cbe pc180

  1. McFlude

    Desperate plea for a wiring harness for CBE 180 water probe

    Has anyone got a CBE 180 wiring harness for a water tank sensor that I could buy? The conversion company that originally fitted the CBE 180 is not able to supply one. I have a probe but have not been able to buy a harness as it apparently comes as part of the CBE kit and not available separately.
  2. Mr blue

    CBE PMS: suddenly no 12v when engine running

    Hi I have a CBE ds300 fuse box and Pc180 control panel and cb510 battery chargers all had been fine for an year and a half but to day it won’t allow me to turn on the +12 output if the engine is running turn off engine it works on/off fine. I know this used to be able to turn on weather the...
  3. OllieGBR

    Schematics for CBE DS300

    My van has a CBE PC180 with DS300 12v distribution box installed. I'm trying to re-wire (correct some issues) my van but for the life of me unable to find a suitable schematic that explains what's going on. I've managed to find this on another forum, but there's no key Does anyone have a copy...
  4. Mr blue

    CBE PC180 and CTEK 250SE

    If I buy the cbe pc180 distribution system do I also need a ctek 250se to charge the leisure battery from the alternator ?? Thks
  5. Andrew Wilkinson

    Cbe Pc180 Van Battery Reading?

    I have a CBE PC180 fitted to me van and until now it has been working well. During the last two trips I've noticed that as the day goes on the panel starts to show a flashing light beside the van battery readout. If we press the button to show the battery level it seems to have fallen into the...
  6. H

    Sterling Pro Batt Ultra To A Cbe Pc180 Ds-300uk

    Hello all please could someone let me know if i have made the correct assumptions for adding a Sterling Pro Batt Ultra to a CBE PC180 DS-300UK. The vehicle is a T6 EU6 having read some previous posts hopefully i’ve understood correctly: vehicle battery +ve and -ve connect to the Sterling...