Sold Ascot Grey T6.1 Startline Bumper/Grille 1 piece £100 ish...

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Removed today, currently residing in our conservatory until wifey spots it's taking up her summer space.
The Ascot Grey part is pretty damn perfect, the Glossy Black grille and fixed dog bones need 'touching up'!
Bear in mind this is one piece, not splittable like the Highline variety. The grille is stuck/welded to the bumper.
£100 ish, collection only from West Midlands.
Several sets of unpainted highline dog bones and grille also available which I will list in due course!
Drop me a line if you are interested.


This is how it looked in situ pre THQ lights!

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Roll up, roll up, £100 collected, summer's coming! Free part used bottle of gloss black touchy uppy!
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