sterling pro

  1. J

    B 2 B Ignition Feed?

    Help Please... 'engine run' feed? Probably wrong place to ask, (sorry), but newbie here. I have a 2018 T6 Panel van, trying to fit an Schaudt WA 121525 B to B charger ... Schaudt have told me directly that I must have an 'engine run' feed. Tested the rear of main light switch - there are NO...
  2. Markymark

    Sterling Split Charge Smouldering

    Indie Projects have a Mercedes Sprinter they converted themselves and they bought a reconditioned split charge relay from the Sterling website. They are out in Finland and smelt burning, turned out the unit and wiring has started to burn out. One interesting thing was they rang sterling...
  3. H

    Sterling Pro Batt Ultra To A Cbe Pc180 Ds-300uk

    Hello all please could someone let me know if i have made the correct assumptions for adding a Sterling Pro Batt Ultra to a CBE PC180 DS-300UK. The vehicle is a T6 EU6 having read some previous posts hopefully i’ve understood correctly: vehicle battery +ve and -ve connect to the Sterling...
  4. J

    For Sale T6 Smart Leisure Battery Charger

    Purchased at Tatton vw show last summer and never fitted..Sterling Power Pro battery ultra. Change of plans mean this is up for grabs. Designed to work with new smart alternators for T6's with start stop etc. (A must) I paid £250 for this but Im willing to take £200 with free post or can bring...