wheel arch extension

  1. U

    Sliding door table rubbing on wheel arch cover

    I have replaced the sliding door card with a table but I find when the door is fully open, it rubs agains the wheel arch, which incidentally has the Vw wheel arch cover fitted. The door clears the arch until the middle hinge locks the door back as it pulls the door towards the van. If I pull...
  2. Kev Liddle

    Swamper Wheel arch covers, lost one...

    Evening folks, Somehow I’ve managed to lose the rear passenger wheel arch cover tonight, does anyone if I can buy them individually or is it a whole new set job? They’re the genuine VW Matt black exterior ones, to say I’m livid is an understatement haha Cheers!
  3. 18T6

    Slim arch protectors

    Hi, I’ve just found a thread relating to rear arch scrapes and learnt that it’s the sliding door that’s done it, so I’ll be checking if that can be sorted under warranty. So that’s great. But I still think it’s worth putting some protection on as we plan to keep the van a long time... - does...
  4. J

    T6.1 rear wheel arch cover

    I have just received a new T6.1 with rear heater assembly. I had no idea it would be so large. any guidance where I can buy the same or similar moulding to go the opposite side of the van to make the back look symmetrical? I will be insulating and lining. I think it will look horrible as it...
  5. Alexzeat

    Where can I buy this part?

    Hi guys Im looking for this parts to make my T6 multivan like 4x4. Do you know wich online store have it? Cheers from Spain.
  6. Rjhg98

    Wheel arch trims for new shape crafter

    Anyone know of any wheel arch trims like the swamper ones for t6’s?
  7. S

    Troublesome wheel arch extension trim

    Morning all I fitted wheel arch trims a while ago and very pleased with the fit and look. Only problem is rear drivers side it’s come away a little at the top, ( didn’t get it right first time and had a real fight to get it right) so original tape and black sealant didn’t take as good as it...
  8. 20200312_100855


  9. B

    Wheel Arch Trims

    Considering purchasing a set of external black wheel arch trims, as sold by various retailers. One company I spoke said that they are stuck on with an adhesive which effectively makes them a permament addition. I read somewhere that they can be stuck on with 3M double sided tape, so if i change...
  10. Pau1GTI

    Sliding Door Adjustment! Built In Table

    Hi Guys, I'm running a vanshades built in table and when the sliding door is open it's very close to hitting the rear arch. If opened quick enough it may even touch a bit. I'm going for a swamper look soon and planning oem plastic arches. I have a feeling it's definetly gonna touch. Can the...
  11. M

    Heat Gun / Wheel Arch Extensions

    Hi Everyone, I posted a wheel rub thread and I keep going round in circles (no pun intended), which is down to me not anyone elses posts! I'm going to try the heat gun method on the inner wheel arches (I have looked and I can see where the slight rubbing is). Any tips on how to do it please -...
  12. T6Andy

    Wheel Arch Extension With Sportline Front Spoiler

    anyone done this and got pictures how it’s looks? I realise the front extensions would need trimmed but what to see what it would look like!
  13. Glenn Board

    Wheel arch spats

    hi, one of my wheel arch’s is scratched so think of covering it up with a set of wheel arch spats, I don’t want them to stick out any further something like a stick on plastic protector, I can’t seam to find anything online, any advice please?
  14. Loz

    Fitted the wheel arch trims

    Supplied by @Pauly a while back but I've been waiting for the weather to warm up to fit them. Although the kit comes with the additional adhesive I purchased some Sika 521 UV to use instead.