1. PeakRanger

    Corroded wiring (resolved)

    Hi all, I've had my 2017 T6 panel Van for four years now and had more than my fair share of problems ! The latest was that the NS DRL light stopped working and flagged up a "lighting failure" This was diagnosed as corroded wiring and after arguing was fixed at VW UK's cost. A month on and I now...
  2. A

    Fixing blind surround - avoiding cables

    I've made a blind surround for an ikea blind. Aiming to do the whole van eventually. I plan to fix the surround straight through the front by cutting and lifting small sections of carpet and fixing self tappers into the van body (well that is what I'm hoping to do!). I'm a bit worried about...
  3. F

    Multi function steering wheel wiring help

    Hi, First post on here and only had the van a couple of weeks but I’ve just fitted a MFSW and had the coding done, but it still does not work. Reading through posts on this topic I see repair wires mentioned but I’m not sure if that’s what I need? The van is a 2018 Shuttle that had basic...
  4. MikeT6

    Conversion wiring routes?

    Good evening all, I’m at the stage now where I’m thinking hard about wiring for my conversion and Routes to take to do certain supplies. I’m putting a leisure battery under one of the front seats amd will mount a fuse box in there too. Where do most people run their cables? Under the ply floor...
  5. Dazwoods

    Wiring Route

    Hi all. I am currently converting a twin sliding door kombi. Does anyone see a problem with running a 240 cable and a positive feed under the ply floor to rear cupboards. I have the MCB under passenger seat and CTek with leisure battery under drivers seat.
  6. S

    Electrical conduit? Split sleeving?

    Hi all, Do you all use conduit in your vans for wiring or just run direct / with wiring loom tape. I've seen lots of videos using miles of conduit, and whilst I can see the benefit in some situations in a T6 it seems to perhaps be overkill? I was planning on using some conduit ti run all...
  7. nikmartin1

    Dometic fridge wiring to Sargent EC160 advice

    Third post today. Not quite sure about wiring in the Dometic fridge with my Sargent EC160. There appears to be a couple of ins for it on the Sargent. I work with properties and so am fairly ok with wiring etc. But, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing with the fridge. I think the...
  8. M

    EASY 12V Switch / panel wiring diagram

    Another diagram to demonstrate how to wire a single switch + accessory to the 12v system. EASY 12v Switch panel wiring diagram - Clicky Click here!!!
  9. K

    Sorry but what AWG wire do I need

    Sorry it's an easy question to answer.... I want to get cig lighter in the back for a fan for the dog cage / What AWG cable do I need to get a feed there from the fuse box? Is it better for something beefier and then stick a fuse box in the back? any help much appreciated... I also need to...
  10. G

    Have I damaged my folding mirror?

    Quite a while ago I fitted the Audi led wing mirrors indicators to my T6 but in the process of doing the drivers side I got a bit too rough with it and ended up doing something which had now made it not fold up. when I got a bit rough with it was when I was pulling the cables through into the...
  11. R

    Cable Runs Front To Back

    Hi all So converting my T6 and and had an sca roof fitted, windows, carpet lining and I'm just about to fit Altro flooring on top of my 12mm ply floor. Was wondering if anyone can give advice on cable runs from front (under the drivers seat) to back (where the cupboards will be) I have a length...
  12. P

    What Type Of Wire?

    Which wire is the best to get as I'm currently putting folding mirrors and need to make up a couple of cables. I have the correct connectors just wondered which sort everyone is using?*♂️
  13. Bobbych

    T6.1 What’s this live feed under my passenger seat? [Merge]

    Im new to the transporter world. Im looking for a location for my Leisure Battery and have looked under the Single front Passenger seat. The available pace looks ok. Easily 330 mm L x 230 mm H x 200 mm W. While looking I found a bunch of taped up (from Factory) Positive wires. One looks to...
  14. Bobbych

    T6.1 Under-seat wiring

    I have had my T6.1 HL 150 DSG PV for a week now and love it. I have 2 Factory single swivel seats up front Here is a few pics of the space and wiring below each seat. and a pic of the Dash fuse panel If anyone wants and pics of any part of the 6.1 or info from the manual just ask.
  15. I

    Routing Electrics

    Hi all, new on here and hoping for some help! Just started planning out my conversion and was thinking about the routing for the electrics and what order to do things.. I've sound proofed and insulated the walls, was thinking about doing the floor next. Do I need to get the electrics in first...
  16. R

    What Size Wire?

    Hi guys i have just bought this for my 12V set up...
  17. Paynewright

    Running Extra Cables Advice Needed!

    Hi, I’m about to pull the roof panels, pillar trims and bits of dash to run rear speaker wires, rear dashcam cable and 12v supply / earth for front dashcam. Route will be nearside under roof panel and down A pillar. I have already seen the air bag switch removal / ign on warning re air bag dash...
  18. Dellmassive

    Diagrams, Schematics & Wires -- How I Done It --

    Diagrams, Schematics & Wires -- How I Done It -- ************************************************** Dellmassive`s -- "how I Done It" -- Thread ************************************************** Kit List And Stuff -- How I Done It & What I Use --...
  19. OllieGBR

    Dometic/waco Internal Fridge Amp Draw

    From what I can find the 12v Dometic fridge draws 3.33Amps @ 12v, so around 40Watts. This will be the largest 12v draw on my leisure battery system, so 11Amp wire all round will suffice? (For everything, lights etc) I'm just about to purchase all the cabling, any suggestions? I was going to...
  20. OllieGBR

    Cables In Conduit?

    Do you guys run all the cables in conduit? Do they rattle? Is it a real necessity or personal preference? Has anyone run conduit with some string in it for running additional cables or replacing cables in the future?