sump plug

  1. E

    Why do main dealers change the sump plug every oil change? Or do they?

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum. I recently carried out my first oil and filter change since buying my T6. I noticed on all the previous main dealers oil services that they charged for a new sump plug. So naturally assuming it had a crush washer I purchased one with the oil filter. However on...
  2. W

    Oil leak 2017 T6

    Hi 2017 T6 covered 48k miles I noticed drops of oil on the drive and then looked underneath this evening and saw this…. The van had a major service 2000 miles (and 6 weeks ago). Any advice would be great. Thanks
  3. Skyliner33

    Sump plug tool?

    Hi, Im going to have a go at changing the engine oil on my van as its due a service. However Im not sure what I need to remove the sump plug. I believe it is a hex key, but not sure what size. I cant find a sticker anywhere with the engine code on, but it is a 180bhp Euro 5 version with the...
  4. Z

    £16 Well Spent..

    So I've always done all my own servicing on all my cars and the T6 is no exception. That said why has it taken me so long to get one of these...
  5. mopardave

    Oil Extraction Pumps

    Has anyone got any recommendations for oil extraction pumps? Now, I'm a firm believer in dropping the sump plug to do an oil change but I always seem to spill at least some oil so I'm thinking of getting an extraction pump to pump most out before removing the sump plug.....and I think it would...
  6. Dellmassive

    204 Engine Top End Oil Leak?

    MY18 T32 PV 204 DSG 204 engine top-end oil leak? on a rummage around the engine bay the other day i saw this =[ the van has done 10K from new and is due its first oil service in 2k or so at the dealers. there seems to be some oil under the charge cooler by the red boost hose, its very high...
  7. Dellmassive

    Where’s This Bit From? . . . . Tonight’s Quiz

    Where’s This Bit From? . . . . Tonight’s Quiz Inspired by @GARY Doe . . . . this is a fun Thread about T6 stuff, parts and accessories, some zoomed in images or blured images or parts for you to identify . . . . There is no winner or prize . . . . just for fun and a challenge . . . list...
  8. alter

    Threading Of The Engine Oil Stopper Seat

    Hello everyone ..., my mechanic and friend owns a T5 with 5-cylinder engine. On the occasion of the first replacement of the engine oil, he found that the thread of the cap seat needed a "carry over" when the cap was reinserted onto the oil sump. This has also happened on other T5 vans that have...
  9. LordGozer

    Deposit under oil filler cap

    Hi all, I have read a few things about a mayonnaise looking deposit under the oil filler cap and it being attributed to the T6 engine running colder than other engines but never see any pictures. This is a picture of mine yesterday, is this what everyone is talking about or do I have a...
  10. Y

    EU6 150 CXHA Engine Oil Change

    Now I've changed engine oil & filter in plenty of cars, but it's usually very easy to spot the oil filter location. Embarrassingly I'm struggling to find it(!). I've read the maintenance document available for download, found a pic on here on another thread, but I'm still looking. Can anyone...