sliding door panel

  1. Minimucks

    Wanted Caravelle sliding door card

    Looking for a n/s caravelle door card complete or possibly a door store. Pretty much anything better than the high quality VW cardboard kombi panel. Cheers
  2. Ians48

    Trim for aftermarket windows on sliding door

    Hi all, I maybe in the wrong chat but anyway. I've just had some aftermarket sliding windows put in to replace the Vw factory leakers.. so my question is that I need a trim of sorts to tidy up the interior around the window? Is there such a thing? Both the twin sliding doors have had the windows...
  3. T6DSGChris

    Caravelle trim close to quarter panel?

    Caravelle trim people.. can you compare this for me if pos? second hand clips but all on properly, loads of movement in the area thats an issue.. no blind in yet as repairing.. that wont pull it in though i can push the top in and it makes little or no difference. im soooo close... yes its...
  4. Littleblackflash

    Removing sliding door, one man job?

    I need to swap over my sliding side door on the van to a Caravelle one tomorrow. Is it a one man job? Difficult to do with social distancing. New door isn’t that heavy.
  5. G

    Wanted Standard Sliding Door Panel

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I can get the standard wooden panel? For the passenger side of a kombi sliding door. Or does anyone have one they could send me? thanks
  6. K

    Side Loading Door Lock Caps/covers

    Hi, I’m after a pair of side loading door lock caps/covers, for a T6 caravelle, as per pic. Any idea where I can source these or the part numbers please ? Thank you
  7. J

    Sliding Door Catch Cap Fitting

    Hi Jus wondering if anyone knows how this bit fits onto the top of the rod from the locking mechanism. Part no 7e5843613 9b9 Google Image Result for It looks as if it just push fits onto the end of the rod but does anyone...
  8. Wills

    Door Card Dismantling Plastic Weld

    I’m planning to dismantle my HL door cards that are held together by plastic welds. I’m sure I read that @Timr had undertaken the task when retrimming his cards but can’t find the post. Anyone had a go and has tips?
  9. D

    Warning 10j Wheels X19 Rub On Caravelle Door Cards

    Just a warning , I was told in good faith that my 3SDM. 0.04 10J wheels would fit my 17 Caravelle . I had them powder coated starlight dark copper , Fitted them , looked the n.ts , then tried the sliding door - Damn! I then proceeded to pack out the doors to miss the tyres, extensions DONT...
  10. Josh Corps

    Is There A Guide To Removing The Sliding Doors?

    Long story short I can't get my door card on without snapping the clips at the bottom. I think the only option is to remove the sliding door and do it whilst it is on the deck as getting access to the bottom clips to line them up on the van is impossible. Many thanks Josh
  11. D

    Sliding Door Extension Hinges To Stop Rubbing

    Just installed 10J wheels and told by the supplier that there will be no worries on a Caravelle .Both sliding doors hit the tyres with a squeak ! I have heard of peeps having 10.5 J rears with no issues. Are Caravelle door cards an inch thicker ? He suggests that there is some adjustment but I...
  12. L

    Sliding To Plain Windows - Trim??

    Hi everyone - not sure if this belongs here or in a special section for sliding window leaks, but... We just got the sliding windows replaced with plain windows, as they were (surprise surprise) leaking. But we're having all kinds of trouble getting the interior trim that goes around the...
  13. LambethBoy

    Found Caravelle Door And Tailgate Panels (see Pic)

    Looking for these two panels. Or if anyone knows who has them in stock. :thumbsup:
  14. A

    Sliding Door

    Need to remove the door panel on one of the sliding doors to access a small dent, do they just pop off...? its on a caravelle so blinds fitted as well...
  15. P

    T6 Transporter Sliding Door Problem

    My T6 van + conversion is less than 12th old and I have an intermittent problem with the sliding door. VW garage not interested because it doesn't fail in the garage. Told to make sure I had breakdown cover in case it fails when i'm camping! They saw a video I took but still say it has to...
  16. Eli

    Different Door Cards

    Any suggestions on why the door cards on both sliding doors would be different
  17. A&A

    Sliding Door Scratches The Wheel Arch

    Hello all on t6forum. Recently bought a used t6 Kombi (& love it) with cotrim lining in the back - link below shows on their website (ABS lining bottom right pic) Transporter Kombi Looks great but when opening side sliding door the small (hard plastic) pocket on the left scratches the wheel...
  18. Lorksalordy

    Sliding Door Trim Parts - Where Best To Order?

    Hello. I'm installing a multivan interior into my 2016 Kombi and so far so good. Left sliding door trim fitted and really pleased with the outcome. Preparing to do the right hand door trim and I've realised that the panel and trim I have is for a right hand sliding door without a sliding window...
  19. LambethBoy

    Oops May Have Broken Something!

    :rolleyes: So I have removed my interior door skin to do a bit of sound deadening today and heard something fall off as I was removing it. Does anybody know where this bit goes !!? Plastic with rubber, I’m presuming some sort of stopper??
  20. PetroHeed

    Kombi Door Card Upgrades, What Have You Done?

    One of the biggest disappointments with the Kombi is the zero effort approach to the door cards in the passenger compartment of the Kombi. The cardboard isnt cutting it for me. Is there a common OE upgrade people do? Like whatever comes on a multivan? I guess as usual these will demand crazy...