Sterling Pro Batt Ultra To A Cbe Pc180 Ds-300uk


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Hello all

please could someone let me know if i have made the correct assumptions for adding a Sterling Pro Batt Ultra to a CBE PC180 DS-300UK. The vehicle is a T6 EU6

having read some previous posts hopefully i’ve understood correctly:

  1. vehicle battery +ve and -ve connect to the Sterling B2B Unit

  2. Sterling B2B Unit +ve connect to Leisure battery

  3. -ve from Leisure battery to vehicle battery -ve

  4. Leisure battery (B2) +ve with 50A fuse to 12v distribution box (DS300UK unit)

  5. ignition feed connected to DS300UK

  6. vehicle battery +ve to DS300UK - not connected

  7. R37 resistor disabled (one leg cut and sleeved) to remove the battery relay, this being replaced by the Sterling B2B charger.
i still want to use the CBE system battery charger with the 240v connection.

thank you in advance