Vossen HF-3


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Good morning guys,

Seriously considering going for some 20" Vossen HF-3's for my T32, could someone please advise me on what is the best front and rear width/J setup up and also the ideal offset?

Plan to lower on Bilstein coil overs.

Advice would be appreciated.


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I'm currently running vossen vfs1's on my t32. 9j front 10.5j rear lowered on eibach coilovers. It drives fantastically compared to my previous sportline lowered on h+r springs!
I'm too looking at the hf3 as my vfs1's have a finish defect and vossen have agreed to replace them. They've asked me to look at something in the hf range as they think theres a problem with custom finishes on the vfs1...... Surely its the finish not the wheel style????
What colour wheels you thinking of and what colour van have you got?