1. B

    Startline Business Pack

    Found a t6 I’m interested in buying ,I really wanted a highline tsi kombi but can’t find one for toffee these days . Found a startline with a business pack ,can’t get the exact spec off the seller ,is there anyway from vw perhaps if finding the full spec?
  2. CamperBadger

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System retrofit to Startline

    My van, a Startline, doesn't have it. How to retrofit? Do I buy the TPMS units for each tyre, buy some kind of bluetooth receiver and then code?
  3. sipep

    Are you happy with your t6.1 startline?

    Looking at t6.1 startline, its £24000 with 38k white. I don't I can afford a high line in a t6.1.
  4. The Van Cave

    Wanted T6 Startline Bumpers Etc

    I’ve got an itch that needs scratching, but before I go to TPS and get ripped off with the ridiculously small discount I get, does anyone out there have any grey plastic Startline bumpers and bits they want to move on? Looking for: T6 front bumper without radar sensor cutout Tailgate rear...
  5. C

    VW t6.1 startline auto headlight retrofit question

    Hi, I want to retrofit the auto headlights feature to my t6.1 startline. From reading the only other post I can find in this forum about it, it seems the people who have tried just changing the headlight switching module (like you needed to do on the t6) to one which includes the auto function...
  6. T

    Anyone want to swap startline bumper for Highline bumper & grille?

    Lots are now wanting the startline bumper for the swamper look but I want to go highline I’m Shropshire based if anyone wants to do a swap
  7. JonriceT6

    Wanted Startline front bumper (swap?)

    I’m after swapping my reflex silver Highline bumper with gloss inserts for a normal black startline bumper. I’m going for the swamper look . Does anyone know the price or location I can pick up a startline black bumper?
  8. T6Bob32

    Cruise control indication and operation questions

    Hi folks I've recently retrofitted a MFSW with cruise control to my startline Apologies for the blasphemy, but on my Caddy, there's an indication of the target speed on the dash, see below. I'm wondering if that's an option on a T6? Can it be done using VCDS? Also, I've seen comments on a...
  9. T

    For Sale T6.1 Startline bumpers and mirror caps

    I’m selling my start line bumpers and mirror caps. Front bumper with fog light blanks Rear bumper (with pdc holes) Mirror caps All the standard grey colour coming from a van with 6000 miles on it.. Will post pics tomorrow when I can in day light
  10. K

    Startline conversion to Kombi Highline

    Hi all. New to the group and I have just bought a 2018 t6 start line swb. I’m planning on converting to a crew van and would like to fit styling modifications. Am I better changing the front bumper to a Sportline or trend line spec with fog lights before putting a splitter on? Is there any...
  11. W

    For Sale Startline Front and Rear bumpers (barn-door)

    I’ve just put a colour coded bumpers on my T6-startline so my Bumpers are available for sale. Not sure what they’re worth, just looking for a fair offer (help appreciated) Front bumper is very good condition Rear bumper (barn door) is good condition No dents etc.
  12. marmite monster

    Sold 2022 150PS 4Motion Kombi. Industrial Green, diff lock, super rare. £45k

    2022 VW Transporter T6.1 5000 Miles 4motion (4x4) Manual 6 speed 150 bhp SWB Apple car play Cruise control Factory Options: Custom factory colour- industrial green (only 3 in the UK, this being the only 4 motion) Diff lock Business pack- Aircon/ parking sensors Reverse camera Hill descent...
  13. dave_b

    Aftermarket black-textured rear bumper

    I can't find anywhere that sells aftermarket textured rear bumpers? Are they only available via VW?
  14. T

    For Sale Startline rear bumper (tailgate)

    For sale startline rear bumper, came off my new 22 plate van that had covered just 500 miles so as new £100 ono collection ls23 6sh
  15. T

    For Sale T6.1 front startline bumper

    For sale as brand new front black plastic startline bumper/grill complete ( has just come off a new van with less than 500 miles on ) so like new , Wetherby West Yorkshire £120
  16. C

    Sold SPARES OR REPAIR 2019 T30 SWB Startline P/V. PDC / air con / DAB / cruise. £10500 +VAT

    2019 VW Transporter T30 Startline 132K Miles mot till 28/2/2023 Air con,dab,cruise control,rear parking sensors,heated mirrors electric windows £10,500 plus vat Location bedfordshire Now being sold as SPARES OR REPAIR Needs egr valve cleaning or replacement also gearbox has slight whine in...
  17. Pedro20001

    Adding powerfold mirrors to a t6.1 startline

    Hi all, has anyone added powerfold mirrors to a startline non powerfold t6.1? Looking to upgrade and wondered if this has been done before. Thanks in advance
  18. A

    Reversing camera for Startline?

    I have just got a t6 startline 2018 but wanted to know if I can fit a reverse camera into the standard headunit as doesn’t have sat nav Thanks,
  19. G

    Wanted Startline Rear Bumper (Barn Door)

    Rear bumper for a 2017 Startline barn door please. The black plastic one.
  20. racT6bus

    T6 ex-RAC - Startline Grille

    Hi there, I've recently acquired one of the ex-RAC T6 SWB vans to turn into a day van/camper. I quite like the 'commercial' look and was planning to leave on the startline bumpers in grey and make a subtle suspension drop on some 18 or 19 steels (will be seeking some advice on that!) with...