lowering suspension

  1. dErZ

    Center exhaust scraping on certain speed bumps

    I've got a T6 LWB shuttle running 18" Amaroks on Solow suspension (running at the top so 100mm) its embarassing when I drive to work as theres 2 large long speed humps that kiss the center exhaust box. I've checked and its on the hangers which dont look bent. Has anyone swapped this out for a...
  2. P

    How low for a work van?

    Hi all, first post. I'm picking up a 2020 start line at the end of the month. Bumpers will be body colour so will help with the modding. I'll be using the van for work(carpet cleaning) as well as family life. I don't carry a huge amount of weight. I have been given a set of 20's which I was...
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  5. L

    Why Lower T6 van ? Don’t understand ?

    As a newbie to van life I have seen a few models which details that’s it been lowered by xx mm etc ? I know the importance of handling as my other car is renowned brand which places weight and handling as priority I am little unclear on the values of lowering a van ? I can see lower centre of...
  6. T

    Tyre "Stepping"

    Morning all, I need advice please.. I have a 2018 SWB T6 camper conversion with tyre issues It came with Stuttgart 20" rims and 275/40R20 106WXL tyres. The tyres are not best quality to be honest but I have been advised that they are "stepping" i.e. the leading edge of the block is raised and...
  7. Fellrunner13

    Transporter Suspension Specialist near Warrington

    Hi. Looking to lower a T5.1 camper using something like Bilstein B14’s. Can anyone recommend a specialist near Warrington? I’m tempted to use Transporter HQ but would be interested in someone a little closer to home who knows that they’re doing with Transporter suspension. Cheers.
  8. N

    Lowering advice for a lwb T32 with 20 wheels

    I am looking for advice about lowering a T32 LWB with 20 wheels. I like the appearance of the wheels filling the wheel arch space but I am not sure how to go about this. There seem to be lots of different kits online but I don’t seem to be able to find a garage that offers this locally who I...
  9. T

    T6.1 springs fitted to t6 55mm drop now knocking

    Recently bought a t6 which seems to very high, bought some h&r spring of FB market still inbox not fitted. They were advertised as t6. Fitted them yesterday went to throw box in the bin and realised they were for a t6.1. there is a bit of knocking from the front, is because of the 55mm drop...
  10. G

    Any photos of -50mm or -45mm drops on 20’s?

    I'm looking to lower my t6.1, looking at the eibach Racine 50mm or eibach so low 45mm. I've got new wheels to put on with 275/40/20 tyres, anyone got photos of either springs fitted and should I expect rubbing??
  11. M

    Low-profile jack

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get hold of a suitable strong jack for lifting one corner of my T6 LWB. I tested the VW jack that came with the van but it failed just before the wheels cleared the ground. I need at least a 400mm total lift and don't want to carry in the T6 my heavy trolley jack. I...
  12. T

    Seeking lows - 20” tyre rating

    Hi guys, For those running a drop of 90mm plus or air and 20’s, what tyres are you running? I’m running 275 35 20’s on the arse 102 load rated, which I am OK with. The van is a t32 but basically is a day van, and is carrying the same weight as an empty t32! On the front I want to go 245 40...
  13. T

    Best Comfort setup for towing?

    Hello, after some advice. I currently have OEM shocks and 40mm lowered H&R springs as fitted by previous owner. I find the ride too harsh so am looking for something much more comfortable. The van is partially converted as a camper and we will be completing the conversion so it will be...
  14. JamieCkombiT6

    T6.1 Van Slam Coilover Kit Meyle HD Top Mounts & Droplinks

    Has anyone on here got this kit from travelinlite- transporters Is this everything needed for a suspension upgrade/lowering Looking for advice on this pack as I will have to get a local fitter/garage to install...
  15. M

    T6.1 Lowering Suspension

    Just purchased a T28 T6.1 panel van and had converted. With some rear seats Happy with van but find the ride height is very high and wondering if the springs that’s come with the van can be adjusted.? If not, can anyone recommend best option to lower and get a more comfortable ride. Budget...
  16. L

    Suspension setup sub £1K

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a suspension setup that is under £1K? Currently running a 17 plate T28 full camper conversion on some cheap and nasty suspension that was fitted by the conversion company 4 or 5 years ago. It is approx a 70mm drop I think. I'm looking to possibly raise...
  17. C

    Ride height difference front compared to back.

    I’m running 18 inch wheels on Koni twin adjust shocks with eibach sport springs. With a ride height, front 375 (centre wheel to top of wheel arch). Rear ride height 395. 20mm difference. Is this a sensible difference as I tow a 6x4 camping trailer and recently had a pop top fitted or should I...
  18. T

    T6 lowering - how low…

    Hi guys, One of my next upgrades will be suspenion. I am currently running -50mm springs on stock shocks. Ride is manageable, but still plenty of roll, and a harsh ride when combined with 20’s - no real performance gain, just looks lower. I’m wanting a few things from the upgrade, top of the...
  19. C

    T28 lowering options?

    Hello. I’m getting really confused about how to lower my t28. Some kits say fits all models, some say they don’t. I have zero interest in adjusting coilovers but equally don’t want to ‘knacker’ the current ride comfort. Not looking to go super low as I do a lot of miles, just want to get...
  20. ashmul

    drive shaft suspension question

    Hi Folks, Am new to T6's and not so much mechanically minded but have been wanting to purchase a van for a conversion to a bit of an expedition vehicle down the line a bit. So I guess Im going to have to learn... I have found a 2020 T6 4 motion but it had its suspension lowered. The garage...