1. drsmiles1

    Disarm alarm - HELP!!

    My T6 is playing up. Alarm has been going off most of the weekend when it’s sat on the driveway. Noticed when driving that the interior door lights flickered but no doors were being opened so figured (after reading on here) that there’s a fault with one of my door locks/sensors. It’s bank...
  2. P

    2021 T6.1 highline alarm question

    Hi, I'm a new t6.1 campervan owner and had 2 basic questions. Apologies if they have already been answered on the forum. Does the t6.1 highline van have a factory fitted alarm and immobiliser? If I want to leave our dog in the van or leave the pop top up, how do I lock the van but turn off...
  3. S

    Alarm help (flat battery?)

    Hi all, So stupid me left the switch on my PMS split charger thing to 'car' for the past couple of days so my battery just went flat and alarm started sounding (this is normal according to the VW manual?). Tried to stop it with the key fob but nothing... Alarm stopped after a few minutes so I...
  4. FYPO

    Used Van Nightmare

    I purchased a used T6 for my business a couple of months back, and it's giving us some real issues. It has been back with the dealer three times each for a week visit; due to the alarm sounding for no apparent reason. There was an issue with the starter battery that I pointed out the first time...
  5. F

    6.1 highline factory fitted alarm signal

    Hi folks First time posting. Hope I am doing this right. I have a t6.1 highline with factory fitted alarm. I am looking to get a signal from the alarm to give to the tracker i am getting fitted so it can tell me the alarm is going off. Does anyone know how or if this can be picked up...
  6. J

    Locking doors and switching alarm sensors off

    Hey all, Have a caravelle and struggling with the internal alarm sensors when we sleep in it. If I’m inside and lock the van using the key, the alarm goes off when I move. I can lock all the doors separately which doesn’t enable the alarm but then the tailgate is unlocked which I don’t want. I...
  7. R

    T6.1 Thatcham Alarm / immobiliser category

    Does tknow if my new 6.1 highline has a category 1 thatcham alarm. Trying to sort out my insurance. TIA
  8. D

    T6.1 acoustic when locking/unlocking?

    Is there a way to have the T6.1 beep or chirp when I lock and unlock the van? I’m always second guessing myself whether or not I locked the van
  9. V

    T6 visual flashing when locking/unlocking

    Hi I'm new to the T6 forum So hope I am doing this right.. I have just got My T6 2018 shuttle van. I have noticed that when locking and unlocking the van the signal lights don't flash to show if its lock or unlock. Is that normal? Cheers
  10. Adam H

    Alarm Advice / Fitting

    I've tried to purchase the below Alarm system which is a Cat 1, but I liked it because it linked into the current key locking fob instead of a seperate one ( because im lazy and dont want to lock it , then arm the alarm seperately ) But...
  11. M

    Perimeter alarm

    Hi, Has anyone fitted a perimeter alarm ? I like the idea of tapping into the parking sensors plus adding some additional ones either side of my van which will bleep if someone is near whilst I’m sleeping inside. Additionally, could this be expanded on to have them connected to an old smart...
  12. AlexJoe

    Alarm Horn (H12) fitting

    Can anyone post a photo of how the alarm horn is factory fitted?
  13. Giannino

    Enable Acoustic locking / unlocking on door closing / opening.

    I have a 2016 Caravelle, even if I enable the functions (Module 09, Byte 05) they do not activate, only optical confirmation. My van has no siren anti-theft system but the sound should be played with just the horn, right? What am I doing wrong?
  14. Andysmee

    Anyone got a part number for chrome door pins

    Tempted by these: 2x Original Door-Lock Door Chrome VW GOLF 4 Bora Beetle Lupo Polo 9N Passat | eBay But no idea what they originally cost. Any ideas?
  15. P

    Wanted Rear load area alarm sensor

    Hi does anyone have a load area alarm sensor with wiring diagram or the part number for one I have a 2019 swb t30 with bulkhead and wanted to cover the load area with the factory fit alarm Just joined and think the vip joining fee is well worth it for all the information available Thanks
  16. czmate1999

    Van alarm going off at 6am

    Hi All, Alarm started going off at 6am this morning. Battery appeared to be dead. Haven’t used van since 27 Oct. is this normal? Has the cold caused it to drain quicker? cheers Cz.
  17. Rob 79

    Factory fitted alarm question

    Hey Guys and Gals, Picking up my 2016 T6 Highline on Wednesday which has been converted. Just going through the process of getting insurance (caravan guard) and they have said that I need a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm to be insured . My question is, does anyone know if these are standard on the...
  18. Jay Mcc

    T6.1 Alarm Sensor disabling for sleeping / leaving dogs / windows ajar [thread merge]

    Hi All , im just about to order a T6.1 to replace my T6, there was 2 issues i had with the T6 that im worried about on the 6.1 1-the internal sensor as i have a dog sets the alarm off, i fixed by just unplugging it, Does anybody know what the best way to do this on the 6.1 ? there is a...
  19. BoroBoy

    Drivers door alarm LED light

    Any ideas how to access this light? Do I need to remove the door card to gain access, or can the light housing be removed separately?
  20. L

    Alarm Movement Sensor - disabling for sleeping / leaving dogs / windows ajar [thread merge]

    Hi all, Couple of questions: 1) Is it possible to disable the alarm if locking from the inside? 2) If we lock the van with the pop top up, is the alarm likely to go off? Appreciate any advice. Cheers Lee ————————— Answer