tyre pressure

  1. Rids

    Tyre Pressures - some realisations

    Hi All, I know there are several threads on here about tyre pressures for non standard tyre sizes... But but it seems not many are running the same as me (255/50 R18 106 XL) so I've been doing some research. Firstly I found this web site very informative... The Ultimate Tire Pressure Resource...
  2. LpeppsT6

    ABS tyre pressure - turn off

    sensors keep pinging up low pressure, never in the same wheel, dose it on both sets of wheels I have, I know its just a quick re set in the mf display but it goes off so often now its really getting on my nerves, I've searched lots and think mine is on the abs system, is there any way to turn...
  3. Stu1974

    T32 4 motion DSG Tyre Pressure 265 40 20

    Hi guys I have searched all over here but don’t seem to get the answers I need. So Ok I’m having trouble with my van and need anybody with the same van to give me a help or clues as to what pressures they are running. Or indeed if they have moved from this wheel and tire size to a more...
  4. Stu1974

    255 40 20 tyre pressures

    Hello I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I’m in a really bad rush and not really sure how to search for the answer. I have a 2018 T6 4 Motion DSG. Kombi van. Fitted with bilstein coil overs. Personal use only no commercial. Just bought it yesturday. I have just had fitted 255 40 20...
  5. minmax89

    What tyre pressures? 17” GP banded steels

    Hello everyone, does anyone have an idea what type pressures I should run? I have 17 inch GP’s that have been banded (from 7” wide) to 9” and 9.5”. The tyres are: Front 225/55/17 XL 103 Rear 235/55/17 XL 103 The van is lowered on Bilstein coilovers and is usually not too heavily loaded. thanks...
  6. stormin79

    T6 Tyre Pressure fault?

    Hello all, New owner of a T6 Kombi. I have the tyre pressure warning light on as well as the ABS light. This is intermittent but more often than not on start up. It does sometime go off with a restart Some good posts on here with suggestions to check the tyre pressure (all fine) and then...
  7. TimC66

    Ride Comfort

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a suspension issue or wheel/tyre issue. I find the ride quite hard in my camper, feel every bump in the road and every surface change. The rear feels like a pogo stick and after having a friend follow behind he confirmed that is what it looks like too. The camper...
  8. Neil Stichbury

    Epic Tyre wear

    Hi all, I've got a 2018 T6 4Motion Multivan running 20" wheels and 245/45 tyres. My issue is with rubbing the edges off tyres in no time at all. Regular wheel alignments, correct pressures but man do I go through tyres. I assume this is not just my problem. Question is has anyone upgraded...
  9. Hinks007

    Banded Steels Question

    Hi, Does anybody know if anyone does black banded wheels? And what's the maximum size wheel I should be fitting without runing the ride and bearings!! Cheers mate
  10. L

    235/50/18 Tyre pressures T30

    Cannot find this combo, apologies if I missed it. Dealer cannot be bothered to advise (they swapped them out for the Claytons), anyone know? Label in van has same pressure for these 2 235/55 R17 103H 255/45 R18 103 H at 36 unladen, 48 laden Mine are 235/50 101W Any offers - there seems to be...
  11. R

    Bubbling on inner side wall of tyre

    Morning, I have 20 inch wheels on my T6 as many others. Has anyone had the same problem with bubbling on the inner side walls. This is the 2nd set of tyres to do the same thing and different manufacturers. To be fare they are both low end spec tyres but didn't want to put on more expensive...
  12. La Dodgy Vita

    Tyre pressures for 205/65/16

    Hi. I'm a new owner of a 2016 T6 with 205 / 65 / R16C Hankook tyres. She had been serviced and MOTd just before I picked her up last week and I've done about 200 miles since then. I've been happy with the handling and ride after I'd become used to the understeer (my other car is an MX5) but when...
  13. Springer13

    Swamper Tyre Pressure 235/65/17

    Hi, you guys running with Cooper Discoverer R/T3 235/65 R17, what tyre pressures are you running them at? Cheers
  14. Urbanfox

    Digital Tyre pressure gauges

    OK, after reading the thread, First blow out, I have come to realise I'm way overdue to renew my digital pressure gauge. There is a guage on my 12v inflator but I always double check with my small digital and adjust pressures to those readings. So, as I need a new guage, my present one has got...
  15. Insert Coin

    A Painful Reminder To Check Those Wheels/tyres!

    So after @BognorMotors fitted my beautiful BBS wheels, they did a 4 wheel alignment, really thorough job which included taking off my ABT snow plough to ensure the alignment was 100% spot on. I'd covered about 8,000 miles when the new wheels were fitted. I took the van in for a service about...
  16. czmate1999

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    Hi Guys, Have a 69 T32 Kombi, just in conversion at the moment. Just wondered if anyone could tell me if it has TPMS or if it is something that can be enabled? Had a quick search but nothing jumped out at me. Cheers CZ.
  17. T6Paul

    Devonport tyre pressure?

    What pressure is everyone running on their Devonports? I’ve just switched over to Devonports for the winter with a set of Goodyear cargo vector 2 m+s all season 215/60/17 and the recommended psi of 58 is way too much! I think somewhere around 50 would be better??
  18. P

    Tyre Pressure 255/35/20?

    Hi . Apologies if this has all been gone through before - please has anybody any info on tyre pressures for T6 transporter to Campervan conversion, Style line. It has 255 35 20 tyres but I’ve no idea what pressure they should actually be ? I’m running at 47 psi all round but would be grateful...
  19. D

    Rear Tyre Excessive Wear

    I fitted B14 coilers and a set of 20" 255/35 tyres in the spring, with laser alignment done at the time. Changed to winter wheels last week and surprised to find my rear tyres at 1.6mm and 2mm, both with even tyre wear across the tyre. I was running them at approx 42 psi and covered 7000miles...
  20. T

    Tyre Pressures ???

    Evening all, Size 275-35-20 Running 41 psi all round in fully converted t6 camper Sound about right?