underslung water tank

  1. C

    Underslung tank installation cost?

    For Sale - 2018 T32 Campervan | 150PS | £35k upgrades Any idea how much it would cost to have an under slung water container installed?
  2. N

    Fresh-water filling problem

    Hi there fellow VW campers - our T6 has an underslung on board water tank capacity approx 60 litres we are having problems with filling it - the filler is situated inside the cab near the sliding door by the base of the rear seat , when we try to fill it with a hose from the mains -however...
  3. M

    Underslung water and gas tanks on 4Motion

    Hi all I’m a new member and after some help/advice. I recently bought at SWB T6 T32 Dsg 4motion converted Kombi with 2 sliding doors, I am hoping to put gas underneath and hopefully water fresh and waste water if there’s room, I don’t really want to loose the spare wheel. Has anyone had this...
  4. P

    Underslung Water tanks opinions / Installers

    Hi, we have a T6 shuttle, with a Hilo roof aswell as an Ovano draw / bed system installed, the vechile is mainly used for short weekend escapes. We have been using a large 15lt jerry can for water, this is a pain !. We are looking to install an under slung water tank & pump with exterior fill...
  5. T

    For Sale Twin system Water tank

    Good morning all, I have a new/unused twin skirt water tank kit. Had a slight change of plan on our layout so went for a different water tank. It's never been installed. Looking for £180 collected from the Manchester area or I work in chesterfield so could also be collected from there too...
  6. O

    T5/T6 NSR underslung water tank

    We recently completed a camper van conversion on a T6. As part of this we developed a water tank that fits in an unused space behind the N/S/R wheel to use as a waste tank and had a drain pipe fitted. Since then I have fitted one to my own van (T5) to use with a cordless pressure washer for...
  7. DavidT100

    What’s this hose/tap?

    Hi - completely new to all this having picked up our T6 a couple of weeks ago so will have lots of questions and hopefully this is posted in the right chat. Been looking under my van (Cambridge Camper Conversion) and found this connection shown on the pick. Looks like it comes off the water...
  8. A

    69l tank, Under bumper outlet and pressure-fill, vent, level sensor?

    Thinking about fitting one of these https://www.onlinetankstore.co.uk/product/vw-transporter-underslung-water-tank-69-litres/ They recommend TEK screws for the brackets. Will this be strong enough? Has anyone fitted one with an under-bumper outlet and pressure-fill (with over pressure...
  9. D

    Sold Now sold - Underslung 69 litre water tank. As new £100

    A change of build plans means this is no longer needed. I have already wrapped the tank in bubble insulation and foil tape to help insulate from both the heat and cold. As new as not been fitted or used, comes with the fixing brackets and outlets. Has the flush mounting access / drain cover on...
  10. M

    Gas, Water and Heater Underslung

    Hi, just planning conversation (first post here), looking to fit small LPG, water tank and propex heater all underslung in T6 LWB. Heater to go in usual place. Question I have is are the any examples out there of doing this? Trying to find the correct tanks etc. Everyone seems to have done LPG...
  11. Bynxy

    Water or Gas

    I now have a space were the spare wheel used to be so my question is would you put an underslung fresh water tank or an underslung LPG tank ? And why?
  12. O

    Tank connection size for fresh water

    Hi, I have a cak tank 203f to fit under the vehicle behind the spare wheel for fresh water. It has a 40mm inlet connection point. The tank has 3 small white discs on the top which I presume are pressure relief valves so it can vent if over full. I wanted to fit just a conventional bayonet...
  13. P

    Crafter 2018 MWB Underslung water tanks

    Hi can anyone assist with suppliers of underslung fresh and waste water tanks. I have seen them advertised for LWB but not for MWB I am also looking to add underslung gas so size and locations are critical especially with ad blue Anyone here done this already ? cheers phil
  14. Catagonia

    Converting Adblue tank to Water

    After having my Adblue coded out it's got me to thinking whether the redundant Adblue tank would make a good onboard hot water tank? Cleaned out of course! Could even be fitted with a submerged heating element that can produced hot water whilst the engine in running. Filler cap is already in...
  15. B

    Will puddles cause issues with my underslung gas, water and heater units?

    newbie question. I've just had installed underslung gas, watertank, and a diesel heater have i made a big mistake?. what happens for instance if i have to cross a ford or any standing water will this bugger the underslung installed equipment
  16. PetroHeed

    Alternative to CAK water tanks?

    Does anyone have recommendations for alternative underslung water tanks to the CAK tanks (which are currently 8-10 week lead time)? Thanks.
  17. moto

    Water tank causing saggy rear. Solutions?

    Morning All. Can anyone recommend suspension specialist who could help me, ideally up to 100 miles from London? Thanks Just had a water tank fitted and was assured it will be postioned for perfect weight distibution, but when full it seats much lower at the back. To be fair drives great, no...
  18. hatjoepeg

    Under van water storage - help needed!

    We have a water bottle under the sink and pump but it is hard to fill, leaks if we leave it more than a quarter full when travelling and would rather have useable space in the van.........so my question is (and obviously I have trawled the forum and can’t quite find the easy answer) who has...
  19. D

    Water waste on lowered van

    Hi peeps - I've never used my sink but since the rules for 12th April onwards require us to be self contained I think I'm going to have to pour stuff down it. The trouble is I only have 15cm of clearance under the van to put something to collect the liquids that come through. I just wondered if...
  20. smilie121

    Underslung Water Tank advice / guidance

    Hi everyone I am thinking of purchasing this 60 litre watertank ....... along with this fixing kit ....... I would prefer this kind of inlet Additionally a shureflo pump and shower head from the same site. My intention is to to install the water inlet by the side of the 240v hookup as there...