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    Vossen HF-3

    Good morning guys, Seriously considering going for some 20" Vossen HF-3's for my T32, could someone please advise me on what is the best front and rear width/J setup up and also the ideal offset? Plan to lower on Bilstein coil overs. Advice would be appreciated.
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    Vossen wheel

    Hi does anyone know the owner of this vossen wheel? The van was at the three countries show van fest last year I love the wheel and this looked great on bags but I'm unsure about the offset and can't work out if it was a custom made wheel. Think the owner runs something to do with audio If...

    Sold Vossen VFS1 on Goodyear Eagle F1s.

    Hello, Reason for sale, is first home.. Spec is - 9J front, 10J rear, 20Inch Vossen VFS1s, and i believe the et is 35 front and 45 rear... (id have to double check) Tyres are in very good condition with plenty of tread left, Goodyear Eagle F1s with 265/40/20s Cost me new, over £3k (INCLUDING...

    The Black Kombi.

    Hi guys, slowly going to build up the kombi into a day van/camper She’s a 2017 2.0tdi DSG 7 speed with a few little extras! Thought I’d post the build progress in here So firstly, silent coating - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO1WhPVaV6k And a little mod of the door handles...
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    Vossen Wheels

    whos got some on there van?
  6. andythom188

    Any idea what these wheels are [Vossen VFS1]