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Discussion in 'Review A Business' started by DPDP, 10 Feb 2019.

  1. DPDP

    DPDP Member

    Looking to purchase a VW T6 camper from Camper King. Any thoughts on quality and service
  2. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    I wouldn’t touch em with a barge pole.
  3. Westy78

    Westy78 2017 T6 Kombi 204DSG VIP Member T6 Pro

    I wasn’t impressed with the build quality when I looked at them. Equipment spec was good but craftsmanship lacking
  4. DPDP

    DPDP Member

    Please explain why.
  5. Davenjo

    Davenjo Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Some reviews not good but we have friends with a T5.1 (SWB 140 DSG) Camper King - they love it. Other friend have recently taken delivery of a T6 from them but we’ve not seen it yet so can’t comment on that.
  6. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Very poor quality. When we were looking for a converter, they were the worst of the worst & we saw some rubbish.
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  7. DPDP

    DPDP Member

    Thanks for your reply. Did you ever look at Platinum Wave Campers? I think they are in the same area
  8. Cherokee

    Cherokee Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

  9. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Never heard of them TBH, so can’t comment. All I can say is you’re doing the right thing. Research research research. It’s half the fun. Also, visit as many converters as you can. Don’t just see the finished product, see part done vans in conversion, that way you get to see what’s under the skin.
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  10. moomin-j

    moomin-j Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    If I could give advice, based on my experience it would be to hire a camper van first.
    This way, you find out not what you do want, but more importantly what you don't want. We found out that we definately needed a LWB, as even though its only 400mm longer than a SWB, this extra length is required when the R&R bed is down and gives you more space for moving around, especially if there is more than 2 of you sleeping upstairs / downstairs at nightime. This extra length for us, was never a problem when parking in any car park, as some people have suggested.
    We always thought we wanted a oven, but for the week we hired our T6, we only used it to store things in.
    Each to his own I suppose. but when spending this amount of money things need to be right.

    good luck...
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  11. DPDP

    DPDP Member

    Thank you for your quick response Moomin. Some great advice.
  12. Toad

    Toad Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    They're local to me, so I went to their showroom and had a good long poke around.

    I think the quality of the workmanship is absolutely dreadful.

    They carpetline the vans straight over the top of the existing fibreboard panels, so there are large hollow spaces all around the vans so they'll be cold and noisy. You can even see the panel clips as lunps under the carpet.

    I stuck my head in to a poptop roof, and there was glue everywhere and poorly finished edges etc. and so it went on.

    I wouldn't even touch them wth @Salty Spuds barge pole.
  13. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    The bit of advice we both missed was, visit Busfest :thumbsup:
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  14. Mwillis

    Mwillis Member T6 Pro


    We did the same I saw a camper king conversation that had been in a smash and it had no insulation in it all, I called them and they agreed they don't bother! They are cheap but ask yourself why?

    Also agree with trying one, we did and bought a kmobi and use premier inns! Or a tent. It was just too small for a family of four, we had no room for clothes, food or anything
  15. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Agreed, we’re just a couple & have a LWB. It’s fine for us, we’re sat here now, there’s a metre of snow outside, the Webasto is ticking over & all’s comfy. It’d be a nightmare with a couple of kids bouncing off the walls though. Most families end up with an awning of some sort.
  16. Cherokee

    Cherokee Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    With the camping & campervan show this month at the NEC, I’d recommend visiting. As you’ll probably find all major converters there. Along with thousands of accessories.

    Rolling Homes are unveiling their £100000 T6 conversion at the show. So should be quite an event.
  17. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Dirty Weekender are also showing at the NEC for the first time.
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  18. RichDavies82

    RichDavies82 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Wow! Having read the comments about Camper King, I can honestly say that I’m shocked.

    I’ve just ordered a van from them and following a hire of a CK converted bus a couple of years ago, I found it a good conversion. I’ve looked at several converters at the NEC the other month and I guess it’s down to personal preference. There are things from each conversion that appeal as well as some things that I hate about others.

    I’m surprised to hear that they don’t insulate their vans as I’d have thought that it would be the norm?

    When I get the van later this month I’ll post some pictures. Is there anything specific people would like to see re build quality?
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  19. DPDP

    DPDP Member

    Ignore all the negative comments regarding Camper King. I have just had T6 2018 Highline converted by them and I'm very happy with the conversion. I visited lots of converters before placing my order with them. The staff are all very helpfull and they supplied photographs all through the build process.
    They are better than a lot of other companies I visited. The insulation thing is not a problem in my eyes. With insulation..... in the summer vans get very hot and the heat in the van takes a long time to disapate as the insulation traps it in and in the winter I have a diesel heater. Who needs insulation? its a load of rubbish created by most campervan converters to get more money out of you......this is just my opiniun. Also Camper king supply conversions to Motorhome retailers and Im sure they would not deal with them if they didnt supply a good product. One other thing regarding insulation. Not that many years ago converters didnt insulate vans and they are still running around today with happy owners. I have spoken to many of them and they dont have a problem without insulation in the vans.
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  20. Davenjo

    Davenjo Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    I don't know if Camper King properly insulate their vans or not but, personally, I wouldn't buy a camper van knowing it had no, or substandard, insulation - as well as some heat retention (keeping it in during the winter and out during the summer) good insulation will also help keep condensation down - just look at the effect good thermal screens have on level of condensation on covered windows during winter for a demonstration, i.e reduced to zero.
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