Who knew..............!


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Please explain. If I put the wiper stalk in the off position, aren't the wipers simply 'OFF' ?
Like @Skyliner33 I leave my wipers ‘off’ unless it’s raining. I see the ‘auto’ function as a replacement for the intermittent (rather than leaving them on all the time) that way it doesn’t wipe if a moth lands on your sensor etc. I don’t use it like the ‘auto’ lights, which can be left on auto all the time.


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Cap out of holder... available - interesting.

Going to give it a go next top up. Knowing my luck some massive meat eating builder will come over and try his luck :eek::sick:
Did anyone comment on this image?
Just noticed and thought I was seeing things

What are the chances of two members joining on same day from same county with almost identical screen names :fast rofl: