1. J

    T6.1 Gloss-black Front Grill

    Anyone had there original plastic grill sprayed black? I think for the T6 you could buy an ABS replacement gloss black grill but doesn’t look like much choice for the T6.1 from what I’ve seen. If you have had your original plastic grill sprayed has it lasted, does it look good, did spraying it...
  2. W

    Towbar and Cruise Control

    I’ve just had a tow bar fitted by a PF Jones fitter and he told me that when a something is connected to the tow bar, bike carrier or trailer in my case, that I lose the adaptive cruise control. Is that right or is the fella flexing me? I could probably work without the adaptive but cruise is a...
  3. S

    T6.1 - Bilstein B14 Coilovers and ACC

    When lowering a T6.1 on coilovers, do you need to get the adaptive cruise control adjusted? In addition who is doing the best deal on Bilstein B14's?
  4. czmate1999

    Discovered two things yesterday...

    On my drive to Czech, through Germany, discovered two things: 1. Adaptive cruise control only goes up to 100mph... 2. The van drives very well at 120mph... Additionally, got 475 miles out of the 80 litre tank driving at silly speeds - mostly between 80 and 95. Have to say the Van was fairly...
  5. J

    Adaptive Cruise Control - Retrofit?

    I have a 2019 Highline T28. I notice that when I drive too close to the vehicle in front I get the warning on the dash that I'm too close. I also have cruise control fitted as standard. My question is as I have cruise control and the van is obviously picking up my distance to the vehicle in...
  6. CarpyT6

    Adaptive Cruise Control problem after hitting bird

    Hi guys, i hit a pigeon on the drive home from work and it knocked the sensor for the acc and auto city break thing. I'm now getting "front assist not available" when i turn ignition on, have scanned with obd eleven and getting the pictured fault below, however it isn't letting me clear the...
  7. Pauly

    T6 Running Gear / Suspension Workshop Manual 2019

    Workshop manual covering running gear, axles, steering, suspension This document covers removal/installation/repair of subframe, suspension, wheel bearings, drive shafts, anti roll bars, self levelling suspension, wheels/tyres/geometry, TPMS, ACC, steering wheel, steering rack, power steering...
  8. CRS Performance

    T 6 front Radar sensor Wiring

    Hi all Electricians , I usually spend all my time on here helping members with Suspension kits , issues and advise , BUT today i need help I have a T 28 2019 model it had a little bump at the front and the wiring harness was pulled from the radar sensor . it has 4 wires . I...
  9. T6LadyDriver

    T6 Bull Bars With Ecb

    Hi folk Can someone help my confusion please,I’m looking to fit the bull bar bellow to my new T6 but I’m worried it may interfere with my city emergency braking sensor Your help would be greatly appreciated Mtia
  10. T

    Acc Strange Gear Selection

    My 2016 LWB T6 2.0TDI 4M DSG has recently started a new «fun game»... I set the ACC to wanted max speed, and when I come to a little slope where the car usually downshifts, it dont. It keeps at the highest gear, loosing speed for about 5-10km/h before it downshifts ONE gear. I’ve tried all the...
  11. S

    Acc Not Available

    Hey guys First post here from me in Denmark. I own a t6 Caravelle 2017, and today on my way on Holliday in Sweden the car suddenly came with this message “ACC not available” I was driving on the highway at about 120km/h, when the message came. I pulled in on the nearest resting stop, shut the...
  12. Kyle lannerz


    Evening guys Not had my van long, this might sound a silly question, when I bought the van I had Gti steering wheel fitted everything works happy days, I seen I had the sensor on the front and thought great I have acc had it before in my old r line golf, went to use and found it wasn’t working...
  13. F

    Wheel Alignment/geometry And Acc

    Seen loads of comments that a vehicle with ACC needs an ACC calibration after or during wheel alignment. Why?
  14. C

    ACC Radar Fuse Location

    Hi I’ve just purchased a t6 and have acc and stop start issues I have ran diagnostics on it and there is a missing can us message to the cluster and abs upon further investigation there is no live feed to the radar in the bumper could anyone give me any info on fuse location and wiring diagrams
  15. N


    Hi My 67 plate has the front radar fitted (ugly thing!). Does this mean it has ACC or is it possible that the part is fitted but not necessarily wired in/activated? Is there a way of telling (apart from 'testing' it). Cheers
  16. T

    What's This On My Van?

    Hi there, I've just bought a T6 campervan and joined the forum. I've not even had a chance to go away yet but looking forward to doing so in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll have loads of questions over the coming months and this forum looks like a good place to post them or find...
  17. M

    Acc To 160km/h Function Not Good Over 125km/h

    I have T6 biturbo frontwheel drive model 2019 with 146kW. The function is poor at speed over 125km/h. Dont buy this it is only for city driving and landroads. At highway bether switch OFF. Tested and it is good only to follow a car front of You. If You drive 140km/h and there is truck going...
  18. Jey

    How To Disable "auto Braking" When Using The Cruise Control (with Acc)

    Hello, I have a Caravelle T6 from 2016. 150 Diesel 4Motion, long. I'm looking to disable the auto-braking when I use the cruise control (95% of the time). I don't like it, I don't need it on roads here in Finnish Lapland, but it activates often, just a litte because here we don't have...
  19. Taff7996

    4 Wheel Alignment With Acc

    Just tried to have my 4 wheel alignment done on my California It was a hunter wheel alignment centre near me, All was going well untill he asked if I had adaptive cruise control, when I replied yes, he stated that he couldn't do the alignment, as the Adaptive Cruise Control and emergency...
  20. S

    Cruise Control - Changing Gear Whilst Its Set?

    Hello, Not sure if the title is clear but we hired a car over christmas and whilst in cruise we could change the gears without it coming out of cruise.. is this possible to code out of the T6? When i put mine in cruise, for example at the speed that i want for a certain gradient etc and then...