1. Steve Hales

    Carista DPF regen

    Had an email from Carista support today regarding beta testing a new feature - DPF regen on my T6.1. I've not had chance to try it yet but could be very useful for the those who mainly do short journeys. Will give it a try tomorrow and report back.
  2. Tsixty

    Heated mirrors/rear demister Carista

    Just for information/observation. I used Carista to enable the heated mirrors to come on when the heated rear screen is turned on. This worked. What I wasn't expecting was that if you do that the mirror heating position on the mirror knob no longer works. I was hoping that changing the setting...
  3. michael thorpe

    Can anyone help with this carista

    Trying to help a mate out with carista keeps saying it’s not responding any idea.Thanks
  4. Cocoamedia

    Carista - Infotainment screens list

    Here is a list of the Infotainment welcome screens that I get with Carista and my 2017 Highline T32 for information. Type 1 - Twindrive Type 2 - GTD Type 3 - GTI Type 4 - Bluemotion Type 5 - e-Golf Type 6 - R-Line Type 7 - R Logo Took me a while to activate them all so I thought I would share...
  5. Cocoamedia

    Can't decide... Carista vs OBDEleven

    I have searched and found a couple of old threads comparing the two but.... At the moment as it stands: Carista £24.99 - One month free OBDEleven 1st Gen £34.24 - no credits I have scoured their sites and can't figure out if: I would need credits for OBDEleven - the FAQ just says you need them...
  6. ceejbee

    T6.1 - Carista

    Hi everyone, Just spotted that Amazon are offering 20% off a Carista OBD at the moment, seems to be a Father's Day promotion! Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter, Scanner and App for iOS and Android with Dealer Level Technology Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter, Scanner and App for iOS and Android...
  7. CaptainZag

    Carista - Enable smart key buttons when ignition is on

    I just bought a Carista OBD device and wondered if anyone could explain what the option: Enable smart key buttons when ignition is on? I did google it and had a quick look on other posts, but couldn't find an explanation for the T6?
  8. a5cyt

    Drive off locking

    I’ve bought the Carista app and I’m looking at lock on drive off. It gives two methods of locking on the app. Does anyone know what they both are?
  9. S

    Webasto Coolant Heater Lockout - Codes

    I have a 2016 T6 California Ocean with the factory Eberspacher cabin heater and Webasto auxillary coolant heater. The Webasto is only controlled by the main VW control unit and I have no ability to switch it on or off. It only comes on when certain parameters are met. i.e. less than 5 degC cold...
  10. JasonW

    Carista error codes

    I can't seem to get these 3 error codes to reset or clear... I'm thinking the two gateway errors are related to the aftermarket Kenwood 9190 thats fitted... But I'm not sure about the instrument cluster error... everything seems to be running OK, so maybe nothing to worry about.? Any advice...
  11. jimmyp

    Carista Not Changing To Mph

    Hi all I have just purchased the carista to change the small digital display to mph after trying the settings to Australia and altering the mfd settings I can not change the secondary kph. I take it that it`s possible to do it on a T6 highline. Jim
  12. Johnod17

    Carista On Other Vehicles ?

    Do you know if Carista works on a ford transit connect? One of my subcontractors has a fault on his van and I was goint to put my unit on his van to see what the fault is ,but according to the information he has looked at it will not work on his van? Any one used it on a Ford? Thanks John
  13. Andyman

    Carista Not As Good As It Seems

    Having made some changes to my T6 was seemingly happy with things, locking the doors when moving, unlocking them when removing key, turn off daytime rl, BUT............ Went in for a service and had to point out that my heated mirrors don’t work, it was the carista Main dealer, noticed the...
  14. LambethBoy

    Carista Haldex Settings

    Anyone had a play with these yet?
  15. cgw

    Carista Set Speedo To Mph

    I had my carista delivered on saturday, primarily to change the speedo display. When i tried to change the country code, there is no option for Australia? Does anyone know how/if this modification is still available using Carista?
  16. DubiousEngineering

    A Short Video On Carista... It Saved Me Money!

    Carista saved me from having to go to get my airbag fault unlocked after fitting a leisure battery under the drivers seat... a useful tool in my opinion... video below! DuB-EnG: CARISTA OBD2 Review - Bluetooth Car Computer scanner with dealer level technology, it works
  17. cy294

    Carista auto-lock.

    Had delivered Carista yesterday and used this morning. Anybody know what the auto lock Method A and B do and what do auto lock unlock Method A and B do? Thanks in advance.
  18. Skinnysye

    Carista Infotainment Fault Code Help Please

    Hi guys / girls I've just finished servicing the van and reset the service indicator using Carista whilst I was playing with carista I thought that I'd check for faults only to find these three faults that I can't seem to find any information on, can someone point me in the right direction...
  19. Mr blue

    Carista One Month Free ?

    So am I right in thinking could I buy the carista dongle that has a one month free usage included ,set my dash to large display ,home lights etc etc within the month and then not use it again because once set you don’t really need it again unless an engine light comes on ? Or is this to simple lol
  20. Loz

    VCDS And Carista Fault Codes

    I noticed with Carista that it resorts to google to search the fault codes and ironically we seem to get most of the search results pointing at this forum but the codes are just appearing in conversations mentioning those codes so I thought we should create a topic and list the common ones as...