1. J

    Replacement double USB

    Good afternoon all, both our double usb’s have stopped working in our campervan. The rear was easy enough to swap over but the front (in the dash where the cigarette lighter used to be) is proving more difficult to find a replacement for. Has anyone come across this before? It seems to have a...
  2. T

    Lower Dash Usb Socket / Head unit Connection.

    Reference the Lower Dash Usb Socket, please can anyone advise me if the usb connection wiring goes directly to the headunit or somewhere else, as tracing the wire it would appear to go away from the headunit. I didnt want to strip all the dash out if only to find it eventually goes to the...
  3. G

    Amp connection to headunit

    Got a 'plug and play' speaker and amp kit for my 2018 Highline TSI. There's a lot of the 'plug' bits LOL! I have fitted the door speakers and tweeters and have the head unit out, but there's a lot left to connect. It's a factory NAV unit, can anyone help me figure out which plugs go where...
  4. tommycj

    T6 with leisure battery - how to add a plug socket - 3 pin & USB C charger

    Hello First time poster! I just bought a VW Transporter T6 4Motion. It has a leisure battery under the front passenger seat with a split charger installed, and I'm not sure which battery is in there. I would love some advice on how to add a three pin plug socket, a battery charge indicator...
  5. lukeadams

    Found USB Retention Cable

    As the title suggests. is anyone selling a usb retention cable. Thanks
  6. Hobbo

    Removal of dash USB/Aux-in socket

    Hope someone can help with this- I was having problems with the USB socket connected to my Pioneer head unit. The female USB was loose, when I took the plastic plate off the USB cable came out completely and is stuck somewhere in the dash. I can just about see it, but no end of fishing...
  7. C

    Override PMS in order to use LB sockets whilst engine running

    Hi, I noticed that my usb ports normally powered by the leisure battery don’t work when the engine is running. I think this is pretty common as a few other friends who have converted vans have said the same. Is there an easy way to override this? I know the leisure battery can provide power...
  8. Steve1978

    USB charging

    Hi, I am thinking of swapping out my car stereo for an iPad with a Bluetooth speaker. In order to keep all this running I would need to charge an iPad mini, speaker and a Wi-Fi dongle. with this in mind I was thinking to use a piggy back fuse to a dedicated usb hub or something. Are there...
  9. M

    Dash USB port dead after Pioneer fitted.

    Morning all Since fitting a pioneer sphda230dab the usb port in dash is now dead on my t6 does anyone know how to get this back working please
  10. robbidoo

    What is the definitive root cause of USB CarPlay disconnects?

    There are a bunch of threads on here with people reporting that USB CarPlay with their VW head units often disconnect. Some got around it by using a USB -> wireless adapter, others talk about replacing the USB port but that doesn't seem to always work. Is there a definitive root cause to this...
  11. CJW

    Button blank USB C and HDMI

    Evening. Sorry if this is old news but I just found these on the PiHut UK store - seem to be small enough to fit into the T6 button blanks. Have ordered the USB C one and will report back when fitted / failed miserably. Specs are pretty good - USB3.0 A to 3.1 C
  12. Mule

    Media connection not working / Phone not connecting - possible easy fix!

    I've had a quick search and cannot see it posted elsewhere but I've been having problems connecting my Android phone to the media unit in my T6.1. It just doesn't seem to recognise the phone despite it charging it. I've checked connections, changed cables etc all without success but think...
  13. A

    Dash USB with Alpine Halo

    I am finally getting round to installing my head unit, I thought it would be nice to keep the standard USB in the dash so bought one of these to connect the head unit USB to the VW 4 pin connector...
  14. R

    Head unit upgraded, USB in dash now dead

    Hi all Makes sense that as the new head unit doesn’t utilise the round USB connector that the dash USB is now dead, but what can I retrofit to get it powered again? Only want power as head unit is RCD360. Thanks.
  15. M

    Media USB quantity - 6.1 Highline with Discover Media

    Apologies if this is a duplicate question but a quick search didn't yield and answer. I'm picking up a new T6.1 with Discover Media option in a month and wondered how many USBs this arrangement has, where they are located (just the 2 in the centre dash? or are there others) and how many/which...
  16. K

    USB socket with aux input

    Dose any one know if you can buy just the housing for the usb socket on the t6 want one with the aux port in got a new usb from tps to work with apple car play ect but I order the wrong part its the correct usb but wrong housing it’s a golf one I got it dose kind of fit lol thanks
  17. R

    USB Hub Gen 2.1

    Hello everyone I’m sorry if this has already been posted. I have a late 2016 Caravelle. It has a Composition a media radio with 1 Apple CarPlay USB in the passenger glove box I want to add a second USB into the centre glove box, but in order to do that I need to change the USB Hub in the...
  18. T

    Comfort dash USB issues

    A Has anyone had issues with the USB port on their comfort dash? Or know how to remove to replace? I don’t believe it’s the fuse. Thanks in advance
  19. Ayjay

    12V USB Charger

    Has anybody used these and, if so, do they give any problems with DAB reception: AINOPE USB Car Charger, [Dual QC3.0 Port] 36W/6A [All Metal] Fast Car Charger Mini Cigarette USB Adapter Quick Charge Compatible...
  20. F

    Sold Dodo Mat DEADN single roll - NEW

    Hi, having recently finished our van, I am listing a bunch of items that are surplus to our conversion now. Here is the list of items for sale and I can post them all (prices are without postage): - Dodo Mat DEADN single roll (brand new) - £60 (Only needed one roll from a twin pack)...