1. B

    For Sale 68 plate T6 Kombi 204 T32 DSG SWB Highline, 16,000 miles, LEDs, Comfort Dash, SatNav, Camera, Power Latching x3, Heated Seats, lots more

    I'm selling my excellent TDI 204 T32 SWB DSG Highline as I've replaced with a LWB Spec below, the condition is good with the odd scratch but no dents that I can see. The Alloys aren't perfect, but nothing major I bought from Vertu Van Centre Hereford this February with I think 1 previous owner...
  2. BasfordBob

    T6.1 T32 4-motion - Lower?

    Hi, when my LWB T32 Dsg 4m 204 finally turns up, im interested to know whether you experienced lot would lower it? I want to run off road style wheels, and will run it both on and off road but mainly muddy / pot holed car parks, in the woods and campsites rather than proper green lanes. Im...
  3. L

    Anyone running Stance+ on a T32 DSG?

    Afternoon all, I’m running Stance+ on my 2016 T32 DSG and really not getting on at all well with them. They feel really soft on the front and with a cab full of passengers will occasionally bottom out over certain potholes or drain covers. I started with 20mm preload then reduced to 15mm which...
  4. A

    Sold SoLow Coil overs for a T32 (20k miles)

    I am putting my van back to standard to sell it and will be taking off the So-low suspension as fitted by Transporter HQ. I've covered around 20k miles with it and they've been faultless. Only reason I am selling is that I am putting the standard stuff back on. Please note these are for a T32...
  5. MacDaddies

    Air ride compatibility - T5 to T6?

    Ok will a Vw t5 t32 air lift kit fit on a vw t6 t32..????
  6. Montecha

    Sold Used Bilstein B14 Kit for T32

    Back up For Sale, as sadly the deal fell through last minute. As my van‘s become more of a Camper, I’ve found I need a higher ride height, so I’ve just taken the Bilstein B14 kit off. The kit is for a T32, it’s 3 years old, probably about 25k miles - not much of that in the last 18 months. My...
  7. Saint Paul

    Sold T32 shocks and springs

    For sale complete set of T32 shocks and springs due to upgrade suspension from 2021 T6.1. Covered only 1500 miles only. £150. Barnet North London.
  8. G

    Found T32 KW Coilovers or similar

    Hi, if anyone's got any KW V1s or similar please give me a shout.
  9. Shaun Witts

    Sold T32 complete suspension FREE

    Front struts, rear springs & dampers as in photo. Taken from a 2018 van after about 10,000 miles when VB air was fitted and have just been taking up space in my garage ever since. Collection from Lancashire BB12 within 5 minutes of junction 8 on M65. I could also bring them down to Busfest '21...
  10. M

    Sold Uberbus Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs and Adjusters

    I have for sale a set of Uberbus Eibach 50mm lowering springs and adjusters that were fitted to my T6 T32 LWB Kombi. The springs were used when I purchased them and were about 6 months old and I had them on my van for about 6 months. They have the usual marks on them where they contact the...
  11. IslandLife82

    T32 KW V3s

    So I thought I would give some feedback on the KW version 3 suspension for the T32 as I found very little information on this setup when I was looking about. Following on from the issues I experienced with the B14 Komforts I purchased and subsequently returned due to knocking at the rear...
  12. Montecha

    Sold Used Bilstein B14 T32 Kit

    As my van‘s become more of a Camper, I’ve found I need a higher ride height, so I’ve just taken the Bilstein B14 kit off. The kit is for a T32, it’s 3 years old, probably about 25k miles - not much of that in the last 18 months. My van was a Kombi daily driver, so not carried load at all. The...
  13. D

    Wanted Any T32 Rear Springs available?

    I read a lot of people giving away or selling T32 for next to nothing - I’m based in Australia and would like to try to see if anyone can help me ship a set of T32 rear springs to Sydney :) Fingers crossed and thanks! Diego
  14. L

    Wanted T32 rear springs wanted

    Looking for T32 rear springs for my California t6.1, not sure if t6 are the same. Would love air suspension but too expensive for me.
  15. B

    Sold 2018 T32 204 DSG Kombi Highline. £31500 No Vat

    For sale T32 Highline 204 DSG 67 plate but registered Jan 31 2018 I’m the only owner 42k miles Full VW service history White twin slider kombi. Exterior:- Factory sport line front & Rear spoilers Gloss black front grills LED headlights H&R Coilover kit Devonports with 25mm front and 30mm rear...
  16. L

    Sold Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs T6

    A set of the VW OEM Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs - the heavy duty version for DSG/Biturbo models. Just swapped my suspension to STX so now have these taking up room in the shed. Had on the van for 20K. £100 o.n.o Near Truro, Cornwall. Ideally buyer collect but could courier.

    Sold Bilstein B14 - T32

    Hi all, looking to sell my b14s as I move to a set of solows. they've covered around 25k miles! currently still on the van, and I plan on swapping the suspension out on 21st of august, and I will be down south west when it happens travelling back to Lincolnshire that weekend. im looking for...
  18. I

    204 Bitdi T32 minimum wheel size

    Anyone know what the minimum wheel size you can fit on a T32 204 Bitdi, I assume the heavier vans brakes are bigger Do 16" steeles fit? Thanks.
  19. M

    Just springs

    Hi All, I am considering lowering my van 50mm using a set of H&R springs and keeping everything else as is on my T32. Can anyone who has done this tell me whether there is any noticeable difference in the ride with regard to bumps/potholes? Any bangs or booms etc? Any experiences welcome. There...
  20. W

    Wanted T32 rear springs wanted

    As above