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  1. TeeCeeJay

    For Sale Sterling Battery to battery charger BB1230 £80

    Sterling Power BB1230 battery to battery charger. 12 volt 30 amps. Has lithium and AGM profiles. Please note this is not the MPPT version, so no solar input. £80 collected. Can post at cost.
  2. J

    Sterling BB1230 not powering

    Hi, I've just realised the Sterling BB1320 battery charger in my van is not powered up. Does anyone have any troubleshooting steps I can follow? Which fuses to check etc? I am a complete noob when it comes to this. Picture of the power unit and battery charger attached.
  3. Colin123

    What's this?!

    I've had my new toy a couple of weeks now and thanks to the advice on this forum have found solutions to many questions ... Today's entertainment was locating and pysically looking at the leisure battery. I wanted to know how to replace when the time arrives. Well that was a fun activity. I...
  4. Rioja John

    Sterling 1230 B2B settings for Lithium

    Can anyone tell me if I’ve set my Sterling B to B correctly for Lithium 100 ah battery, as it’s reading 13.8 to 13.4 output voltage. Thank you . John.
  5. D

    Campervan electrics: Is LB dead?

    Hi all. Looking to help a friend where it looks like the leisure battery is probably about broke. It is 5 years old. Battery to battery looks like it is working. Solar panel fitted bit doesn’t look like it is working. It appears a fuse is missing under drivers seat but not sure what for or what...
  6. JamesD

    Sterling PMS not charging when driving? [Resolved]

    Hi. All. Having a few problems while away in France. Left a campsite yesterday having been on hook up and fully changed. Drove for about 5 hours with fridge on and the battery was under half charged when we arrived at our new spot. Relying on solar now with 160w panel and as it’s so hot the...
  7. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    CRE50 fridge issues and potential Leisure Battery culprit - RESOLVED!

    Right. I’ve been putting this off for a while but as it now affects my Dometic fridge and we’re looking to go on a trip to Europe this summer I need to tackle this. Been putting it off because electrics (and plumbing for that matter) are like the Dark Arts to me! So please bear with and excuse...
  8. C

    T6.1 Mains Hook Up Not Charging Battery

    Hi All, I'm new to campervans and have had a T6.1 for about a year. I used it a lot last summer with no issues. However I have noticed that the leisure battery is no longer charging from the mains hook up. I have checked the cable and also used another but no change. I also checked the fuses on...
  9. Garyf123

    Any idea how my camper electrics work?

    Hi, I am having a van day today as it is the first time since i bought it last September that i have had a chance to really explore it! It has a PMS 240v - 12v system (Black box under seat with fuses in) with a leisure battery and a 60w solar deck. If i understand this correctly, the PMS unit is...
  10. oxocube

    Leisure-battery charger is noisy

    Hey, a camper conversion company put this leisure battery and charger into my t6 but it’s like some epic super boat battery charger and this little thing has an epic fan. I used to have a t4 and never heard a peep from my leisure battery charging box. Does anyone want to swap with me? You may...
  11. T6ChrisO

    Whirring Noise From B2B Charger

    Only had the van a few weeks but today whilst driving home from the weekly trip to Go Outdoors I heard my battery to battery charger making a whirring noise. Never heard this before so not sure if there’s something wrong? Panel indicates ‘High Battery Temp’ but not sure if it’s always said this...
  12. H

    Sterling Power BBS1230 - Low voltage charging from solar

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has any experience with the Sterling Power BBS1230 which is 30A DC-DC charger with separate solar input. Its coupled with 2x 95ah AGM leisure batteries in parrallel. Charger is set in AGM2 mode so default charging is 14.6v. Monitoring is via a Renogy 500a battery...
  13. K

    Swapping out a VSR for a B2B Charger for dummies?

    When I had my T6 converted, the chap put in a Durite VSR, which I think has led to both the starter battery and leisure battery dying, which is pretty annoying. I'm not great with electrics but have realised that VSRs aren't suitable for T6s and so I was wondering how straightforward it would be...
  14. O

    Sterling B2B earthing

    Hi all. Fitting a sterling b2b charger and the manual states both the aux battery and b2b charger should be seperately earthed directly back to the starter battery (not via the chassis). In my case the aux battery and charger are both at back of the van so would mean running two separate earths...
  15. Irvine101

    Battery Master or Battery Maintainer

    I am looking to install either a Vanbitz Battery Master or Sterling Power Battery Maintainer, both of which help to maintain the charge of the engine battery from the leisure battery (which is connected to a solar panel) Not being confident in dealing with camper van electrics I wonder if there...
  16. K

    Victron Orion straight swap for Sterling charger?

    My Sterling BB1230 appears to be 'buggered'. I had been thinking of replacing it with a Victron unit at some point so that's now moved to the top of the list. The unit has previously worked and indications suggest the wiring is okay, so I'm wondering if I can lift out the Sterling and do a...
  17. B

    Dometic Fridge orange flashing light?

    Hi, I got my first van conversion yesterday and been trying to get the fridge (Dometic CRE0050) working today. I seem to have a continuous orange flashing light (see photo) which I can’t get rid of and have left it for a few hours using the leisure battery, but still got the orange flashing...
  18. K

    Solar Panel Values / Sterling Charger doubts [RESOLVED]

    Last week I had a 160W flexible panel fitted to the van with a Victron 100/20 Smart Solar Charger and I've just been looking at a weeks history on the Victron App. It's a wet cloudy October so far and I'm in south Central Scotland so not expecting to see 160W worth of power but just wondering if...
  19. J

    B 2 B Ignition Feed?

    Help Please... 'engine run' feed? Probably wrong place to ask, (sorry), but newbie here. I have a 2018 T6 Panel van, trying to fit an Schaudt WA 121525 B to B charger ... Schaudt have told me directly that I must have an 'engine run' feed. Tested the rear of main light switch - there are NO...
  20. Markymark

    Sterling Split Charge Smouldering

    Indie Projects have a Mercedes Sprinter they converted themselves and they bought a reconditioned split charge relay from the Sterling website. They are out in Finland and smelt burning, turned out the unit and wiring has started to burn out. One interesting thing was they rang sterling...