lowering suspension

  1. C

    How high is too high (when you're low)?

    My van came with a set of H&R coilovers installed. I'm 99% sure they are the standard drop ones: https://still-static.com/product/hr-normal-coilover-kit-for-vw-transporter-t5-6-t32-f-50-80mm-r-40-70mm-bilstein-front-bilstein-fixed-rear-clamp-hub-brackett/ I'm not a fan of having a huge drop on...
  2. BasfordBob

    T6.1 T32 4-motion - Lower?

    Hi, when my LWB T32 Dsg 4m 204 finally turns up, im interested to know whether you experienced lot would lower it? I want to run off road style wheels, and will run it both on and off road but mainly muddy / pot holed car parks, in the woods and campsites rather than proper green lanes. Im...
  3. RyanGerry

    SoLows and towing a caravan - anyone doing it?

    I've been running SoLows now for around 18 months and cant fault them. I tow a teardrop trailer with no problems but I'm now looking to upgrade to a 6 berth caravan and I'm not sure if the SoLows height at the highest setting will cut it, I'm running 18" banded steels with the SoLows fully...
  4. A

    Sold SoLow Coil overs for a T32 (20k miles)

    I am putting my van back to standard to sell it and will be taking off the So-low suspension as fitted by Transporter HQ. I've covered around 20k miles with it and they've been faultless. Only reason I am selling is that I am putting the standard stuff back on. Please note these are for a T32...
  5. B

    Vogtland Shocks and Spring matched.

    So I'm looking at the Vogtland shock and spring matched set up -30mm, but can find very little information on them, so was hoping someone might have had some experience with both shock and spring from them! My tired standard set up is in dire need of an upgrade and the Vogtland stuff appears to...
  6. IslandLife82

    T32 KW V3s

    So I thought I would give some feedback on the KW version 3 suspension for the T32 as I found very little information on this setup when I was looking about. Following on from the issues I experienced with the B14 Komforts I purchased and subsequently returned due to knocking at the rear...
  7. D

    Do you stand on your wheels to get to the roof? How low did you go?

    I have sports kit I put on the roof. I stand on the back wheels to strap stuff onto the roof rack. I want to lower the van but don’t know how low I can go and still stand on the back wheel. How low have you gone in this situation?
  8. Reedspeed46

    T6.1 B14 Komfort or Eibach ProStreet?

    HI Guys I am the like the rest of you patiently awaiting my 2022 6.1 Kombi, thing is, I'm in a bit of a dilema re the suspenders, do I go the Bilstein Komfort route, or the Eibach Prostreet coilovers?. I know Bilstein & Eibach are both great Co's & been around a long time, I will be using this...
  9. N

    My suspension journey

    thought i would share my suspension journey and hopefully it might help others in the decision making process. Started with replacing the standard springs with a set of H&R 40mm lowering. Initially i thought this was a big improvement, the van sat nicer and did seem to handle better. The...
  10. Andrew

    Spring backplate rubbing

    Hello all, It seems I keep ruining my van. I had some new H & R Springs fitted with a 40mm drop. These were done by a local garage, who have seen my van for the last time. Has anyone experienced this noise before. Thanks
  11. N

    insurance update after mods

    so after fitting my Solows and fuel wheels i thought it best to advise my insurance company to keep myself on the correct side of the law. Well did i get a surprise when i rang LV. an additional charge of £4 to declare both mods. im a happy boy today!
  12. BikerPa

    Std height comfort springs for B8 shocks, suggestions/advice please

    Looking for recommendations for the above for a 6.1 T32 4motion. The van came to me wearing the B8’s with H&R 35mm lowering spring set which seems pretty good comfort/handling wise. As the van is a Kombi/day van with pop roof but never going to be a full camper conversion & I do a lot down...
  13. B

    Van finally finished but does it need to be lower?

    Finally got round to fitting bigger wheels but not sure if it needs to be lower If it does are b14 any good at carrying weight up to about a ton Your thoughts would be appreciated
  14. C

    Sold T6 T30 UB -50mm Eibach Adjustable Lowering Springs £110

    Set of UBERBUS Eibach Adjustable 50mm Lowering Springs. Were fitted to my van early 2017 by Uberbus as part of camper conversion. Have done 21000 miles. I have now replaced for coilovers. Some of the paint has chipped off the springs in places, hopefully this is shown in the photos. Also have...
  15. davek

    Coils Knocking again

    I had the standard T6 suspension changed over to Koni shocks and H&R coils last year, this was done at CRS. The ride and comfort is definately better. Only problem is, the rear coils keep unseating from the top mounts, this causes the back end suspension to knock. I have re-seated them 4 times...
  16. GoatBoater

    Pictures of ride heights

    Is there a thread somewhere with side on pictures of lowered vans and details of setup? I swear there was one but I can't find it. Having the local garage fit my stance+ next week. I'll probably fiddle and adjust myself after, but it'd be nice for them to get close off the bat. I'm on Devonports.
  17. Thatratman

    Will 255/55/18 fit on a lowered van?

    Does any have or know if a 255 55 18 will fit on a t6? I feel the 255 45 just doesn't quite fill the arches. Set up is 9j all round and ET35 lowered 40-50mm. Looking at buying the pilot sport 4 SUV. Theres various threads about 255/55 18 but they're all regarding AT tyres and mostly standard...
  18. JABB

    50mm lower on std 16" claytons

    Can anyone give photographic assistance please? Ideally before and after. Looking at a 50mm drop on std 16" claytons. There seems loads of photos of 18" and 20" Wheels but not so for the 16"
  19. S

    T6 - B14 v B14 Komfort or Others?

    Hi All, I have never changed suspension parts on any my many cars.....but the ride height difference front to rear is annoying me! I want to fix this, plus less wallowy feel from the standard T6.1 (T28) dampers/40mm lowering springs the conversion company fitted. I have a full conversion...
  20. Jon

    Sold Bilstein B14's for T32

    I have reluctantly taken off my B14's as my use of the van has changed. Nothing wrong with them at all they have done 25k miles and are 3 years old. They have not done much work as my van rarely carries any weight. Everything is there to bolt straight on. They were wax oiled when installed, I...