1. Dazmitch

    AppConnect USB relocation nearer driver

    Hi guys, just picked up my new T6 highline with the stereo fitted with app connect. I thought this would be a great feature having my phone in my car but I now realise it has to be plugged into the USB which is on the other side of the van??? I've had the stereo out today to see if had a simple...
  2. P

    Usb Fuse Location

    My 2018 150HP dsg Cali has lost power to the two sockets on the dash, one in the glovebox and one in the little ashtray thingy under the gear selector. Does any one know where the fuse that feeds these is located exactly? My vehicle has the comfort dash if this makes a difference. I assume it...
  3. foll19

    Usb Not Working

    Hi We have a 2016 T6 Shuttle and the USB on the dash next to the shelf over the glove box won't charge a phone (standard dash). I've read a few things on here to suggest it may not link to the stereo which isn't a major issue as happy to bluetooth music and phone. Just would like to be able to...
  4. Lord Mfwic

    Usb Fuse Comfort Dash defective

    Hi, My USB in the glove box on my comfort dash has stopped working. Can anyone tell me where the fuse is located please. TIA
  5. T

    Cigarette Socket To Usb

    Hi all Recently bought a new t6kombi and I want to change the cigarette lighter socket to a twin usb for phone etc ,and I carnt see how I get to it to remove and refitt the usb And help appreciated T6ANT
  6. Paul H

    Usb Position Change

    Has anyone moved the USB socket in glovebox to the little cubby next to gear shift. This little one is perfect for my phone and would be perfect if the USB was in there.
  7. T

    Permanent 12v under passenger seat?

    Hi, I have a T6 with a factory-fitted leisure battery under the passenger seat. Does anyone know if, in this configuration, there is a permanent 12v from the starter battery available under the passenger seat? I know there commonly is, but I'm not sure if the fact I have a factory leisure...
  8. In a state

    Advice: How To Wire 2 Usb Socket Into B Pillars?

    I need some advice about the best way to wire in 2 usb ports either side on the b pillars. Ordered the example attached below. I want them to be only available when the igition is live. Is it best to use a fuse tap? If so what gauage of wire and what size fuse should I tap into? Thanks....
  9. Jimbobadini


    Hi, I got a bit excited whilst trolling eBay. I’m after car play for my T6 and saw the Rcd330+ so for the price decided I was having it without looking into it very much. Anyway it’s arrived and found the connections to be the same quadlock unit but the pin layout is different anybody know of...
  10. CraigofThe

    Adding 2nd USB to Discover Media Nav

    Hi, I have just received my spanking new T6 Kombi :) Very happy with everything, except that the comfort dash only came with a USB for the CarPlay in the glove box, which means every time I jump in the van I have to lean right over to plug my phone in. Is it possible to retrofit a second USB...
  11. A

    USB dashboard charging?

    Hi all, Just received our new t6. It has the two dashboard mounted USB charger points. The USB points don't appear to charge our phones much. Anyone know what spec the sockets are? I know my phone wants more than my old laptop can supply, but is fine with everything else I have ever used...