wheelchair accessible vehicle

  1. B

    T6.1 Front assist just activated when there was no traffic or parked cars near to us.

    As the title says, the front assist on our 4 month old T6.1 Shuttle just activated when there was no traffic or parked cars near to us. The icon on the display in front of the driver lit up in white and the brakes banged on. I have checked the manual and it says that it will display as a red...
  2. 2

    Buying wheelchair adapted Caravelle and removing kit

    hello folks, I saw a 2017 wheelchair adapted vw Caravelle Executive, with v low mileage for sale. I am v tempted, because of the low mileage & comparatively low price. But, I don't need the wheel chair access or remote powered fold out ramp. I would like to know if buy this, would I be able to...
  3. A

    Removing a wheelchair ramp and installing a tow bar

    Hello All, I'm looking at purchasing a Wheelchair Access Vehicle and removing the wheelchair ramp. The original wheelchair conversion involved lowering the floor and the installation of the ramp. I believe that part of the bumper has been cut away for this installation. Has anyone dealt with...
  4. S

    For Sale T6/T5 steering column

    Used t6 column - needs new locking lever - this one was shortened for wav mod. £25 plus postage
  5. S

    Wheelchair Shuttle to Camper build

    Hi all - just thought I'd introduce myself as it's likely I'm going to be quite active over next few months! I have owned and converted to camper a t5.1 over the last 5 years. I have just purchased a 2016 150 dsg shuttle with the same intention. Biggest initial problems are going to be getting...
  6. S

    Wheelchair Ramp Removal

    Hi All - new to this forum and looking for some basic advice please. Currently looking for a t6 as a base vehicle for a camper conversion. One that I have looked at has a dropped rear floor and electric ramp for wheelchair access. Has anyone any experience of how much work is involved in...
  7. B

    T6.1 tailgate open / close using key-fob??

    Sorry very new to the world of the T6.1 so would be grateful if people can clear up the mystery that several dealers have caused me. When initially looking for a van (brand new transporter/shuttle SE LWB) some dealers told me that the electric tail gate both opens and closes from the key fob...
  8. D

    Wheelchair Access Camper

    Hi, We require a vehicle that meets our severely disabled daughters needs. Started thinking about wheelchair accessible vehicles but if I'm going to remortgage the house to afford one then it may as well be a camper and we can really enjoy it as a family. It will also help with personal care...
  9. G

    Shuttle Wheelchair adapted

  10. Nev-D

    Wanted T6 Electric Side Steps

    T6 Electric Side Steps I am currently disabled myself and I am finding it harder for myself and my wife who now has Rheumatoid Arthritis to get into and out of our T6 T32 and I am thinking of getting either the Thule electric steps that are provided on Ex Disabled/Mobility vans or the full...
  11. Dannywheelz

    Hello from Gibraltar

    Hi, my name is Danny from Gibraltar, I have a wheelchair adapted VW T6 van which I drive from my own electric wheelchair. I know I am very far from the UK but this forum is very useful. Thank you.
  12. 1460aaron

    For Sale VW T6/T5 Transporter Automatic Tailgate Lift - Autocool Automatic Axial Door

    VW T6/T5 Automatic Tailgate Lift - Autocool Automatic Axial Door £400 - Location - Derby This was removed from my 2017 Transporter as is was no longer required. It was an upgrade for a disabled customer who previously owned the van. The lift was in full working order when removed from the...
  13. S

    Anyone Converted A Wheelchair Access Back To Stock

    Anyone removed wheelchair access equipment from your van and turned it back to stock. Seen this Caravelle with no front passenger seat and wondered if it was straight forward or going to be absolute hassle!
  14. V

    Shuttle SE Spec Review

    Hoping to hit the Go button on a Shuttle SE LWB 150 DSG in Bamboo Green shortly the base vehicle coming from the Motability Scheme. It will be my last one (buying it after the 3 year lease) so need to make it count. So first off the 3rd Row of seats is going as space trumps the need for seats...
  15. S

    Potential New T6 Owner

    Evening all. As per the title, I am a potential new T6 owner lurking on your forum! I am a wheelchair user and have been able to get myself and my chair in and out of various 4x4's over the last 10 years however my new powered chair is a lot heavier (200kg!) meaning I'm in the market for...
  16. S

    Wheelchair Accessible Camper

    Hi, Should We or Shouldn't We? We are thinking of getting a VW T6 T32 from CoachbuiltGB which would be specifically adapted for our young daughter as a day vehicle. We would use it for every day commutes to school and a place where she would be able to be changed or fed. Is there any other like...
  17. T6 dork

    Sold Ricon Wheel Chair Lift

    taken out of my 2013 caravelle perfect working order £300 www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332788350891
  18. B

    For Sale Amf-bruns Chair Lift

    When I bought my van it came complete with this chair lift. As above its a AMF-Bruns rated at 400KG. It comes complete with 4 X anchor points with all the metal work for under the van and 4 X seat belt type holding down straps. I have operated this down and up prior to removing it. My van was...
  19. L

    Suitable Earth For Wheelchair Hoist

    I am in the process of fitting a wheelchair hoist into my Kombi (at the same time as soundproofing, lining etc..) I am hoping that some of the resident electrical wizards can help me with a query regarding the best way to earth the installation. The hoist lists a maximum draw of 22 amps. I...
  20. L

    Disabled Access.

    Hi all. I am hoping to exploit some of the knowledge that members have of the T6 Kombi that I have recently purchased in regards to front passenger swivel seat. My wife has limited mobility and it is our intention to have a "Turny Evo" seat fitted to the van which will effectively rotate and...