1. Sabre

    For Sale Box of dodo fleece

    I have a full box of Dodo Thermal Fleece available. Anti-itch and made from recycled bottles. Looking for £20 collected in MK.
  2. I

    Has anyone used Wickes thermawrap or B&Q’s recycled plastic insulation?

    Hello, Has anyone used either of the below for thermal insulating a T6?
  3. B

    Deadening V Insulation etc.... - Newbie alert!

    Hi all, After reading a lot of threads on here, I was under the impression that at least some dodo and/or silent coat was standard, then dacron or similar insulation, then ply and carpet lining. On asking my converter (not placed official order yet) what they were going to use, I was given the...
  4. VinylArchie

    Insulation: 3 layers?

    So I see Kiravans and other retailers with an online presence ar punting a sound deadening layer then an adhesive insulator followed by a lofting layer. Surely there is little value to all this when there is so much glass to let the cold through? And as for dodo mat duo for the floor. IS it...
  5. Crispy

    UK supplier of 3M Thinsulate(™) SM600L?

    Does anyone know of a UK supplier of 3M Thinsulate (TM) SM600L? Looking to use it in my T6 in conjunction with Dodo Dead Mat Hex Sound Deadening: Has anyone had any experience with applying a reflective surface to the inside face of the ply lining? Cheers Crispy
  6. O

    Bare-bones Transporter Kombi day van - how important is sound deadening, heat insulation etc?

    TL;DR : Questions to those who lined their van to minimise road noise - was it worth it? does it make a huge difference? Is noise and comfort really that terrible in an unlined van? --------- Longer version : Not long started down the road of looking into getting a camper. After a month or...
  7. cfdave

    DODO THERMO VAN LINER Shortage . World panic!

    HI all I was about to buy Dodo Thermo Van liner, only to find a mass shortage. I cant find a roll anywhere. So has anyone used the 'Dado Thermo liner SE' ? I thought this would be identical to the Van liner, just in sheets. But its only 6mm not 7mm? Does anyone have any thoughts, or...

    Insulating the roof?

    Evening All, can you give me an honest opinion on the following please; I silent coated & applied dodo thermo SE & Thermo fleeced (the thinner stuff) the van roof as we’re going tin top. I offered up the panel in the process of marking out for the lights. It appeared I couldn’t get the panel to...
  9. Petegoss

    Loft insulation - it’s everywhere!

    Anyone else used glass fibre loft insulation in their van? Mines full of it so swiftly removing to replace with something more suitable
  10. Apretext

    For Sale Dodo thermal liner extreme roll

    Unopened roll of Thermo liner extreme, selling as it’s a bit too thick for what we want on the floor (but perfect for the walls). collect from Swindon, or I might be able to meet with it (subject to social distancing, etc). I’m travelling to ringwood tomorrow. £65 (it’s £80 from
  11. Apretext

    Insulation behind loc8 table panel

    How much space is there behind the space for the legs on the loc8 table panel? I presume there’s plenty of space for some silentcoat (at 2mm!), but will some 16mm dodomat fit too?
  12. Apretext

    Dynamat tape or aluminium tape?

    Just in the process of insulating, and was wondering if dynamat tape is really worth the extra cost over normal aluminium tape (which we already have a few rolls of). We are using dodomat extreme and 2mm silentcoat. Ta
  13. B

    Beige LWB T32 DSG seat question

    Hi everyone, I’ve just bought this van for transporting ebikes to customers and also weekend trips with my kids and our bikes. Possibly will convert to a kombi. Might take out the bulk head and put the seats on turntables if that’s something that can be done and also keep the van quiet on the...
  14. T6180

    Front Cab Headling

    Just a quick one, how much space is there between the front cab headling and roof? I've silent coated so far but wondering if there is enough of a gap to put either dodo mate or thermal liner over the silent coat?
  15. D

    Insulating The Water

    We camp at lot in winter so we insulated the tank and the pipe work.
  16. M

    Fitting Silent Coat To Converted Van- Nightmare?

    Not sure if any has taken this one on and looking for advice. We bought a newly converted SWB T6 last year and I think I want to take out the entire interior and retro fit silent coat and proper insulation. I took off the passenger side back panel and it looks like we just have wool type...
  17. Glennpea123

    Which Insulation Is Recommended

    Hello all, just started sound deadening my T6 and wondering which insulation is adequate enough to use before carpet lining. Deadening used is 4mm silent coat. Sooo foam (and what thickness) or the recycled plastic roll that b&q sell? Cheers Glenn
  18. J

    Exterior Insulated Screens

    Hi, Looking for some help and advice. Need to get an Insulated screen for the T6, primarily to stop condensation. After reading lots of posts seem to have narrowed it down to the following: SILVER SCREENS MINSTER RAINBOW Minster seem cheapest and they all seem to get excellent reviews. Do any...
  19. N

    Plylining Or Use Existing Panels? Which Is Best?

    I’m looking to get my T6 edition soundproofed insulates and carpeted, after a bit of advice please. Is this a diy job or one best left to the pros? what’s the best soundproofing? Is the silent coat extra thick worth going for? Is it worth ply lining replacing existing panels using the...

    recycled plastic insulation?

    Save me scrolling through, off to B&Q to buy some futher insulation, just correct me if I’m wrong, recycled plastic is OK to use yes?! Don’t want the stuff that collects the moisture.... Any QUICK tips?? (Already got dodo thermal lining) but I know from watching scientific videos that...