1. Jeidmaster

    Disable tpms, carista ?

    Is it possible to disable TPMS with Carista or do you need someone with vcds to do this Also seen some odb plug ins to use as a way of disabling it Assume they need to be constantly plugged in as a bypass though Just asking as new 20” wheels coming and was told they don’t send out with the...
  2. Chrisaky82

    Sold Carista OBD Adaptor - FREE

    Carista OBD Adaptor Can be used to access menus on the vehicle that are otherwise unavailable. Make changes such as; Single button click for mirror folding Needle sweep on speedo Just download the app, plug in and away you go! FREE to a good home
  3. racT6bus

    EGR issue (Confirmed) P0401 - Help!

    After spending a small fortune (luckily a lot covered by the RAC warranty) fixing numerous issues with my T6 including replacing drive shafts, stub shafts, alternator, front main oil seal etc. my van is finally driving great….. until the engine light came on yesterday when on the M25 after about...
  4. CJW

    Deeper dive into these fault codes

    Hi. For the year I’ve had this T6, there have always been two two faults codes from Carista: 05273 05459 The van runs and starts like a dream. @mmi rightly suggested this: I had the battery tested and it’s tip-top. I’m aware that these might be ghost codes from Carista, but don’t have VCDS...
  5. CJW

    Carista CarPlay / Android Auto App?

    I had a thought yesterday whilst using Carista - if it had a CarPlay / Android Auto companion app, it could feasibly allow you to make a custom selection of readings / gauges to display on your head unit whilst driving. I emailed their customer service to suggest it. I was thinking that I’d...
  6. Foofighter25

    Forced regen with Carista

    Hi all Sorry If this is a daft question. Can you be driving when doing a forced regen on Carista or do you need to be stationery?
  7. V

    Carista abs codes help please

    Hi all. T6 150 4motion: I have ABS and skid lights up. Carista shows codes 00091(Signal ignition key puts) and 04199 (manufacturers specific code: Rear lights). Live data shows Rear Right wheel speed as zero when others all the same and real speed. I guess the right rear wheel sensor or wiring...
  8. N

    Carista Drive Away Auto Locking Not Working

    Hi All, looking for some help with the auto lock when moving function on Carista as I cannot get it to work. I have a 22 plate 6.1 Highline. I first tried the standard app, managed to get into the settings for auto locking but nothing happens when I set the options to yes. I then tried the Beta...
  9. S

    [Resolved] Carista: Battery registration option not showing 2017

    Hi all, I need to swap my battery and register it. I have carista pro subscription so should work, but it doesn't come up in the service drop down menu which is where it should be. When I interrogate the vehicle supported tab, my t6 says battery registration is supported, I have emailed...
  10. slocumjoseph

    Vag-Com OBD11 confusion

    I have a Volkswagen, Audi etc specific OBD2 scanner which at just under £100 is not of course up to Ross-Techs Vag-Com professional standards. However for a non Windows person it performs all the diagnostic functions I need. I understand VCDS is specific software for Volkswagen but have never...
  11. GingerDub

    Carista - Main & High Beam

    Hi All QQ - can Carista allow me to leave main beam on when high beam is active? I'm upgrading to THQ v3 DRLs and don't fancy having to get hold of VCDS Cheers
  12. W

    Carista Battery Registration with older T6

    Just for information more than anything...My early T6 (a Euro 5) but start stop built 11/15, uses a CAN protocol that is too old for Carista's battery registration (as of Jan 22). Carista do plan on supporting this feature, but are not able to supply a date for the go live
  13. Skyliner33

    Carista connecting issue.

    Ok, I havent used Carista for a long time (possible not on this van at all). However I tried to use it today. Plugged it in, switched on the ignition, tried to connect but came up with this screen: So I tried with a Samsung phone :eek: :uh run: Couldnt connect either. So downloaded...
  14. T

    Carista battery drainage?

    so, been having an issue with my t6 for a couple of weeks now. We've been having issues where the van will not start somedays, but be fine on others. We've turned all interior lights to off, unplugged the step light, and made sure nothing is running off the 12v. Only thing that was left in was...
  15. RunDSG

    Error: ACC and Error: Brakes… Workshop!

    Ok, someone please save me. I’m worried I’ve seriously wrecked something. I’ve just finished a series of jobs. Most likely to have caused the error, fitting Westfalia towbar electrics. I now get these two errors. Error: ACC *reading here suggests this sometimes happens after towbar install...
  16. Florry66

    T6.1 Carista for DPF monitoring?

    Hi all, appreciate any feedback. So, I purchased Carista for my new 150 manual 6.1 as I’m doing short journeys until it goes off to be converted and like the idea of monitoring soot levels in the DPF and being able to regen if necessary. I’ve tried both the std App and Beta version but can find...
  17. T

    Carista parking light options?

    Hi folks! I have a couple of issues with how the lights on my van functions that are annoying me, so hoping maybe you guys can help. Van is a mostly basic Norwegian 2016 150hp 4motion, standard h4 headlights. Unlikely that anyone have been messing with Carista or VCDS before me, but not...
  18. OurSam

    Carista - Lock doors on drive away

    Hello - I chose option B (as suggested on another thread) on Carista which now locks the doors beautifully when I drive away, but I thought it would unlock them when removing the keys from the ignition, i.e to get out of the car. Sadly, this is not the case, the only way to unlock the doors is...
  19. Andy_l


    Hi all iv purchased a carista, and I just don’t seem to be able to do what I want, I don’t know why. 1st I’ve tried to change the small kph on the dash to MPH, I’ve followed a number of vids on YouTube and tried changing to Australia and still no option for alte speed . I’ve got no idea. 2nd...
  20. Stripy

    Carista - prime a new fuel filter?

    Is it possible to use carista to prime a new fuel filter.