1. B

    Webasto air top 2000 stc external bracket drawing.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I have just bought a 2016 vw Multivan that I plan to use as a weekend camper. Some of my planned modifications are to install a webasto diesel heater under the car. I am trying to find measurements and drawings, possibly a 3D drawing, for the...
  2. M

    Auxiliary heater locked - Caravelle T6

    I guys, I got yesterday the Carista OBD, when I tried it I got some errors, don't want to talk about all of them now to avoid confusion, those I'm trying to sort out now are about the Auxiliary Heating: 0002 - No Flame Detected After Repeated Start Attempts 0056 - No Flame Detected During...
  3. H

    Webasto Aux water heater lock-out

    Using carista I have found the Aux heater is showing a lock out that can't be reset. I also tried the reset, engine running and pull fuse 11, this then shows loss of heater control in carista, this can be reset. Any one had this, trip to VW I think.
  4. Jey

    Webasto doesn't work - Caravelle T6

    Hi! Now, it's mine Webasto on my car who doesn't work any more (few weeks ago, it was for a friend). I have a VW Caravelle T6 since October 2016. 298 500Km today. I use the webasto many times per day, every day during the winter, since 7 years. I never had any problem, and I never service it...
  5. Jey

    Webasto is not working anymore

    Hi! A friend has a problem with the webasto in his car since 2 weeks. When we use the remote, it's flashing green many times during +/- 2 seconds. When we use the button in the car, goes, then after few seconds it goes off. With VCDS, for the Aux Heater I find this : For the engine ...
  6. AdL

    Webasto Thermo & Comfort

    Hello My Van has a sticker which says 'Webasto Thermo & Comfort' on the door pillar. I understand that this is something to do with pre-heating or rapidly heating the engine cooling circuit in cold weather. But can anyone explain (in simple terms) what / why VW installed this? I don't want to...
  7. roooms

    Any aftermarket cleverness with the Webasto parking heater control unit?

    I've just bought a new (ebay) centre control assembly that sits between the sun visors as I wanted to replace the gloss black one that cam with the van but I didn't like. It includes this control unit which seems to be for an OEM webasto heater. My existing setup has a dummy plate there, so I...
  8. F

    Webasto AirTop200

    Hi all you knowledgeable people! So glad to have found this place We have a webasto air top 2000 and can not by the life of us find the combination timer! It's in an older bus and we have looked everywhere for it but can't locate it. It currently doesn't blow hot air and the control element is...
  9. BikerPa

    Webasto Airtop 2000STC very smokey when engine running, OK otherwise

    As per titile. This was fitted by camper converter 18months ago & seems fine when the engine is not running, but start the engine (as I've used it to help defrost the van over the last few days) & it starts making a wierd noise and smokes like an old steam train. Turn the engine off & it...
  10. L

    Loosing faith in my Webasto

    Only owned my webasto for a few years and it it lets me down each year when needed. Got another fault code come up H02, can smell and hear the diesel going through but not igniting!!! Does anyone know any good Webasto engineers near the Romford area please?
  11. Pedros85

    Webasto Heater/cooler

    Likely a stupid question but ill go anyway. I’ve got a Webasto heater with a control knob (don’t have a pic to hand) which doesn’t have a digital temp gauge. If I put it on the lowest will it heat up slightly or just be in effect a fan? Off to France on Friday and might buy a plug in fan...
  12. Skyliner33

    Where to get Webasto heater from, any offers on atm?

    I put an Eberspacher in the last van. I was planning to put a Planar heater in this time, but not willing to support the Russian economy. So, looks like I will install a Webasto. So my question is does anyone know of any offers on at the moment, that my searches might have missed, or the best...
  13. dennismo

    Webasto issue - controller crashed - T46

    In need of some help… away camping at the moment and have a Webasto heater that seems to have some issues. It was fitted by @Absolut5 a few years back and has been pretty flawless. I didn’t actually use it last night as we are on hookup so had a fan heater on before bed. This morning, I...
  14. Unimog

    Webasto protection plate

    If like me you have mounted your Webasto underside, and concerned the standard VW plastic protection cover is not up to the job. Well Seikel have produced another quality aluminium skid plate to cover under the right side of the van.
  15. T6Jay

    For Sale 3D Printed Webasto Controller Knob

    3D Printed Webasto Contoller Knob with central pushbutton. Like this one; See this thread; Found - 3D printed Webasto controller knob This is NOT my design, you can print your own if you wish, the STL files are here; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3993364 It's licenced as 'Creative...
  16. Nigel W

    Webasto controller upgrade

    Can you please help a confused novice? currently I have the basic rheostat controller as pic below and to get a more stable temperature I though about buying one of the new ones as per second pic. however there would appear to be several versions and I don’t know which one is correct. One is...
  17. Samro

    Webasto-Light brightness.

    Last night I slept in the van and didn't have any electrical tape to block out the horrendously bright glow emitted from the white light on the top right hand side of the Webasto control panel. (Turns green when in heat mode) Whilst the screen brightness can be reduced, the brightness of the...
  18. Skyliner33

    California Webasto B-pillar night heater retrofit.

    In relation to this: https://www.t6forum.com/threads/genuine-california-webasto-diesel-parking-heater-vented-step-b-pillar-posts.31286/ does anyone know what controllers and other things I would need to get the heater working? Thanks
  19. Vinci

    Woe Webasto

    I had my heater professionally installed when van was converted in 2017, used it 3 times in anger, and now T12 fault. Webasto engineers spent an hour looking for issue, no joy, and customer services say it is likely a yellow cable fault. Seriously not impressed with this make. Anyone know anyone...
  20. N

    North Lincolnshire aux heater flashing

    Is there anyone in North or North East Lincolnshire that could carry out the Webasto Aux heater flashing on a T6 shuttle please? I have VCDS, but not the flashing software. Many thanks