1. A

    Sold Stance + Street Coilovers for T6.1 ***T32 ONLY*** 500 Miles ONLY

    Hi, I have a Stance + Street coilover kit for sale, it was installed on my van only 3 weeks ago and has done less that 500 miles. it has minimal installation marks but overall in great condition. If your looking for great value for money to get your T6.1 looking low then this is the kit for you...
  2. t6blo

    Rear Adjuster Delete - STX Coilovers

    Anyone deleted their rear adjuster for an extra 20mm-ish rear drop? THQ appear to sell these but no idea which one (if any) would work with the STX coilover kit on my T30 Kombi? Thanks in advance...
  3. T6Enduro

    For Sale BILSTEIN B14 Height Adjustable Coilover Suspension - VW T6 (T32)

    Hi, anyone interested in a set of practically brand new B14 Coilovers? Bought from Vanstyle on 14th Feb (can show receipt). They are unmarked, and have only done around 200 miles, but I have decided to change my plans for the van and its modifications. These are £1,099 new so am looking for best...
  4. V

    Coilovers: SoLow or H&R

    Hi guys Mines a T30, on RR 19”, tyre setup is 245/45 front and 255/45 rear. I’m torn between two types of coilovers, HnR or SoLows. I don’t intend to do hub mod or top mount. I basically want to throw them on at the lowest level I can without causing issues. I have been bitten by cheap coilovers...
  5. dave_b

    Sold STX T30 Suspension

    £700 Collection in Newquay or we agree postage costs. Rear spring seat has a little imperfection where the spring didn’t quite seat correctly but just cosmetic.
  6. Jeff Goodall

    Best T32 coilovers

    Hi all, I’m Looking at my best option for suspension In a t6.1. T32 I am currently at 380mm centre of wheel to wheel arch in my t6 on b14 . They have been super reliable for over 60 000 miles but bit hard on back roads. This to me is about perfect height & don’t want any higher but want a...
  7. dave_b

    Sold STX Coilovers

    I'm going full Swamper, so I'm selling the STX kit, it is only a few months old. No pics because it is still on the Van, will be removed within a few weeks. WITHDRAWN
  8. W

    Top mounts for coilovers when I’ve only covered 4k miles?

    Quick one.... About to drop my T32 T6.1 on Twin Monotube Projekt Sensitiv coilovers. It's covered only 4 thousand miles....would you bother putting new top mounts in? Cheers all
  9. O

    Twin adjust projekt install question.

    Before I start installing these I’ve a question if someone could help. On the fronts the bottom of the threaded sleeve to adjust the height, does this just sit metal on metal against the lip on the strut. Didn’t know if there should be some sort of protection between the two?
  10. T

    For Sale Van Slam Coilovers T32

    For sale a set of Van Slam Coilovers for a T32, used condition. Just been taken off by Steve at CRS Performance. £250
  11. S

    Sold Stance+ ultra's for T32

    Set of front and rear Stance+ultra's for T32. These have done 1850 miles, as you can see, they're in good nick.....just too sporty and firm for the good lady so I've swopped them out for a softer ride. Ideally collection from chester area. £300 Any questions welcome.
  12. Q

    Excessive outer tyre wear on rear 20’s

    Hi, I have a LWB T32 on eibach coilovers and 20” super metal tridents clad in 265/40 eagle F1 tyres runNing at 42 psi on the rear. The van is racked out and carries a reasonable load all the time, tools and materials. The van wore the last set of rear tyres on the inside edge down to the cores...
  13. W

    Coilovers: H&R v Bilstein

    Hi everyone, I’m going to be taking delivery of a brand new T6.1 on Monday and I’m definitely going to be fitting coilovers. I’m trying decide between H&R or Bilstein and wondered what people thoughts were? I’ve got H&R lowering springs on my 17-year old Vito, and have been very pleased with...
  14. DCC

    KW or H&R at 60-65mm ?

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, what would ride better kw variant 1 at their lowest or H&R set at the same height ?
  15. Tomo02

    Bilstein B14 rear spring snapped

    Hi there. I’ve seen a few different threads with no obvious outcomes. I’m after some help. I had b14 coil overs installed back in November 2018 on my fully converted T6 T28. They’ve been fine up till Wednesday where I had my MOT and my rear passenger side spring has snapped completely. I’ve...
  16. djg87

    Suspension bolt torque nightmare

    Hi everyone Fitting solow coilovers next week and have been gathering the required tools and getting as much info as I can but when it comes to torquing up the front pinch bolts (t32) and both the upper and lower rear damper bolts I keep coming across different figures everywhere I look. Even...
  17. Ploots

    Coilover cost dilemma

    Hi all happy new year Having a bit of a meltdown, I'm wanting to get some coilovers as I've possibly mentioned before and kw stx is what I want,the van is currently lowered on h&r springs with standard shocks it's got that saggy arse look that I don't like,its on 20s and it's a full camper, but...
  18. Spaceblue

    For Sale Genuine VW T6 coilover suspension kit

    Genuine VW Transporter T6 coilover suspension kit. VW part number ZGB 5GA 071 680 I purchased this item new, direct from VW in November this year for my 2020 VW Transporter T6 T30 SWB 150bhp DSG Edition. It was fitted for 1 day only (10 miles covered) and then removed. Totally as new condition...
  19. C

    How high is too high (when you're low)?

    My van came with a set of H&R coilovers installed. I'm 99% sure they are the standard drop ones: I'm not a fan of having a huge drop on...
  20. Thatratman

    Adjusting the rear coils of H&R's

    Hi all, I see this has been mentioned on a few other posts but I just want to check I'm doing the right thing.. The rear end of my t6 needs dropping approx 10mm to sit closer to being level with the front, I'm planning to do this on the drive at home with jacks and axle stands. Is it as simple...