1. Carl1974

    For Sale Stance+ Street coilovers.

    For sale is my front only Stance+ Street coilovers, these are for a T28 and T30. These have covered about 4000 miles. Only reason for selling as I have purchased a new set that have a drop of 100mm where the ones for sale only drop 60mm. Collection from Liverpool. RRP £300. Not sure of price.
  2. D

    Will Coilovers affect warranty?

    Evening! I’m after some advice on fitting coilovers and how I stand with Vw warranty. My t6 is a 69 and has been back to Vw after 9000miles for a new steering rack but they didn’t replace the pump. I’m having coilovers fitted next week and was wondering if this would effect any warranty claims...
  3. minmax89

    Attempting to fit coilovers and H&R ARB's myself

    Hi all, I've just bought a new set of coilovers and H&R anti roll bars. Would really like to have ago at fitting myself. How hard can it be?? I've watched a few videos on youtube... I will of course be getting it four wheel alighned straight after. I'm looking for tips and advice. But also...
  4. Andyf

    Do Coilovers bottom out?

    Hi, Obviously B14,s are a harder ride and control the roll of the van, the dual shock system Chilli sell are a more comfortable ride still whilst controlling the handling of the van My question for owners of Coilovers is do yours bottom out or bang on a decent size bump or pothole The ones I...
  5. W

    T32 SoLow coilovers knocking

    tuesday i fitted the solow bilstein coilovers to my 2016 t32, drove it every day from tuesday and was all fine untill today (sunday) where they started knocking badly from the front, so this afternoon i checked everything was tight and it was all fine, so then i stripped the coilovers back out...
  6. Jayjmac

    For Sale SoLow suspension T32

    I’ve now had confirmation and date for new suspension. So I’m putting up the SoLow’s for sale. They won’t be available until after the 8th of August though. Might give someone a bit of time to save some pennies. As you may know that these are one of the lowest setups out of the box and are...
  7. Ollyphd

    Front springs twangs!

    Hi all I’ve just bought a new van, 67 plate 10k miles, brand new Stance ultras fitted. Problem is I seem to get a lot of spring noise at low speed, pulling of drive etc. Is this normal or is there a problem?? Thanks
  8. Andyf

    Coilover recommendation for campervan.

    Hi all, I have a 102BHP T28 camper conversion It has had some cheap and not so nice coil overs fitted about two years ago So I’m looking to upgrade so to speak What can you recommend, cheaper end or dear end Looking for a bit of comfort but a lot less body roll if possible Looked at the...
  9. Carl1974

    Lifting my Stance+ coilovers

    Hi I’m after some help, I have just recently had my conversion done and now the back end seems to Wollow. The kit I have on it is the stance + street, I need the back lifting but don’t know how hard it is to do and if I can do it on my driveway, or if there is any one local to Liverpool that can...
  10. CRS Performance

    CRS - Product Info H&R

    As we come under pressure to supply dedicated parts for the new T 6.1 we have good news about products that we at CRS are about to launch . The new H&R A R B kit will have a 30 mm diameter front bar and a 30 mm diameter rear bar. there will be a front only version and of...
  11. S

    Led Lights Points Straight Down After Lowering

    I have a problem with my LED headlights pointing straight down after I lowerd the van on some B14s. Did not have that problem with any of my BMWs with xenon lights. I have checked that the sensors are OK, but I think that they might need some shorter struts because the van is so low and might be...
  12. J

    Lowering T6

    Hi I have just bought at 2016 T28 T6 and I had it lowered with 50mm springs and had R20 alloys put on it. I’m not happy with the balancing of suspension. I have put some racking and a few tools in it. I haven’t really added much more weight to it. The rear arch sits a few inches lower than the...
  13. Leigh

    Sold H&r Coilover Kit For T32 (including 4motion)

    Removed form a T32 having covered only 5k miles. Kit is complete front & rear with all the bits ** THIS KIT WILL FIT T32 ONLY - Including 4Motion ** £695 ovno (Picture is of actual kit)
  14. Fromow

    Caravan Towing With Coilovers.

    I apologise if this had been covered already. I’m looking at B14s, Koni H&R combo and stance coilovers but wanted people’s opinions on them when a caravan is hitched up. Towing with a T30 dsg 204 4 motion
  15. P

    Eibach Pro-street-s Ride Height Adjustable Coilovers On A T6.1 T32

    Hi all, I'm really struggling to find any coilover kits for a T6.1 T32. I had B14's on my T6 and thought the ride was pretty crashy. Has anyone had the eibach coilover kit fitted. I do like the idea of them being VW approved. Thanks Paul
  16. D

    Sold Van Slam Coilovers T26/t28/t30

    Van slam coilovers Used for 5k miles, modified for hub mod. All working order, for sale due to a change. Comes with adjusting spanners that aren't in the photo. £200
  17. M

    Bilstein B14s Before And After...

    My B14s are going on today. Can not wait to see the difference. Will upload images once installed. here is before:
  18. GS1980


    Hi all, has anyone had the Twin-Adjust-Projekt-Sensitiv coilovers fitted... I’m intrigued to know if there as good as what they’re made out to be. I’m currently on H&R 40mm lowering springs and thinking about just adding the Koni dampers... as opposed to the above.
  19. C

    Bluebird Coilovers

    Looking at lowering my LWB shuttle around 60-70mm. I'm looking at all options and speaking to various people but don't seem to find much in the way of feedback on the Bluebird coilovers. Anyone fitted these that can offer any feedback? Budget is fairly constrained so there an option.
  20. BognorMotors

    Praise The Lowered....suspension news

    We are always looking at improving our range of suspension upgrades we offer. We have been very successful with Bilstein B14's over the years and have fitted hundred of sets with lots of very happy customers. On the whole 'we all' want to upgrade to bigger wheels and run lower than springs...