cbe pc180

  1. Mr blue

    CBE PC180 and CTEK 250SE

    If I buy the cbe pc180 distribution system do I also need a ctek 250se to charge the leisure battery from the alternator ?? Thks
  2. Andrew Wilkinson

    Cbe Pc180 Van Battery Reading?

    I have a CBE PC180 fitted to me van and until now it has been working well. During the last two trips I've noticed that as the day goes on the panel starts to show a flashing light beside the van battery readout. If we press the button to show the battery level it seems to have fallen into the...
  3. H

    Sterling Pro Batt Ultra To A Cbe Pc180 Ds-300uk

    Hello all please could someone let me know if i have made the correct assumptions for adding a Sterling Pro Batt Ultra to a CBE PC180 DS-300UK. The vehicle is a T6 EU6 having read some previous posts hopefully i’ve understood correctly: vehicle battery +ve and -ve connect to the Sterling...