1. L

    Latest Wi-Fi options

    I have yet to take delivery of my T6 but after watching some u tubers on their van Wi-Fi options I wonder was is the latest opinions on improving the WiFi ? I am going to have solar installed soon after delivery and am thinking whilst the holes are being drilled could the WiFi antennae be done...
  2. Kranor

    External 4/5G-only MiMo antenna with dual cables

    Hi all, looking for antenna suggestions, I already have a steel 3/4/5g Mini unit, and am looking for a permanent install antenna to a) get a small bit of signal gain and b) get outside the VW faraday cage! The first antenna I have been looking at is the Panorama LPMMB-6-60, this fits all of my...
  3. M

    VW Tiguan - Wi-Fi connection failed (MIB3)

    Hello, I bought a VW Tiguan 2021 from Germany and shipped it to Egypt. The car has a wifi integrated which I mean I can connect it to a hotspot from my mobile phone or any other router. Whenever I go to the settings-> wifi connection, I already find my mobile phone in the list, and when I try...
  4. R

    T6.1 California Ocean Internet Woes

    In our new Cali Ocean put in our WiFi dongle to watch movies etc, on long journeys. But when my wife sits in the back her phone continues to be connected to the Cali WiFi for Apple CarPlay and not the separate WiFi dongle. Any ideas? We then asked the Cali to forget her phone, which it did, but...
  5. U

    Smart van automation remotely running fan

    I've been doing smart home automation for a while now, mainly using MQTT, Tasmota, and Home Assistant. My van is now about to get the same treatment - I've got a Teltonika RUT955 4g router which is the brains of the operation, providing an MQTT broker and VPN to my home assistant server back at...
  6. Jonesy68

    Best wifi dongle for Discovery Pro

    Hi guys, I have read lots of threads about adding WiFi and I was going to basically follow @Dellmassive set up with the Huawei dongle. But I have also read that some people couldn't get their stock head unit to connect properly using a dongle. I'm looking to have this plugged into my leisure...
  7. Mojo

    Mobile WiFi Recommendations

    Just wondering if the more technically minded of you might know if there is an advantage to using something like the VW car stick as opposed to the usual gadget that just plugs into your 12v power as supplied by all the big service providers (based on HUAWEI Balong B720). As the car stick plugs...
  8. Doulsy

    MiFi Antenna/booster

    looking for advice on a 4g antenna, magnetic maybe, just wondering if anyone has a set up that works well?
  9. Zave

    Mains powered WIFI CCTV

    Any recommendations please? I've seen threads for ethernet CCTV but needs to be WIFI
  10. Starsky

    Shark-fin antenna for Van Wi-Fi

    Hi Folks, I'm looking to work remotely from the van more often. Need enough signal strength to run Teams / Skype etc from rural locations. Keep coming beck to the 4G Shark Fin antenna. Does anyone have any experience of using this for wifi / work etc please? I know there's additional performance...
  11. Dellmassive

    Van WIFI & Mobile Data -- How I Done It --

    Van WIFI & Mobile Data -- How I Done It -- I keep on meaning to get this thread started . . . . Today is the Day. this all started from having to share my data with the kids on long drives so they could you there Tablets whilst on the move, or remote from our Home WIFI. We also used this...
  12. OllieGBR

    Van WiFi and Apple mini Homepod connection

    Has anyone setup an Apple mini Homepod on their van wifi, (mifi) network? I've tried to get my homepod setup on a TP-Link M7350 4G LTE portable - but it's refusing to connect.
  13. J

    wifi-connection workaround for mobile tethering to Android

    Not sure if this is of any help to anyone... I love the idea of being able to access Internet radio, etc, but absolutely refuse to pay the hideous price of the mobile data package offered by VW. On android (I'm sure there's others for ios) I've installed an app called Carspot ready, it turns...
  14. Skyliner33

    Hotspot problem when connect to headunit

    When I have my phones hotsot on to share my internet connection all is fine. However when get in the van my phone connects to the Discover Media head unit and my hotspot disconnects abd becomes invisible. Is it possible for someone to connect to my hotspot whilst we are travelling in the van? TIA
  15. P

    Wi-Fi / MiFi Antenna/booster

    last year I bought a Huawei mobile Wi-Fi device for my van and its great. It means I can email, download books and watch Amazon prime on my kindle while on extended breaks in europe. However, this year I camped in a couple locations were I couldn't stream a programme despite seemingly having a...
  16. 18T6

    Discover Media - Turn Off / On And Control Via Phone?

    hi, I asked a rather confusing question in another post. But... say we are sleeping / hanging out in the roof bed, is it possible to turn on the headunit, select source, playlists, adjust volume, and then turn off via a smart phone app? If so what is needed as there seems to be several...
  17. mopardave

    Wifi Extenders for the home.

    Gents and ladies.....I'm hoping to buy a house where the current owner has a range of wifi extenders plugged into the mains sockets due to the thickness of the walls. Can anyone offer any advice on what to go for? FWIW I've got a Vodafone router. Thanks guys! :thumbsup:
  18. Sherbs

    Mobile Wifi Install (Overhead Cubby Hole Use)

    Hi folks, As part of my day van build wanted to share details of my mobile Wi-fi install. The overhead cubby in my highline has a blanking plate and rather then just having a mobile Wi-fi unit rollling about in the van I decided to fit the unit into this blanking plate. Having secured a...
  19. Mick

    Wifi Thermometer

    Hi, Like a prune I allowed the van to freeze last week cos I was away. Tried to shower the dog after a run on the common but it was frozen-amundo. Luckily I got away with it and it's fine. the heating now comes on at 6 at night goes off at 7 in the morning. all sorted but... Now I am looking...
  20. Guppy

    WiFi Abroad

    Anyone any recommendations for computer internet access when abroad......what do people use??? Guppy