1. P

    Alarm & nocturnal potty use

    When I go to bed at night I lock the van which activates the alarm. When I get up during the night to use the porta Potti the alarm goes off, waking up the entire glen. I have tried unlocking the door before I get up but it relocks within seconds and when I move it goes off. How do I fix this...
  2. BoroBoy

    Drivers door alarm LED light

    Any ideas how to access this light? Do I need to remove the door card to gain access, or can the light housing be removed separately?
  3. H

    Movement Sensor

    Newby so probably been asked before?! When we lock up the van for the night to sleep what is the process so we stop the alarm going off every time we roll over?!! TIA
  4. K

    What’s this switch do?

    So I’ve had the van for two weeks and hove only just seen this switch! Just by the Behind the side of the driver Seat on the pillar. I’ve pushed it . Nothing happened. Any thoughts? Many thanks.
  5. Jonnoa

    SOLVED: Alarm going off when using remote.

    I have a 2018 T6 Transporter Hi-line. When you lock the door with the remote and after about 30 seconds if you then push lock on the remote the alarm goes off, the only way then to stop it is to open the Drivers door with the key. Can't find anything on this and the main VW Van dealer has no...
  6. D

    Alarm-sounder stainless-steel box

    After sound deadening the scuttle area the alarm sounders stainless steel box doesn’t fit. I removed the box and the alarm sounder fits snugly. Does anybody know the reason the box is fitted as standard? Is there is an issue with water tight integrity of this alarm sounder, or is it to protect a...
  7. B

    Alarm question

    I'm aware that my van has the factory alarm fitted and it'll be the same pretty much as that fitted to my recently replaced caddy. I intend to go camping in it next month at the Superbikes , my question is, as the bulkhead is still fitted, will I need to use the interior monitoring switch(which...
  8. D


    Do T6 Highline (2019) come with alarm and Immobiliser?
  9. hoggle

    Alarm going off, with no apparent reason. Or so i thought!

    This afternoon, i was sitting in the house and the alarm went off in the Van. Naturally, i ran out expecting to confront someone tampering with it. The alarm had stopped by the time i got out, but the lights were still flashing. When i got there, there was no one about. So i opened it up and...
  10. Kev23

    What’s this switch ??

    Found this switch while cleaning the van today, anyone know what it is and what it does?
  11. goldeneye243

    Alarm going off - Side door issue

    I have got a problem with my T6 where the side door doesn't always lock, the MFD flickers to tell me the door is open whilst driving and the alarm has gone off a few times. Seems like it might all be related to the sensor that says wehter the door is open or closed... Any thoughts as to what I...
  12. H

    Cat 1 Alarm How Do I Tell

    Just renewing insurance and a condition is a thatcham cat 1 alarm. I can’t see any sensors anywhere and I don’t seem to have a switch to disable them. Any ideas?
  13. A

    T6 Shuttle Headliner Sensor

    I've jst gutted my T6 shuttle and it's currently away having a Hilo roof fitted, I've just realised that when removing the headliner I have also removed the rear motion sensor, it fits in the hole at the tailgate end of the headliner shown in the picture below. Does this need to get fitted back...
  14. Mick

    Can't Switch Off Movement Sensor

    Hi, When I leave the dog in the car I switch off the internal sensor by pressing the switch which sits on the door pillar to the left on the drivers side. An orange light usually comes on, you lock it and the dog can't set off the alarm when he moves. It's stopped working. Still under warranty...
  15. yorkshirekev

    Crafter (2017-onwards) Alarm / Deadlocks

    Hi I'm getting a Crafter to convert and it comes with the Business Pack, which includes the alarm. I'd just like to know what people do when you're actually living in it / at night? Do you just use the internal central locking switch and leave it unalarmed / not deadlocked? Do you double press...
  16. Mr blue

    Flashing Alarm Led

    has anyone fitted a second alarm led to the passenger side ie buy an oe led and mount from the drivers side and then run a cable from the drivers side to pass side so it flashes when alarm set or is there a connection in the passenger door that would be used if it was a left hand drive model and...
  17. B

    After Locking Van, Hazards Come On For Roughly 4 Mins.....

    So T6 with day van conversion, lock van with key fob, after about 20 secs hazards come on for roughly 4 at vw, they thought it was rear barn door lock / latch.... replaced and still does same. ..... any ideas....I have a feeling my van will be a shell by time it comes back.....
  18. FAC51

    Security Upgrade Help

    Over the last few weeks, 3 x T6's have been stolen within a 6 mile radius of my home. Given the fact that our T6 is a new addition to our driveway, does any of the forum members know of a good quality electronic security upgrade I might install or have install for me. Im not interested in the...
  19. Skyliner33

    3rd Key

    when I bought my van I was given 3 keys. 2 of them are the remote key fobs that work as expected. I also received a ‘normal’ key. Non folding no big fob. What is the point of this key? If I open the door with this key the alarm goes off.
  20. Tourershine

    Drivers Door Window Replacement?

    Whilst it's not unusual to find me here early in the morning, this isn't a case of I cannot sleep. I've just been woken to my alarm going off and subsequently now have no drivers door glass, or wallet :( (yeah I know it's daft to leave it in the van, but I always have, or I end up forgetting...