For Sale KiraVans Thermal Fill 35mm Loose-weave Lightweight Polyester Campervan Insulation (10m Roll)

    I have one roll of insulation left from my conversion - I purchased this from Kiravans, and it retails at £44.70. The roll is still bagged up and has been unopened since it arrived. It would require collecting, although very light. £30 and it is yours!
  2. Grayray

    No insulation on a camper king campers

    I am a new owner of a second hand 6.1 camper king conversion, I love the camper but discovered it had no sound deadening or insulation and shocked by this as I had believed that all camper conversion were done. So what do I do? I can gain access to the side door and rear tailgate but it would be...
  3. dhod

    Thermo Fleece Insulation. 100mm or 2x 50mm

    Hi all! This weekend it's back to the camper conversion and one question I had which may hopefully help others is the 50mm and 100mm thermo insulation rolls. The 50mm Dodo is available in plentiful supply but the 100mm has been out of stock for ages (other brands available). My question is...
  4. dinks66

    Best sound insulation for underneath rear factory load mat

    As mentioned in the post, what would be the best stuff to stick onto my load area floor so that the factory rubber mat will still fit on top of afterwards. I have lined all the rest of the rear with 2mm Silent coat and Dodo mat foil backed foam roll ( about 6mm I think) but I fear that this...
  5. T

    Sold Kiravans 3 stage insulation

    Acoustic sheet ThermoAccoustic insulation 35mm insulation 5 spray cans of aggesive Probably enough to do a SWB Kombi. £100
  6. G

    For Sale Blackout Insulated Window Inserts for VW T6.1

    Blackout Insulated Window Inserts for VW T6.1 Used once. £40 Call - 07885 560 100
  7. timthetinyhorse

    Premium Gold underfloor insulation - Harrison

    I have been looking at the Premium Gold underfloor insulation from Harrison, the image shows the insulation covering the whole floor. Obviously there are many opinions on how ply floor should be fitted. How would it be fitted if this method was used? Thanks
  8. T

    Remove carpet to insulate?

    Hi all, Recently got my T6 and I have a question about insulating the van as I plan to convert it into a camper in time for this summer. I've only just bought the van and it has already been ply'd, lined with carpet and the flooring has been done. It looks great but there aren't any specific...
  9. C

    Insulation upgrade question

    Hi all, got my van 2nd hand and previous owner has done this to sound deaden / insulate in some of the panels. I need to get a trim tool to check in the roof. I was looking to get the dodo mat deadening and insulation kit as I think it will probably do a much better job. If I pulled out all...
  10. RunDSG

    Thermal Fleece - Dacron vs Dodo vs Diall vs ???

    I’m improving the insulation in my campervan after discovering that my conversion company failed to insulate either of my dual sliders or the rear tailgate. I’m at the stage of buying some thermal fleece. I’m 90% sure all this stuff is the same stuff… they all say…. itch-free safe to handle...
  11. Jason Kew

    Just Kampers Dynatek.. any good?

    Hello forum guru's.. I have some just kampers vouchers I need to use which is a great opportunity to get my van insulated!:) JK seem to only use Dynatek, anyone used this, if so which mm did you use?.. it's quite pricey and I only need my rear tailgate and bulkheads doing (lwb) kombi Thanks...
  12. H

    Sold Dodo Mat DEADN Duo Twin Pack

    Untouched, Still in original box, left over from project. Supplied as two 47cm x 540cm rolls Coverage 5sq.m (53.8 sq.ft) £130 Collection from Leicestershire, or happy to quote for courier Details here: Dodo Mat Deadn Duo twin pack
  13. V

    For Sale Dodo Thermo Fleece 100mm

    Collection only. 100mm £20 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  14. V

    For Sale Dodo Thermo Liner Pro 10mm

    Collection only. Unopened. £70 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  15. L

    New Kombi - Please recommend your best products for converting

    Hello everyone. My name is Lee and I am new to VW. I have just bought T6 2017 LWB and was hoping you could help me. The van is currently simple kombi with no carpeting and any additional nice stuff, I would like to take it on as a project. I would like to do sound deadening, thermal isolation...
  16. Montecha

    Floor sound-deadening

    What's the best sound deadening for a Kombi floor? The roof, sides and wheel arches are all done, and was always planning to do the floor as well. I think the 20s generate a lot of road noise so figured this could be a nice little job for the B/H weekend. Are folks sticking with a 2mm Dynamat...
  17. Sabre

    Sold Box of dodo fleece

    I have a full box of Dodo Thermal Fleece available. Anti-itch and made from recycled bottles. Looking for £20 collected in MK.
  18. I

    Has anyone used Wickes thermawrap or B&Q’s recycled plastic insulation?

    Hello, Has anyone used either of the below for thermal insulating a T6?
  19. H

    Ply floor and insulation installation

    Looking for some advice fitting my ply floor. Planning on 9mm batons glued down, 7mm insulation and the 9mm floor over the top screwed down. The more I look into it I haven’t seen anyone install insulation over the floor completely but just in between the batons. Anyone tips would be greatly...
  20. B

    Deadening V Insulation etc.... - Newbie alert!

    Hi all, After reading a lot of threads on here, I was under the impression that at least some dodo and/or silent coat was standard, then dacron or similar insulation, then ply and carpet lining. On asking my converter (not placed official order yet) what they were going to use, I was given the...