lowering suspension

  1. F2JON

    Coilovers set at different levels but van sits right.

    So I had my solow suspension fit yesterday, the ride is great but I have an issue or possible issue and wondered if anyone else has come across this,it’s with the rear of the van , to get it level they’ve got the adjusters set completely different heights, but measuring to the arch from the...
  2. T

    Getting the Cali to handle like a car

    I have a Cali Ocean DSG, 4 motion, not light with the family and a bit of stuff on board very close to 3 tons. My driving style is probably quicker than average without being stupid. Bought it second hand with standard everything and pretty quickly knew I needed to do something with the...
  3. T

    Sold Koni Special active

    Set of Koni Special active. T28/T30 Have done about 8k, fitted last July Were taken of my Cali. Nothing wrong with them but have upgraded to kw stx. £275 Collected from Epsom Surrey. Can arrange postage at cost.
  4. J

    Will ARB move towards CAK tank when lowering T6.1?

    Hi, I am new to Transporters, all of my questions have been answered here without me having to create any post, thread on T32 20" wheels/tyres was very informative. Now I'm looking to lower my 6.1 T32 Kombi 30mm, looks like I need the Eibach 6.1 comfort 30mm springs though I am concerned about...
  5. H

    Eibach Sport Comfort Coilbound?

    Just had the Eibach Sport Comfort 35-40mm lowering springs fitted to our T6 T28 camper as it had the 'high at the front' syndrome. Big improvement in handling on the drive home, and the van now sits level. It's not noticeably lower at the back, and I didn't want it to be - just wanted it level...
  6. Captain Zappa

    Lowering springs - Amax Apex or Vogtland?

    I am looking to take my T5 down 30mm, the obvious spring is Eibach, but does anyone have fitted either Amax Apex or Vogtland springs and if so are they worth the budget price, thanks
  7. Daddio3750

    Have I gone too low?

    HI, I am an interloper, but I hope you will forgive. I have a 2010 T5.1 Caravelle. When we bought it came on lowered springs (adjustable as I have the spanners) and blinged up 20 inch wheels (not branded so probably a bit on the cheap side. -size of rubbers are 275/40/20). The combination does...
  8. LakesT6

    Sold Koni Special Active shock absorbers T26/28/30

    I have for sale a set of four Koni Special Active shocks, these are for the T28/T30 fitment and they will not fit a T32. They are suitable for vans lowered up to 40mm. Bought from CRS Performance in June of this year and used on my van for around 4k miles. These shocks give a superb ride, I only...
  9. ChrisR

    T32 Suspension News from The Van Cave

    The Van Cave is now offering KW variant 1 suspension for T32 transporters for just £1205! including VAT, plus fitting. Yes, as a number, that's a lot of money, but at that price it is so much better value than virtually all comparable competition. For example, it's almost £500 less than the B14...
  10. B

    My 2017 Camper

  11. Ads_Essex

    Sold Stance+ Ultra coilovers.

    Stance+ Ultra Coilovers Suspension Kit for T26/T28/T30. I have changed my van suspension from this Ultra kit to a KW kit as this had it sitting too low. My van is a T28 camper-conversion weighing 2400kg, and I kept scraping the undertaking water-tank and the splitter on speed ramps. This kit...
  12. N

    can I get away with just springs to get this look..

    Really wanted to go for 20's but after a lot of reading and the fact I carry a fair bit of weight I'm going to be semi sensible and go for 19"s. I really like the look of this which has staggered 19"s, same colour van as mine. My question is can I get away with just springs to get this look...
  13. Vdubster

    Just had coil overs fitted, mpg dropped 25-35% normal?

    I have Just had coil overs fitted, my mpg has now dropped 25-35%, is that normal at all? i do need to get it balanced and tracked again i understand, could that be whats causing the problem or is something else not right? thanks for your help.
  14. Gillyg46

    For Sale Cobra lowering springs for sale Glasgow

    Hi guys, selling these cobra lowering springs. I done about 2k gentle miles on them before I ditched the 20’s and went swamper. I also have an original set of T32 rear springs if anyone is interested, they came off a van with 3k miles on it. In Glasgow and open to offers! Ps also got a black...
  15. Welsh Girl

    Suspension Confusion!

    Evening all, I have seen a lot of chat regarding suspension, in particular, the lowering of it and I wanted to ask what is the reason behind this? Is it safety, good looks or fuel economy? Or a combination? My van is definitely heavier (obviously) following the conversion though I feel it...
  16. racerke600

    T6.1 Cali fridge pops open after lowering

    Hi, Since i've lowered my Cali it seems that the fridge pops open. It happens more on bad roads. Anyone suggestions on how the locking mechanism can be 'stiffened'? Greetings Leo
  17. Carl1974

    For Sale Stance+ Street coilovers.

    For sale is my front only Stance+ Street coilovers, these are for a T28 and T30. These have covered about 4000 miles. Only reason for selling as I have purchased a new set that have a drop of 100mm where the ones for sale only drop 60mm. Collection from Liverpool. RRP £300. Not sure of price...
  18. R

    T6.1 ACC calibration issues after lowering

    My transporter 6.1 has been at VW garages for 12 weeks since May because the camper van conversion put on lower springs and the front camera wont calibrate so I still have fault in cruise control, front assist unavailable and error: dynamic road sign display. Any ideas welcome please
  19. huw169

    [Guide] Fitted my H&R/Koni 50-80mm kit yesterday

    Took me a good few hours on my own in the garage, but not difficult. Things you will need over and above the standard tool kit you already have if you are tempting this yourself. 7 MM Allen key to remove standard suspension top caps. T40 Torx bit for the drop link arm. 3 arm puller as no way...
  20. Andyr12

    Should I wait - lower now or once converted?

    Hi guys as always a little bit of advice please. I want to lower around 40/50mm although comfort is a priority rather than out and out performance as long term I intend to convert to a camper. As funds and time are short at the minute my dilemma is if I get the optimum set up and appearance...