vw rcd330+ headunit

  1. A

    RCD330 battery drain

    Hello, I have a 2012 T5.1, had a it for a couple of months now. The battery has drained a couple of times now, initially i thought it was the hard wired light the previous owner installed which stayed on every time the doors opened. I disconnected it and thought that was the issue fixed...
  2. Rich Green

    Rcd330 stereo and reverse camera.

    Hi guys. I have ordered a rcd330 NOname radio for my 5.1. Install is very simple by looks of it. However does anyone know how I would connect up my existing aftermarket reversing camera? Behind my radio (if I remember rightly) I have the yellow plug from the camera and I have just ordered an...
  3. T6DSGChris

    Sold RCD330 with T6 Loom

    Recently taken out of my T6 RCD330 with the T6 loom. Will go straight in, you'll have Carplay via the front usb which allows all your spotify, apple maps, good maps, whatsapp and dab radio apps.. front rear park sensors will work.... travelinelite and other companies do rear camera kits for...
  4. Rossi17

    Stereo Upgrade Ideas?

    Hi, About to pick up my new t6 and looking to upgrade the rubbish 5" touch screen unit what's in there, so any ideas to a decent upgrade? not mega bucks though!! Cheers
  5. K

    Used Head Unit

    I'm looking at upgrading the head unit on a van and see that there are plenty of genuine ones about on the used market from salvaged vehicles but there seems to be conflicting information as to whether or not they would work once installed into a different vehicle. Many say "sold with code" but...
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    Rcd330+ adapter wiring
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    Rcd330+ adapter wiring
  8. Jimbobadini


    Hi, I got a bit excited whilst trolling eBay. I’m after car play for my T6 and saw the Rcd330+ so for the price decided I was having it without looking into it very much. Anyway it’s arrived and found the connections to be the same quadlock unit but the pin layout is different anybody know of...