lowering suspension

  1. W

    £500 budget… t6 needs lowering. Thoughts…

    Hi Guys, picked up my 2016 SWB kombi on sat. Love it but it needs to be lower to make it more of a ‘car feel’ and obviously the aesthetics too. I’ve got £500 to spend. I know b14s etc are ideal but it’s just not happening from a budget point of view. What would you do? I want to go about...
  2. Berger

    Has anyone lowered a T6.1 ABT-E?

    As the title says has anyone lowered a 6.1 abte? I've just brought 1 its my 6th transporter the last 5 have been lowered, id like to drop this 1 but unsure about it, be good to see if anyone else had done it, thanks in advance
  3. Adam H

    This could be expensive :( Broken bus

    So this happened on the way home from VW action today :( T6, 2019 at about 50k miles, 5 speed manual 102 ( remapped to 162) ( 321nm ) Driving lovely, down shifted to 3rd as approaching traffic and BANG, the worst sound I've ever heard, followed by knocking and grind to a rolling stop...
  4. AndyAK66

    Eibach adjustable lowering springs

    I'm struggling fit new Eibach adjustable springs to the rear of my 6.1, has anyone fitted the same need a bit of advice please
  5. V

    Coilovers: SoLow or H&R

    Hi guys Mines a T30, on RR 19”, tyre setup is 245/45 front and 255/45 rear. I’m torn between two types of coilovers, HnR or SoLows. I don’t intend to do hub mod or top mount. I basically want to throw them on at the lowest level I can without causing issues. I have been bitten by cheap coilovers...
  6. Jeff Goodall

    Best T32 coilovers

    Hi all, I’m Looking at my best option for suspension In a t6.1. T32 I am currently at 380mm centre of wheel to wheel arch in my t6 on b14 . They have been super reliable for over 60 000 miles but bit hard on back roads. This to me is about perfect height & don’t want any higher but want a...
  7. Eli

    Who’s got what suspension

    You may have something that isn’t listed so let me know and I will add it to the list
  8. D

    Water waste on lowered van

    Hi peeps - I've never used my sink but since the rules for 12th April onwards require us to be self contained I think I'm going to have to pour stuff down it. The trouble is I only have 15cm of clearance under the van to put something to collect the liquids that come through. I just wondered if...
  9. Woodman

    speed sign recognition and lane assist problem on lowered van

    Hi My van has the above, I lowered the van on B14s after only a week of ownership in April 21. This April (22) the camera seems to have stopped working and speed signs / lane assist faults up. ACC was faulty at the same time buy vw seem to think they have resolved that one. They are saying they...
  10. p6raf

    Issues lowering T6 with ABT

    My T6 is used for my wheelchair bound son. I plan to get an air ride kit fitted to enable me to drop in as low as possible to enable easier wheelchair access. However, I've just noticed my lovely ABT bumper flares down at the edges quite significantly. The corners sit about 3 or 4 inches lower...
  11. jason robinsonuk

    Lowering 80mm

    hi all i am looking to lower my t6 t28 want to drop about 80mm but have 20" with 175/40/20's will i have any problems and any advise on coiler kits thanks jason
  12. Pacswoman

    Lower or not..........

    Wolfrace 255/45/20. Advice to lower or not pros and cons. All advise greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. timthetinyhorse

    Lowered vans - increased tyre wear?

    Hi All I have been looking to lower my T28 however last night when scrolling facebook i noticed a post from someone (i cant find it now) who had balled rear tyres after a very short period. Discussion was around tyre pressure etc and how low the van was. It was mentioned that once past 40mm...
  14. G

    Rumble on left hand bends, lowered 100mm [Resolved]

    Can anyone offer any advice to the cause… I’ve been running Stance+ coilovers for some time and am pretty happy with them to be honest, theyve been wound down to about 70-80mm lower than standard since fitting. As the camper conversion has progressed the rear suspension has settled and become...
  15. T

    70mm on 20’s

    Greetings, In the never ending pool of threads on suspension, I am looking specifically for people with b14’s running on their lowest with 275 40 20’s. I have -50mm springs, definitly not a boaty as stock and rides ok, but can be a bit bouncy and crashy. How are the b14’s on their lowest...
  16. O

    lowered back to standard height

    Has anyone went from lowered springs back to standard height, I'm fed up with the crashy ride, currently have 40mm hr with koni sport shocks.
  17. Ploots

    Coilover cost dilemma

    Hi all happy new year Having a bit of a meltdown, I'm wanting to get some coilovers as I've possibly mentioned before and kw stx is what I want,the van is currently lowered on h&r springs with standard shocks it's got that saggy arse look that I don't like,its on 20s and it's a full camper, but...
  18. Spaceblue

    For Sale Genuine VW T6 coilover suspension kit

    Genuine VW Transporter T6 coilover suspension kit. VW part number ZGB 5GA 071 680 I purchased this item new, direct from VW in November this year for my 2020 VW Transporter T6 T30 SWB 150bhp DSG Edition. It was fitted for 1 day only (10 miles covered) and then removed. Totally as new condition...
  19. JimDiesel

    Advice on lowered amount needed

    Hi all, so I’m due to collect my “new to me” first ever t6 on Friday!! Need to look into insurance and I’m wondering if I’ll be asked how much it’s been lowered when I say it has been. It’s from a car dealership who don’t know how much previous owner lowered it, it’s got coil overs is as much as...
  20. dErZ

    SoLows and Duchy Banded Amaroks !RUBBING!

    SoLows at their highest at the front, down 2.5mm at the rear (no rubbing 17" OEM GP 7" with 215 / 60 No rubbing 18" Duchy Banded 9" R and 8.5" F running Falken FK510 Front Rubbing Had to move the arch liner tab up and move liner. Still getting rubbing over speed bumps, dips and fast...