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  1. W

    For Sale 2019 T28 102PS SWB CamperKing Le Mans Camper - 5,000 miles

    Camperking Le Mans SWB 4 berth (6 seats) air con, heater, tail lift boot 5,000 miles We have owned this vehicle since new post-conversion in July 2020, purchased from Factory Campers, it's the 2.0 102PS and hasn't been chipped or modded, same for the suspension, original vehicle setup -...
  2. Grayray

    No insulation on a camper king campers

    I am a new owner of a second hand 6.1 camper king conversion, I love the camper but discovered it had no sound deadening or insulation and shocked by this as I had believed that all camper conversion were done. So what do I do? I can gain access to the side door and rear tailgate but it would be...
  3. A Bridge Too Far

    Sold Rainbow Screens Windscreen and Pop Top cover

    Sadly we are saying goodbye to our camperking this week as we’ve upgraded to a motorhome to better suit our family currently. We are therefore selling our rainbow screens windshield and pop top cover. These have been invaluable for keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. They are still in...
  4. T

    Who made my pop top?

    Can anyone tell me who manufactured my pop top? Been looking at quite a few images and cannot identify it.
  5. T

    New van New member

    Good morning all so just to say look forward to the chat exchange. We have just purchased a new T6.1 Camper King conversion collect it Friday and looking forward to travelling to Spain in it over Easter break. I am looking for a tailgate rack to put a box on though concerned on load on the back...
  6. K

    can you adjust the speedo for the tyre size?

    Oh my god, I'm going round in circles with wheels and tyres sizes! So if it's a 20" wheel the tyre will be a 265/40/20 for my t32 ( when I'll actually get it god knows! ) .. This will through the speedo out by 4%... Is there a way to get the speedo adjusted so that it reads the correct...
  7. fpdizzle

    Camper King Le Mans leisure battery removal issues

    Hi everyone, I have a 2019 VW T6 with Camperking Le Mans conversion. After taking it for a habitation service locally today, I've discovered that the leisure battery cannot be removed from its compartment underneath the cupboards (the access hole is too small). I just wondered if anyone else...
  8. chearmstrong

    Anyone know what roofs Camper King use? Planning to add roof bars.

    Hi all, I want to add some roof bars to our converted van - the conversion was done by Camper King (Monte Carlo). I've tried emailing them but haven't got a response - does anyone know what roof they use. I'm wanting to use these roof bars - wondering it its the universal fitting kit I need...
  9. Shockabilly

    Back in the VW fray...views of Redline before I hand over my hard earned brass!

    After 25 years of being away from VW Campers due to growing family etc & having owned several Hymer's we are now going back to the source...a VW Camper! Budget wise I'm looking at around 50k & would rather a new SWB van, anyway, popped into Camper King at Banbury today & was rather shocked at...
  10. W

    Bed topper for Camper King Monte Carlo

    Hello everyone. I am about to take delivery of my first camper van and want to buy a bed topper for the rock and roll bed to make sleeping more comfortable. It's a SWB Camper King Monte Carlo and I have 2 questions: - does anyone have any recommendations where to get a bed topper? - what are...
  11. B

    Camper King Wiring Diagram

    Hi All Has anyone got a wiring diagram for a Camper King installation? I have just bought a used one but no info on the after market wiring for the ancillaries, I have a fridge, heater, water pump, water tank, leisure battery, charger, lighting e.t.c e.t.c you get the picture.......
  12. Curryzz

    All Seasons Leisure Campers Vans

    Good Evening, I’m excited to be in the market for a T6 Volkswagen camper and I’m struggling to find the best place to spend my money on a well built conversion. I keep going back to All Seasons Leisures website as I like the look of there vans & conversions. Unfortunately I’m not local so I...
  13. DBUK

    Camper King leisure-battery location

    Hi all, excuse my daftness but I am trying to locate the leisure battery on our 2017 Camperking conversion. Could anyone advise where it is situated? (Before I take the van apart!) Thank you in advance
  14. RichDavies82

    Wheel Worm

    There we have it ladies and gents, after 8 months my wheels look complete sh1t! What’s the best thing to do in this situation? I knew I’d be the victim of the dreaded worm but I thought it would be a few years and not 8 months! To say I’m annoyed is an understatement! All four wheels have...
  15. RichDavies82

    Finally, She’s Arrived...

    So, after a wait that felt like a lifetime, I collected my new (to me) Camper King van. It’s a MY17 T28 102 Highline with the “Santorini” conversion. First impressions - love it! Build quality is excellent. Everything works as it should, with no rattles or squeaks. Despite having 50k miles on...
  16. LT2019

    Swapping Alloys - stud question

    Hi folks, swapping out some 6.5jx16 highline alloys with BBS SX 8jx18 - would the original VW locking wheel bolts still fit? Supplier has including some cheapo locking nuts but don't look that unique, so probably not as secure as the OE ones. Did some searches on here but couldn't confirm...
  17. D

    Camper King

    Looking to purchase a VW T6 camper from Camper King. Any thoughts on quality and service
  18. J

    Best UK T6 Camper Dealers

    Good evening all, I am looking to buy a T6 that has been converted. Currently looking at vans on ‘LKW Campers’ of Oxford which are supplied by ‘Camper King’ Can anyone recommend any similar dealerships so I could broaden my search? Many thanks Jez
  19. C

    Don Amott

    We've recently been to look around the range Don Amott have, they're all Camper King conversions and can be built however you like. We were looking at the T6 conversions but they have T5s as well. Haven't bought anything yet but have our eyes set on this fabulous blue trendline conversion. The...