1. A

    Identifying Upgraded T6 Startline Grille and Bumper

    Hi, My van is a Startline base model, but prior to me buying it, the front end was updated. I was looking at getting a front facing camera in the VW, but mine looks like a cheap silver VW on a flappy bit of plastic... So thinking new grille with VW badge that can accommodate the camera. The...
  2. 8o8

    Textured highline bumpers

    Hi I ripped the front bumper off my T6 a few weeks back and managed to repair it and refit, but fancy a change to have textured look highline front and rear bumpers (swamper style). its a candy white highline with colour coded bumpers. Any one have any recommendations where to source these...
  3. A

    Wanted Startline Commercial Rear Bumper (Tailgate)

    Hi With everyone swapping to colour-coded bumpers maybe someone has one sat in the garage that they dont need, mine has a damaged corner :( Let me know whats available (closer to the Midlands the better) Thanks all
  4. F2JON

    Wanted Startline rear bumper (barn-door)

    Anyone got any mint unpainted startline t6.1 bumpers taking up room in their garage ? Barn door rear bumper , no screw holes , scuffs or damage preferably in the midlands .
  5. Drive Wayne

    Sold Ascot Grey T6.1 Startline Bumper/Grille 1 piece £100 ish...

    Removed today, currently residing in our conservatory until wifey spots it's taking up her summer space. The Ascot Grey part is pretty damn perfect, the Glossy Black grille and fixed dog bones need 'touching up'! Bear in mind this is one piece, not splittable like the Highline variety. The...
  6. B

    T6.1 stereo screen blank

    Help needed… My 6.1 Startline head unit screen is blank but the radio turns on and off… is there any way of pairing my phone without the screen being active?
  7. gvicker1

    Sold Wheels / Suspension / Bumpers

    1) T6 start line from bumper - in fair condition no major marks 2) T6 start line rear bumper for tailgate - small crack but could be repaired 3) Full T32 used suspension (97k) 4) Set of 4 16” steels with tyres (3mm tread)
  8. K

    MFD showing MIN0_75G / MAX0_75G message?

    Evening gurus, Whilst trying to figure out how to reset the clock on a 2016 T6 Startline (yes, I figured it out) I managed to get the MFD to flash up with the below image. It said both ‘MAX*_75G’ and ‘MIN*_75G’. I’ve tried to search this on both the forum and Google - with both 0 and O - but...
  9. M

    The Matrix

    Hi can anyone help? I am looking for a T5 / 6 heater matrix? The basic mechanically controlled version. Actually just need the white nylon disc which controls the air blend on the left (passenger side). There are full systems available on line but are expensive to buy and ship; or has...
  10. The Flying Scotsman

    Can you change lower bumper grill on a Startline ?

    Hi I’m hoping to change the lower bumper grill on my T6. My bus is a startline so has a different lower grill than highlines. I’m wanting to fit a gloss black grill with DRL’s but they are only available for highlines. Is it possible to replace the startline lower grill with a highline one? I...
  11. T

    Sold 2016 T30 102PS Startline Kombi. £14k

    2016 VW Transporter 102 Startline Kombi 12 Months MOT 105k Miles 6 Seats Cruise Control Insulated & Carpet lined I have owned this van since October 2019, it had 27K on the clock when I bought it and has been faultless over the last 4 Years. Have now got a T6.1 so no longer require this one...
  12. T

    Digital Display missing MPH

    Hi. Just joined the T6 family and got my first van. It’s just been converted from a commercial vehicle to a camper and I’ve noticed that when I select to see MPH on the digital display above the vehicle. It’s just blank (- - -). Do I have to enable it or is this a fault. Any advice I would...
  13. CJW

    EUR5 MFSW Retrofit Guide - Oct 2023 Update

    ***Follow this guide at your own risk*** Just mind-dumping after collecting a whole load of research which will leave my feeble brain if I don't write it down: This applies to a very niche application, which is retrofitting MFSW to a EUR5 T6 (one of the earliest ones). It does not cover cruise...
  14. The Flying Scotsman

    Adding LED DRL to a Startline bumper

    After taking my T6 for its first drive in the dark I can see why everyone moans about the standard H4’s and will definitely be upgrading them the THQ H7’s during the winter. I've also got a set of fog lights and fitting kit for my sportsline front bumper. I’m thinking of fitting an additional...
  15. B

    Startline Business Pack

    Found a t6 I’m interested in buying ,I really wanted a highline tsi kombi but can’t find one for toffee these days . Found a startline with a business pack ,can’t get the exact spec off the seller ,is there anyway from vw perhaps if finding the full spec?
  16. CamperBadger

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System retrofit to Startline

    My van, a Startline, doesn't have it. How to retrofit? Do I buy the TPMS units for each tyre, buy some kind of bluetooth receiver and then code?
  17. sipep

    Are you happy with your t6.1 startline?

    Looking at t6.1 startline, its £24000 with 38k white. I don't I can afford a high line in a t6.1.
  18. The Van Cave

    Found T6 Startline Bumpers Etc

    I’ve got an itch that needs scratching, but before I go to TPS and get ripped off with the ridiculously small discount I get, does anyone out there have any grey plastic Startline bumpers and bits they want to move on? Looking for: T6 front bumper without radar sensor cutout Tailgate rear...
  19. C

    VW t6.1 startline auto headlight retrofit question

    Hi, I want to retrofit the auto headlights feature to my t6.1 startline. From reading the only other post I can find in this forum about it, it seems the people who have tried just changing the headlight switching module (like you needed to do on the t6) to one which includes the auto function...
  20. JonriceT6

    Wanted Startline front bumper (swap?)

    I’m after swapping my reflex silver Highline bumper with gloss inserts for a normal black startline bumper. I’m going for the swamper look . Does anyone know the price or location I can pick up a startline black bumper?