1. T

    BCM issue with tailgate conversion

    Looking for help, I bought a 2018 T6 and have had the barn doors replaced with a tailgate. However..... the autoelectrician is struggling to get the correct feed for the tailgate handle. He tells me that a specific feed is required to be powered for just 10s or so and no matter how much he...
  2. FactionRaptor

    Down lights misbehaving

    I’ve installed 6 touch down lights into my camper conversion and they all work absolutely fine when they’re dangling from their wires and not pushed in. But when I push them into the cut out, they don’t respond to touch/ don’t work as intended, they either stay on or stay off. Has anyone else...
  3. Daryl_88

    Ex Rac relocating dash buttons

    Has anyone managed to relocate these buttons back to their original spaces on an ex rac van? I’ve had most of the dash apart and still couldn’t find whatever is securing the metal box in place
  4. Z

    T6 2.0 TDI DSG 110kw radiator fan runs all time

    Hello I have problem with my 2019 t6 2.0 tdi dsg 110kw I bought car damaged from rear , when i get it everything was ok , in the middle of the repair when i turn key position 1 fan start work , disconect battery , when i was over with rebuild few days everything ok and from then if you star...
  5. Grim Reaper

    A cautionary tale about Ecoflow products

    Just seen this video by Gadget John on YouTube where he found a very dangerously jointed cable on an Ecoflow supply lead. Could have caused a fire if he hadn't found it, and judging by the fact that the cables are covered in sheathing from the factory, no-one would have had the chance to spot it.
  6. Rids

    Nearly a fire!

    I'm feeling quite lucky and don't want anyone else to make the same mistake.... On the I’m just back from a trip to the Alps and on the way home was having an early morning brew (1kW Kettle) at the same time as having a 12V fan heater on (only 150W) I suddenly had a rather unpleasant smell...
  7. N

    Positive Feed Routing

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on routing the positive cable from the main battery to the DC-DC charger and leisure batteries I am fitting in the rear of my T6.1. The easiest option is that I already have a second battery under the passenger seat, which is factory fitted to power the...
  8. R55YEA

    No brake lights [Resolved]

    Hi there , I have a 2016 vw t6 highline which the brake lights have just stopped working, both rear lights and high levels, I have replaced the brake switch on the master cylinder, checked the brake switch fuse sb16 and have also checked the turn and brake light fuse sc47 , I seem to be getting...
  9. VW_T6Campari

    [Resolved] 3j Sanjo fridge issues

    Hi All, Do you know of anyone else with this fridge having low voltage issues? It has worked fine for last two trips and was okay for the first two days of this one then stopped cooling and showing 1 & 2 flashes on the error code light inside the fridge. I’ve had it on hook up feed and leisure...
  10. T

    Wiring loom position in relation to awning fixings

    Hi all my first q on here im going to fit a vamoose awning rail to the kerb side of the t6 can anyone advise if the rear lighting loom is near this point
  11. C

    Van battery to leisure battery wiring gauge

    Hello T6 family, I hope someone out there may be able to help me. I am not bad at most aspects of converting but I am a complete retard when if comes to Auto Electrics. I am at the point where I have bought a 110ah Lifepo4 leisure battery and about to locate it under the drivers seat. Can any...
  12. Z

    Sections of wiring loom found on floor

    Hi everyone, does anybody recognise this loom? I moved my T6 2016 Caravelle and this was underneath it! Can't help thinking it's not a good thing. Drove fine last time I used it.
  13. F

    Solar cable to link MPPT to battery

    I have a surplus of solar cable left over from when I fitted my panel a while back. I’m now in the process of installing a separate solar charge controller and making the ctek solar charger redundant (due to solar panel being too big VoC). Is there any issue using solar cable to link the solar...
  14. F

    Wiring and drilling precaution!

    Good afternoon all. Fitting my 2019 T6 LWB out as a camper van. Need some help in this regard. I've taken all the rubber matting out and I am about to put down insulation and foundation for the build. BUT! I don't want to drill through the wood into the floor of the van and hit any cables or...
  15. PeakRanger

    Corroded wiring (resolved)

    Hi all, I've had my 2017 T6 panel Van for four years now and had more than my fair share of problems ! The latest was that the NS DRL light stopped working and flagged up a "lighting failure" This was diagnosed as corroded wiring and after arguing was fixed at VW UK's cost. A month on and I now...
  16. A

    Fixing blind surround - avoiding cables

    I've made a blind surround for an ikea blind. Aiming to do the whole van eventually. I plan to fix the surround straight through the front by cutting and lifting small sections of carpet and fixing self tappers into the van body (well that is what I'm hoping to do!). I'm a bit worried about...
  17. cbrblade

    Multi function steering wheel wiring help

    Hi all just fitted this wheel in place of my standard wheel how can i get buttons to work
  18. MikeT6

    Conversion wiring routes?

    Good evening all, I’m at the stage now where I’m thinking hard about wiring for my conversion and Routes to take to do certain supplies. I’m putting a leisure battery under one of the front seats amd will mount a fuse box in there too. Where do most people run their cables? Under the ply floor...
  19. Dazwoods

    Wiring Route

    Hi all. I am currently converting a twin sliding door kombi. Does anyone see a problem with running a 240 cable and a positive feed under the ply floor to rear cupboards. I have the MCB under passenger seat and CTek with leisure battery under drivers seat.
  20. S

    Electrical conduit? Split sleeving?

    Hi all, Do you all use conduit in your vans for wiring or just run direct / with wiring loom tape. I've seen lots of videos using miles of conduit, and whilst I can see the benefit in some situations in a T6 it seems to perhaps be overkill? I was planning on using some conduit ti run all...