1. P

    Larger Tyre options with ACC

    Hi. Time to replace the boots. Has anyone fitted 275/40/20 tyres to T6.1 with ACC ? Whats the largest size tyre you can go without it throwing up a fault on the dash? Thanks in advance
  2. Fazzybear75

    Disabling start/stop radar link

    Can the link between start/stop and the radar be disabled? In traffic my t6.1 starts up when the vehicle in front moves, even if its only a few inches, I’m then sat there with the engine on for no reason. My Passat only re-starts when I depress the clutch, which I prefer.
  3. C

    Lower gloss black grille trim with adaptive cruise?

    Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I want to ds grown my front end and can find loads of grille inserts online without it, but not with. Cheers Col
  4. radfraz

    Driver assist/Acc nuisance

    How are you finding the controls on the 6.1? I have a '72 plate VW Arteon and I'm struggling with all the overly intrusive driver aids. I've not really addressed the problem as yet, admittedly. I'm hoping I can setup a driver profile that will completely switch off lane guidance. As for the auto...
  5. J

    Radar - upgrade cruise control to city braking?

    My 2018 highline van is fitted with the radar on the front grill which and I just assumed it was for adaptive cruise control. I’ve tested the cruise control and it has buttons on steering wheel to set clear and turn on, off and while it works it certainly doesn’t slow down when catching up with...
  6. M

    Retrofit ACC

    My van has a front sensor so would like to try and enable the adaptive cruise control. Could anyone recommend a obd2 /vag(?) Interface that I can use to change the settings, preferably cheaper the better lol
  7. T

    Adaptive cruise control brakes too late

    Help please with using ACC. When I first used it, it was on the default normal driving profile and it was okay up to a point but I found it brakes much later than I would. I changed the driving profile to Eco and it was dreadful - I didn’t once wait for the ACC to brake for me. I’ve tried...
  8. S

    Adaptive Cruise Control - Settings?

    Advice please. When I set the ACC up it works fairly well, can't say I totally trust it, but it works. Comes up behind another vehicle and slows to match the speed. Job done. My only issue is what you might call the undercut. If I filter to the left to leave at a junction for example, if there...
  9. Woodman

    adaptive cruise control issue

    Hi All, my van saga continues, I believe the fwd facing camera is now calibrated and speed sign recognition ok However vw are saying there is a restricted view on teh Radar due to the aftermarket grille. So my lane assist and adaptive cruise control still faulty. Why would this happen if my van...
  10. E

    Specialist to retrofit ACC to a T6

    Hi, I am the 2nd owner of a 2020 registered California T6 - 2019 model. It comes with cruise control and speed limiter, but no ACC. I am not handy enough to try any hacking. Are there specialists that can retrofit the ACC ? I am located in Surrey Thanks
  11. Lightrofit

    T6-T6.1 facelift with ACC Radar

    Hiya folks! I’ve had someone ask about sorting their ACC since they’ve fitted a T6.1 front end. I know that the radar units are different so using the newer style is out but with the positioning of the new unit, I don’t think the old style unit will calibrate so high up. Anyone come up with a...
  12. OurSam

    Radar Sensor

    Do I need to get the radar sensor in the front grill (T6 Highline) recalibrated by VW after removal or does it simply plug back in? I need to replace the grill mount and cover after hitting a pheasant!
  13. J

    Radar Stolen - what are my options

    Hi there, it Looks like there are a number of very clever people lurking in this part of the forum. Hopefully someone can give me a steer. A little while ago some little scrote stole the radar off the front of my T6, it was just the basic control and I didn’t get any errors so I just ignore it...
  14. marsie

    Carista acc not available

    Hi, yesterday I got acc not available and front assist not available when I started my van. This also resulted in no cruise control My carista didn't list any faults (not to do with acc anyway!) But I did find the square box on the bumper loose (appeared to have popped of a balljoint) so I...
  15. M

    Speed limiter option - on which cruise controls?

    Hello all - my first post, I'm a wannabe owner at this point, but this forum has been super helpful for research as I figure out what spec I should look for, what can be retrofit, etc. One feature I really really want (like the Spice Girls) is a speed limiter - my cars have had this for the...
  16. S

    OpenPilot / self driving on T6.1?

    With the release of sleek new comma three devkit I wonder if anyone has looked at installing it on their T6.1? (Unfortunately it doesn't look like T6 or lower are supported as they use "hydraulic power steering", but it looks like T6.1 should be as it uses electric). The VW Tiguan...
  17. M

    ACC recalibration West Sussex

    On my T6 I am greeted with "Front Assist unavailable" daily since I got the van. OBDEleven shows ACC sensor misadjusted. I can clear / reset and ACC works as expected but the fault comes back. I note that the little radar box in the front bumper is loose / moves at the bottom, pretty certain...
  18. Pauly

    T6 ACC Adaptive Cruise Control Wiring Diagram 2015

    ACC Circuit Diagram Covers front radar sensor/control unit and associated relay VIP Membership is required to download this document
  19. bullracing

    Crafter: CCS to ACC Retrofit

    Anyone with ACC able to tell me what the part number is please? I have 2Q0907572R which I believe is the standard radar and just need to confirm if I need to upgrade to part number 2Q0907561C and then change the steering wheel controls and code.
  20. RunDSG

    Error: ACC and Error: Brakes… Workshop!

    Ok, someone please save me. I’m worried I’ve seriously wrecked something. I’ve just finished a series of jobs. Most likely to have caused the error, fitting Westfalia towbar electrics. I now get these two errors. Error: ACC *reading here suggests this sometimes happens after towbar install...