1. C

    [Guide] How To Retrofit MFSW And Cruise Control To T6 Eu6 2019 Startline - Also Hacking DSG Paddles For CCS

    Disclaimer - use this information at your own peril - I may have got things wrong. I am hoping this "how to" will be a one stop place for all the information, owners of poverty spec, 2019, EU6, T6's need, to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) and to enable the cruise control system...
  2. mommabear

    How to remove T6 Startline Front bumper

    Useful little fun clip for those who dont know. How to remove T6 Startline Bumper
  3. notchback

    Best supplier for T6 Sportline bumper kits?

    Any recommendations where to buy upgrade kits to sportline primed bumpers front & rear? I've seen a few companies offering full kits, but has anyone had experience with the quality of them etc? Also, is anyone offering T6 to 6.1 facelift kits? Thanks.
  4. B

    Wanted T6 Bumper

    Anyone in London or the southeast got a bumper they want to sell? Just got a Startline and want to colour code bumpers. Would be best if white but not really bothered if it's another Startline bumper either. Just wanted to be able to use the van still while I did the work. Thanks
  5. 1

    upgrade t6 startline instrument cluster (clocks)

    hiya can anyone help with any information regarding possibility of changing the clocks, speedo, in a startline, t6 to a highline dash clocks, (one with temp gauge) i have read a few people asking but no one seems to answer, apart from to plug a app, in to get a temp gauge, which i would rather...
  6. iawnski

    week before lockdown

  7. Daniel2929

    Startline retrofitted MFSW not working

    Hi everyone I’ve just fitted my mfsw but cannot get it to work The van is a euro 5 16 plate and has cruise on the stalk The steering wheel lights up when the lights are switched on and the buttons work on the right hand side but don’t do as they are meant to. The OK button will turn the music...
  8. simonnwt6

    Is this a Startline front bumper ?

    My van came with this single red stripe and I took a look on Vanstyle but it says the Startline bumper isnt compatible unlike Highline and Trendline with coloured options or gloss black upgrades as it's one piece. Confused as my Startline came with the single top stripe added so is my front not...
  9. purplesurfer

    T6 Startline Front Chrome Trim removal

    helllooooo.... been tinkering like crazy in these lockdown times & need a little advice please! Have a 2015 startline T6 - any tips on getting off the chrome front trim either side of the VW badge without busting it up?? A little reluctant to force it... Any advice HUGELY appreciated :oops:;)
  10. C

    Startline To Highline Front End With Extras

    Has any one went from a starline front end and upgraded it to a highline one with front spoiler?.. I've found the kit I want, bumper primed, lower grille with drl, upper grille, front end spoiler, and also buying fog lights as an extra. Just unsure if am best to get fog lights fitted and drl...
  11. Anthony lamprell

    Reverse Camera Coding?

    hi, I’ve just put this in the ice section but think it’s better here. Anyway, I’ve installed a vw reversing camera to my t6 today. All straight forward until I’ve tried to code it with the vcds. I’ve gone into the steering module (sorry can’t remember the number now as I’ve come in and given...
  12. tifflepops

    Wanted Startline Front Bumper

    as title anyone got one in or around Leeds/West Yorkshire. Cheers Tiff
  13. Daniel2929

    Startline bumper with Sportline splitter

    Hi people I have a startline which comes with the not so nice plastic bumpers I was hoping to add the transporter hq sportline front splitter but don’t really want to fit it to the one piece bumper that’s on my van Any ideas or what parts i would need to swap to the colour coded bumper Also...
  14. Tlc

    ‘Oil’ message when ignition on but no warning light

    When I start my t6 up a message comes up check oil ? I’ve done this an the oil level is fine an the message goes when I drive it should I get it to the garage
  15. Saxy

    Dashboard Switch Help

    We have a Feb 2016 T6 Euro 5 (no Adblu) startline. The switch cluster with the 4way flasher switch, there is a switch with a capital A. Does anyone know what this is please? We've only had the van for a few weeks and we dont have any manuals and can't seem to find the info online.
  16. Sabre

    Travelin Lite Front Bumper Vw Logo

    Hi, Has anyone else had the travelin lite bumper package as an upgrade from the startline? Reason for asking is how did you apply the VW logo? I have the little black disk that's supposed to go on there but it won't stay and the logo from the original bumper falls off. Without the black disk it...
  17. Thomas Hopkins

    Startline Steering Wheel Upgrade

    have seen this covered a few times a while back, got a plastic startline steering wheel want to upgrade to the mfsw highline wheel with controls, anyone done this and know if it’s plug and play and if the wiring for the controls are in the wheel loom ? Cheers
  18. marmite monster

    Unpainted Sportline Splitter On Un Painted Bumper ..hummm

    Has anyone put a unpainted sportline splitter on a startline bumper and left them unpainted ? Or used texture spray to match them up . I reckon this could look pretty evil on my pure grey van. see comedy photoshop below
  19. Sabre

    Any Ideas For Startline Bumper Set?

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do with the Startline bumpers I've just replaced? Put them online but no sniffs, presume the T6 isn't old enough for the commercial crowd to need replacements. So, anyone got any suggestions. Don't really want to simply them in the tip but that's...
  20. Sabre

    Inside The Startline Bumper??

    A question for all those that have swapped their front Startline bummpers... I am in the process of fitting mine as I type but having removed the old bumper, there were three screws on the underside that fit onto a piece of the inside of the old bumper. I cant see how that comes off or where it...