the carpet to shape or do I get a carpet fitter...
  3. ma77y

    Found Altro Walkway Dolphin

    Does anyone have an off cut of the above?? Size required 1m x 2m piece or larger. Let me know what you have cheers
  4. GingerPig

    For Sale Altro Walkway Floor Covering (Whale)

    Brand new off cut from Harrison Trim Supplies. Whale (Best colour) and ‘Walkway’ spec. Harder wearing than the ‘contrax’ Bought too much for my SWB. As can be seen on the photo the off cut is large enough to cover the floor of a SWB T5/6/6.1 With the exception of a join being located under...
  5. $immo

    Recommendations for Altro flooring adhesive?

    I'm at the stage of laying my Altro flooring once I have cut it what glue have you guys laid down the flooring with. I am thinking if I actually need to glue it all down?? It's 2mm thick, it will have a kitchen on it, RIB seat and bed boards....Hmm not sure I need to glue it? It will be fixed...
  6. C

    Altro Floor - what colour?

    I am at the stage of deliberating what colour floor to choose. I am anxious that I might choose wrong and have regrets. So many choices in colours. Any photos of your choice of floor colour and or advice on colours would be appreciated. I never thought this would cause me such a problem. The van...
  7. D

    Altro flooring, where to buy??

    I'm ready to buy my altro flooring and just wondering where everyone is getting theirs from? I'm looking to get some of the wood effect safety type but all prices I have found seem rather high, 170+.
  8. L

    Altro flooring or something else?

    I have a carpet fitted to my van which is now pretty dirty and past saving. What’s the best flooring to use in the back of a day van / camper..also the best place to buy it. Price conscious and his is it stuck down if you go the Altro route?
  9. D

    Altro Pre Cut Floor

    Just curious if anybody has ordered a pre cut Altro floor before and what was the fit like? i've seen a few places offering them but undecided if i'm better off buying a uncut roll and just cutting it myself..
  10. K

    Altro Floor Edging

    Hi guys, I've looked everywhere but cant find a definitive answer. Does anyone know the rubber looking edging beading that people use at the edge of Altro flooring? Cheers
  11. Martin Gibson

    Altro floor length for SWB

    Hello, just wondering how much Altro flooring i need to do a Swb Kombi? Does it just come in just one width and you specify the length? The one i have my eye on is a wood effect one so can't see anyone selling the pre-cut ones in this style,thanks very much
  12. R

    How Do You Sound Deaden/insulate The Floor Before Altro?

    Hi guys just wondering how you would insulate and sound deaden the floor? I used silent coat and dodo thermo van liner for walls but not sure what to use for the floor? Also whats the process for putting an altro floor down? I currently have a factory Kombi rubber floor.
  13. MikeMc88

    Best Order Of Build?

    Is it best to do the electrics before I carpet and lay the altro flooring? I was hoping to do the carpeting first but I was just speaking to a local converter and he said to do the electrics either before or at the same time. My original plan was to put down the 12mm floor then lay the altro...
  14. Shoes

    Altro Wood Effect Flooring

    Hello all, Has anyone used the altro wood effect flooring in their vans? I'm looking for a wooden style floor in my van, what have you used? I've seen some with very narrow planks and I'm looking g for something about 150/180mm wide If you have any pictures that would be great Cheers Siôn
  15. j4ckal

    Altro Flooring Alternatives, Karndean Or Similar?

    Is anyone using Karndean flooring (or Karndean style) in their van? I've noticed quite a few convertors are using it now and it does look good. Any pros/cons? How hard wearing is it? Do you bond it to the ply when laying it? Cheers.
  16. M

    For Sale Altro Flooring pre-cut for SWB

    Hi Everyone, I have two brand new Altro flooring products for sale. 1 x Altro Walkway in the Dolphin colour for £70. 1 x Altro Contrax in the Slate Grey colour for £70 Both of these are cut to fit a VW T6. I purchased these from Harrisons Trim last year with the intention to fit them in a...