underslung water tank

  1. Sim73

    Underslung Water Tank

    Hi, I currently have a small internal water tank and I am wanting to fit an underslung tank. I have purchased a shurflo water pump to replace the submersible one. I am now looking at what tank I can fit under the van. I was going to get the CAK 48 litre one, but then noticed it states that if...
  2. Ian28

    Leaking Underslung Water Tank

    Photo shows a drip coming way from my water tank - the leak actually appears to from where the white part is sealed (or not) to the dark part. Very slow at 1 drop every 5 seconds and only just noticed. Wondered if a stone may have hammered against it damaging the seal. Assume I’ll need to get...
  3. Andy1966

    Water purification tablets

    Does anyone use water purification tablets and if so any recommendations or any to steer clear of ? Cheers
  4. Coly

    Underslung tank positions

    Just bought a T32 year 2016 and trying to decide where to fit various tanks (waste water, fresh water and LPG fitted tank). The freshwater tank could go around the wheel arch. I am fitting a shower so the waste needs to be underslung. I could fit the waste by the exhaust but it does not seem...
  5. Jim_from_shoreham

    60 litre fresh water tank...

    I have had this tank a few weeks and and have been under the van a couple of times scratching my head on how I’m going to fit it using the straps it was supplied with... I’m normally quite competent with most of my jobs on my conversion but I’m at a loss with this. Any help would be much...
  6. TeresaE

    Upgrading submersible pump in the underslung tank

    Could any of you guys advise the best way of removing the submersible pump from the underslung tank? Is it something we can do at home? Ta
  7. OllieGBR

    Underslung Water Tank And Shower Option

    Has anyone fitted and have experience of using an underslung water tank like this? 60 Litre Water Tank Kit for VW Transporter T5 Campervan Fresh/Waste Water Set-Up | eBay I want to run a kitchen tap and then a spray washer from the rear of the van, (aka Three Bridges setup). After some...
  8. D

    Insulating The Water

    We camp at lot in winter so we insulated the tank and the pipe work.
  9. G

    Diesel Heater Location

    hi all I have T6 euro 6 van, is it possible to locate a planar diesel heater underneath the van on the passenger side, I'm hoping to fit underslung water tanks on the drivers side were the heater is usually located. Thanks
  10. J

    Underslung Water Tank, In Front Of Spare Wheel.

    I'm about to start fitting my water tank under my lwb T6 (tsi if that makes any difference). I've gone for the 60l one that fits in front of the spare wheel from autocraft. Just looking for a bit of inspiration.in regards to fitting and running of pipes. So off the tank I will need a 40mm...
  11. D

    Underslung Water Tank For Lwb 4motion?

    Has anybody fitted one of these? What make and where can it fit? Want to keep the spare wheel if possible. Thanks
  12. IMG_20190601_152827


    Centre under-slung tank clearance from rear of front silencer T6 (Euro5)
  13. IMG_20190601_142116


    Centre under-slung tank clearance from rear of front silencer T5.
  14. JordanGT

    Underslung Water Tank Installation

    Does anyone know or recommend a company to install a underslung water tank. Preferably in the Rugby area but willing to travel a little.
  15. kn0bby

    Underslung Fresh Water Tank, Shurflo Pump - What Tap?

    Hi Chaps.. Just trying to sort out my water system.. So I have a Smev 9222 sink/hob.. I am getting a underslung fresh water tank fitted soon.. The tank supplier recommended a Shurflo Trail king 12v pump that i've ordered and fitted just not plumbed or wired up. I know the norma is to...
  16. kn0bby

    Tsi - Underslung Water Tank?

    Hi chaps. Anyone know of a water tank that’s suitable for a TSI? I have a Webasto heater by the drivers footwell. Going to have an LPG tank infront of the spare wheel. Heard the heat shields are pretty hectic below the TSI. Thanks.
  17. Andrew Wilkinson

    Underslung Water Tank Melted!

    As part of my conversion I've had an under-slung fresh water tank fitted to my T6 LWB. It's the long slim tank which fits next to the exhaust almost down the centre of the van. The first one a I had fitted was not very secure and melted against the exhaust. I have since built a more secure way...
  18. R

    Can't Wait, But Confused

    Hello, after long and hard deliberation we have decided to sell our Pennine folding camper and buy a T6 conversion. The problem is we keep changing our mind on what we want after every conversion place we visit our ideas change. We would like a bus that will be used as an everyday vehicle for my...
  19. S

    Water Pressure

    hi filled the underfloor fresh water tank up turned the tap on but it just trickles out. you can her the pump start tried to prime the pump in a bucket but still no change. I have replaced the pump for a hi Flo whale pump tried it in a bucket still connected to the water pipe but still no change...
  20. A

    Water Inlet For Underslung Tank Under Bonnet ?

    I have asked my converter to put the water tank inlet under the bonnet but he says we’ve looked at it and it’s not feasible to get the pipe through the bulkhead and into the engine bay Not sure if I have dreamt this but I am sure I have seen this done and wanted to avoid spoiling the sides on...