1. K

    USB socket with aux input

    Dose any one know if you can buy just the housing for the usb socket on the t6 want one with the aux port in got a new usb from tps to work with apple car play ect but I order the wrong part its the correct usb but wrong housing it’s a golf one I got it dose kind of fit lol thanks
  2. R

    USB Hub Gen 2.1

    Hello everyone I’m sorry if this has already been posted. I have a late 2016 Caravelle. It has a Composition a media radio with 1 Apple CarPlay USB in the passenger glove box I want to add a second USB into the centre glove box, but in order to do that I need to change the USB Hub in the...
  3. T

    Comfort dash USB

    A Has anyone had issues with the USB port on their comfort dash? Or know how to remove to replace? I don’t believe it’s the fuse. Thanks in advance
  4. Ayjay

    12V USB Charger

    Has anybody used these and, if so, do they give any problems with DAB reception: AINOPE USB Car Charger, [Dual QC3.0 Port] 36W/6A [All Metal] Fast Car Charger Mini Cigarette USB Adapter Quick Charge Compatible...
  5. F

    For Sale Dodo Mat DEADN single roll - NEW

    Hi, having recently finished our van, I am listing a bunch of items that are surplus to our conversion now. Here is the list of items for sale and I can post them all (prices are without postage): - Dodo Mat DEADN single roll (brand new) - £60 (Only needed one roll from a twin pack)...
  6. T

    Problem with 12v socket and DAB radio

    I’m intrigued to see if anyone else has had the same issue and if you came up with a solution to fix it? So when I plug anything into the 12v socket the I loose all radio stations as soon as I take it out the socket they come back again Any help would be much appreciated!!
  7. Deviant Tubs

    USB or 12v Sockets?

    Hi all! I'm in the process of deciding what extra bits and pieces are going into my T6.1 conversion and I arrived at the subject of 12v/USB power supply. I've been speaking with the company that will be doing the build and so far I'm thinking... 2x 240v Sockets 2x USB Sockets (Each with...
  8. S

    Dash USB blanking-cover?

    Hi just purchased a wireless adapter for apple CarPlay, has anyone moved the usb/aux to in glove box or behind dash? is there a blank to cover the original if moved? Lokking fo suggestions was looking at fitting the van x glovebox and putting it in there.
  9. Pauly

    T6 Multimedia System Wiring Diagram 2016

    Multimedia System Circuit Diagram This diagram applies to vehicles with dual USB sockets and shows the USB hub/splitter and audio input connections VIP Membership is required to download this document
  10. paul5319

    usb port removel

    Hi guys, help with information on how to remove the usb port above the glove box on my T6 2018, and any replacement you can suggest will be appreciated just in the middle of fitting a Alpine Halo 903. Thanks.
  11. D

    USB charger in sliding door?

    Hi, has anyone ever fitted a USB charger point in a sliding door ? Not sure if I can pick up a constant 12V live from the door contact? any advice on wiring would be great Thanks
  12. peteslack

    Dash USB port fuse number/location

    Checking out the wiring in my 2017 Highline and discovered the harness for a dash USB port, a purple plug. Question is which fuse should it be wired to in the fuse box ? The plug reads no voltage including when the engine ignition switch is on. Also the original head unit has been replaced...
  13. osman

    Usb sockets and extensions

    Anyone else finding it frustrating trying to find reliable usb chargers and devices for motoring . I’m totally amazed at the terrible quality of most of this crap. I’m constantly battling with the exact point of insertion that a usb socket requires a usb plug in order to actually work .. I have...
  14. D

    Apple CarPlay USB move from left to right

    A couple of members have reached to ask how I moved the USB for CarPlay from the left of the vehicle to a more convenient place on the right so I thought I would share this post. Feel free to edit, move or delete if this has been covered before. I found the name of “VW 3D Printing” from this...
  15. osman

    For Sale Usb retention cable for t6

    Hi this is spare as I’ve installed a couple of head units over the last year or so . This is an alpine so it’s good quality, they all do the same job though .. basically make the existing usb socket useable with a new head unit . £30 Includes instructions
  16. Sackmycook

    New 12v socket has killed 2 USB adaptors [Resolved]

    Trying out all my newly installed (not by me) sockets today and one of the 12v seems faulty. Tried a plug in cigarette style usb adaptor with a small led light and it made a strange pop noise, no illumination. As this was a cheapo adaptor, tried a Tomtom spare and same thing happened. The other...
  17. Keefff

    USB Splitter Box for Comfort Console

    Just completed a Comfort Centre Console fit and ended up zip tie-ing the dash USB inside the dash and feeding a usb and aux cable through to the cubby hole on centre console. Does anyone know if there’s a kit or part no’s for parts to split the usb feed to a secondary socket see pic of what I...
  18. S

    USB C to USB adaptors

    Hi New to this as only bought a T6.1 yesterday. Didn't realise until today that the USB's in cab are USB C. Can the card insert be changed or what is the best adaptor for data transfer to use navigation and connect to apple play? Thanks in advance
  19. Cocoamedia

    Music from USB stick stopped working :o(

    Any Ideas? I have been playing music with my VW head unit using a USB stick. This has worked great and shown all the album covers on the head unit, played musc just fine. All of a sudden it has stopped working. Under Media --> select, the USB is now greyed out. I have tried several sticks. I...
  20. M

    Dash USB Not working (aftermarket H/U)

    Just plugged my phone into the dash usb socket to charge it and it’s not working. The van has a Kenwood DNX516 stereo with 2 USB leads in the glovebox, so I assume that the dash usb doesn’t work due to the aftermarket unit? Will something like this reinstate it? Thanks