Stance+ T32 Coilovers

Discussion in 'Suspension Steering Brakes' started by AlexPL, 1 Jul 2019.

  1. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    Just wanted to know if any one else pulled the trigger on the new arrival stance+ t32 coilovers?
    Mine are on the way to me :)
    Will be installing in about 10 days. Any photos, recommendations hit me up!
  2. Fish

    Fish Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Any updates?.
  3. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    In progress. Should be finished today
    Will post some photos and write up shortly
  4. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    Ok, so the kit is good. Ride is more comfortable than on OEM suspension. I dropped it around 60mm. Will drop probably a further 20.
    Problem is that I can not compare it to anything else :). But can confirm it is seems solid. No sounds present.
    Any questions, shoot.


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  5. Deaks

    Deaks Member VIP Member

    Looks cool Mate.
    I'm about to pull the trigger on a set of these, they seem great value.
    What is the build quality like?
    Any chance of a front on picture, I'd like to see what ground clearance is like.


    Deaks :)
  6. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    Build quality is good. A bit of a pain to set up. Adjusting is difficult but possible :) Probably the same as others. Goes further down after a short drive. A the moment I can not get you that photo as I have the tank lowered. Instalujmy Webasto. Cheers!

  7. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    Any more updates? I am considering some for my T32...
  8. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    So far so good. Can’t say a bad word about them. Again, can’t compare to B14’s as I have not driven a van with them. You will not be disappointed
  9. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    Are you considering changing the ARBs as well or is there enough of a difference already?
  10. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    Will not be changing anything more, it goes reallly low.
  11. Doeboy

    Doeboy New Member

    Any further updates on how these have bedded in or anyone else who has made the same purchase. As considering a set for my T32 being that the T30 versions seem to have a good rep.
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  12. AlexPL

    AlexPL Member T6 Pro

    So far so good.
    I am not that low yet though. About 5-6 cm lower than stock.
    No rubbing, no noises and no banging.
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  13. Deaks

    Deaks Member VIP Member

    My T32 is going in for a set of Stance Ultras this week (and a load of other stuff too)!!!!

    Really looking forward to having him not looking like a swamper ( not that there is anything wrong with swampers, it’s not my cup of tea though).

    I post up some pics and some feedback as soon as they have been fitted.

    Deaks :)
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  14. Wheelz

    Wheelz Member

    Gotta say their web site looks VERRRRRRY tasty!!
  15. Carl1974

    Carl1974 Member VIP Member

    I have these fitted to my T28. But still feel that they don’t sit low enough, unless I’m doing something wrong.

  16. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    Is it the street or the ultra that you have fitted?

    The ultra go lower than the street...
  17. Carl1974

    Carl1974 Member VIP Member

    These are the street version.
  18. Carl1974

    Carl1974 Member VIP Member

    I had originally h&r lowering springs in a standard suspension, and they seemed lower at the front. I’ve seen others with the street set up that are lower, I’m wandering whether it’s a case of doing the hub mod?
  19. Tim Sparkes

    Tim Sparkes Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    They can't be set to the lowest setting. Mines on the same kit on 20s and sits much lower (and could go lower).
  20. Carl1974

    Carl1974 Member VIP Member

    Thanks Tim, any ideas how,the fronts are down to the bottom thread as per the pic.


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