sliding door panel

  1. C

    Sliding door internal trim rubbing on external paintwork

    Have searched through the "sliding door rubbing" posts but haven't seen one that matches my issue - the internal trim on my 2020 Caravelle is rubbing on the external paintwork, and the paint is rubbing through. You can see the bad door (left hand/passenger side) here: And the other (good)...
  2. R

    modifying left side slider interior panel to fit non-sliding right side?

    As per title really. Anybody successfully done this or know of someone who has? Thanks
  3. A

    T6 Caravelle door card rubbing against wheel arch & possible solution

    I took my Caravelle for the warranty repair on nearside door lock back in August. VW replaced it the but after a while door card started rubbing against the wheel arch. I had look and noticed that the door card wasn't fitted properly. Took it off only to find out that they damaged and broke door...
  4. A

    Found Black shuttle sliding door cards

    Looking for left and right shuttle sliding door cards in black.
  5. K

    T6 SWB upper interior ‘door card’ panels?

    G’day. Is there such a thing as interior OEM ‘door card’ style upper panels, for a T6 cargo area, that matches the standard supplied lower panels? Thank you.
  6. S

    Inserts to fill gap for trim clip around factory windows?

    Does anyone know a source for the plastic inserts / blanks to fill the gaps around the windows when there is no 'car style' interior trim installed? I've seen (but can't find) a picture of one, so know they exist, but cannot find any mention of them or a way to get any. Thanks!
  7. J

    275/40 19 9.5j ET30 on a caravelle, does door card rub?

    About to bite the bullet on some 19" 9.5J wheels and the offset is machined at point of purchase. I'm thing ET40 up front and ET30 at the rear as they usually look best with a little difference F/R. I've looked through pages of threads and can see some saying they run this spec OK and at least...
  8. O

    Leak inside sliding door

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed this issue or has had the same. I recently noticed that I get water ingress / leak from inside the sliding door after rain. I'm not entirely sure how it's getting in and I'm not sure of the component name but It seems to be coming from the latch or the part...
  9. S

    Sold Driver side shuttle door panel

    Hi. Following my shuttle conversion I have the internal panel and surround door trim for the drivers side sliding door. This has the inbuilt pull up blind. It’s from a 2016 lwb shuttle that had covered 40k miles. I have the pillar trims as well which I will try and sell. One clip on the trim was...
  10. pixelmix

    Found T6 Caravelle LH sliding door sunblind

    I am looking for the LH (passenger) roller sunblind for our T6 Caravelle. Ours is slightly damaged and I could do with tidying it up. I think it is part number 7H5861313B (all I'm not 100% sure as I am finding to find Caravelle specific parts diagrams). It may be the same part as the T5 and...
  11. Skyliner33

    Slider trim: which cap/clip do I need

    I know its been mentioned on the forum before, but I need help locating the part that goes into this hole on the sliding door trim. I wasnt going to bother, as last time the ply panel didnt have that slot, but this time they arrived with it cut out so I will need the cover that isnt there.
  12. campz

    T6.1 Shuttle Sliding Door Card Removal

    Hi, I've searched quite a bit on this and struggling to find an answer or diagram... The slider cards are the last thing I need to get off the van to I can insulate, from what I can find there is a T20 that needs to be removed and then is it a case of brute force to get the cards off. Any...
  13. Storm89

    Removal of T6 caravelle sliding door inner trim

    My door handle on the sliding door not spring returning. I'm in the process of removing the inner trim so I can gain access to it but I'm struggling to get it off and don't want to damage it. I've popped the clips at the bottom but cant get any further. Do I need to remove the trim around the...
  14. T

    Sold o/s sliding door card £75 (relisted)

    as title in anthracite top trim included good clean condition prefer collection thanks
  15. dErZ

    California door table into a shuttle

    Does anyone know if you can fit the california door surround/table into a shuttle and keep the pull up blind from the shuttle ?
  16. R

    Staggered 20s and Cali / Caravelle sliding-door trims..

    I’ve just been reading an old post regarding 20” staggered alloys rubbing the door cards on a caravelle? Does anyone know if this is down to the wheel/tyre combo or will this happen with any set up? I’m looking to go down the staggered route with either LV-1 or the Judd 311’s TIA
  17. Minimucks

    Found Caravelle sliding door card

    Looking for a n/s caravelle door card complete or possibly a door store. Pretty much anything better than the high quality VW cardboard kombi panel. Cheers
  18. Ians48

    Trim for aftermarket-windows on sliding-door?

    Hi all, I maybe in the wrong chat but anyway. I've just had some aftermarket sliding windows put in to replace the Vw factory leakers.. so my question is that I need a trim of sorts to tidy up the interior around the window? Is there such a thing? Both the twin sliding doors have had the windows...
  19. G

    Found Standard Sliding Door Panel

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I can get the standard wooden panel? For the passenger side of a kombi sliding door. Or does anyone have one they could send me? thanks
  20. W

    OEM Pull-up Sun Blinds… retrofit or similar options?

    Evening All. I have of course seen the VanShade pods and Swellshade blinds. The later looks a little unfinished on the edges to me. I was thinking, does anyone know for a roller type blind a bit like the VW jobs that go into the doorcard? I just wondered as I closed the blinds in my kitchen this...