1. T

    19’s rated for T32

    Hi all, after searching the forum and wheels specialists for hours I’ve found very limited info on wheels that are 19” and rated at or above 860kg for the t32. Wolfrace Dortmund and a few of the amaroks are the only ones I’ve come across. I find 18’s a little small and 19’s a good compromise...
  2. S

    [RESOLVED] Stance+ Proline coilovers knocking

    so I've just had the stance+ proline coilovers fitted to my t32 and a day later im getting a knocking from the front shocks more of a banging when driving over any slight bump in the road or cornering the shocks are hitting the stops, its not enjoyable to drive, I've tryed adjusting them and...
  3. Jayjmac

    For Sale Box of SoLow suspension T32

    Right the suspension is off! Haven’t had a chance to clean it up before I went away so just took a picture in the box. You get exactly what is in the original SoLow picture that I’ll add. You won’t get the top plates, drop links and the bushes you can see in the box. To be honest you won’t need...
  4. MBA77

    Stance + Ultra Front Knocking on T6

    Hi Everyone, I know that there are a few threads on here mentioning this very problem but I cannot find an answer. Fitted Stance + Ultras to my 2017 T6 Multivan and have experienced a minor knocking noise in the front ever since (mainly at low speeds and also when turning into carparks...
  5. Longster82

    For Sale T32 OEM Springs

    Hi all, Have just replaced my T32 springs with B14 Komforts. They're off a 66 (Feb 17) plate van and can arrange collection/delivery in/around London or potentially regularly on route between London and Sheffield or London and Poole. Happy to consider offers. Thanks! Phil
  6. C

    will t28 springs fit a t32

    As above My t6 van feels like it is riding over pot holes all the time. Its never load so want to make the ride softer. The shocks are different but can i swap them for t28 or t30 springs
  7. T6Paul

    OEM VW Wheel Loads

    Why are most VW wheels only load rated to 1700kg per axle and thus no good for a T32? So frustrating!!
  8. M

    Weight - -

    See all the folk saying ye don't need a T32 and that a T28 is perfectly fine, even with a conversion! We put ours onto a weighbridge yesterday on our way home from a week away. Gross weight came in at 3,180! We've got a LWB with a full conversion by Exploria (Reimo roof and VW Cali bed), and...
  9. B

    For Sale 18 plate 150 petrol tsi kombi for sale £28000 no vat

    Hi for sale is my 18 plate t32 Highline t6, 21111 miles. midnight blue (I think),2 years warranty left and a service left. lowered 40mm with H and r springs. heated front seats split rears. will have two new front tyres. has a rockford amp genesis speakers and a focal sub. heated front screen...
  10. P

    Suspension Mistake!

    Hi, It appears I've made my first T6 mistake and ordered a coilover kit for a T30 without realising that what is about to arrive this week on my drive is actually a T32?! Probably a schoolboy error and I had no idea, can someone please explain which coilover kit I would need for a T32 please...
  11. S

    Vossen HF-3

    Good morning guys, Seriously considering going for some 20" Vossen HF-3's for my T32, could someone please advise me on what is the best front and rear width/J setup up and also the ideal offset? Plan to lower on Bilstein coil overs. Advice would be appreciated.
  12. W

    T32 SoLow coilovers knocking

    tuesday i fitted the solow bilstein coilovers to my 2016 t32, drove it every day from tuesday and was all fine untill today (sunday) where they started knocking badly from the front, so this afternoon i checked everything was tight and it was all fine, so then i stripped the coilovers back out...
  13. phil_n

    Sold T32 SoLow coilover kit - new

    Brand new T32 So Low coilover kit, never fitted. Collection from Bury, Manchester £1100 May take some nice 18’s or 19’s in px.
  14. Jayjmac

    For Sale SoLow suspension T32

    I’ve now had confirmation and date for new suspension. So I’m putting up the SoLow’s for sale. They won’t be available until after the 8th of August though. Might give someone a bit of time to save some pennies. As you may know that these are one of the lowest setups out of the box and are...
  15. Skip

    Lowering T32 Suspension with CRS Performance

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, sorry for one of my first posts being so long but I wanted to give a full review of @CRS Performance I collected my Silver T6 Kombi a month ago. The first thing we wanted to do was get it lowered. We were happy enough with how the standard suspension felt but wanted...
  16. Wills

    Wanted T32 ARB’s (to suit LED’s)

    I’m based near Chester. Ignore as it’s incorrect (Needs to off a T32 LED van to include the headlight sensor bracket on the rear ARB mount bracket.)
  17. C

    T28 to t32 prices

    Is a t32 worth more than a t28 ? What sort of difference are you looking at ? I have been offered a t6 from a friend who changes there Van's every 3 to 4 years but I cant find many 2016 t32 140 for sale to compare prices with to work out how much to offer him for it Thanks
  18. B

    Wanted T32 Rated Rear Springs/height Adjusters

    Wanted Rear springs and height adjusters for a T32, uprated rear shocks also if available.
  19. T

    T32 4motion Height

    Hello all! I’m thinking of buying a T32 4Motion, are they any taller than standard? Thanks, Phill
  20. Leigh

    Sold H&r Coilover Kit For T32 (including 4motion)

    Removed form a T32 having covered only 5k miles. Kit is complete front & rear with all the bits ** THIS KIT WILL FIT T32 ONLY - Including 4Motion ** £695 ovno (Picture is of actual kit)