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  1. G

    First service - Main dealer or Indie?

    Some advice and thoughts needed please. My T32 LWB Kombi is coming up to one year old. I bought it new from Heritage in Bristol and was massively underwhelmed by the buying experience with them. I have since heard lots of negatives about their aftercare and service. Should I stick with a main...
  2. General-Monty

    How do I access MFD to change service interval in 19 Trendline.

    Guessing it’s me, but I don’t know how to access mfd data. Been sat in the van ten minutes with no luck. I’d like to change the service schedule to Long Life and change the digital speedo from Kph to Mph. I don’t have steering wheel controls. Done a search but can’t find anything helpful. Can...
  3. S

    T6.1 21 Plate Service Due?

    Hi all, just a bit confused about servicing. I have a Nov 21 plat T6.1, with 27000 on the clock. I had a service done when I bought the van in summer 2022. It has come up on the dash that an Oil Service is due. I phoned my local VW Van Centre and the lady said "it isnt due an oil service, its...
  4. W

    Servicing: Independent or VW

    Hi guys , relatively new to the Vdub scene . Bought a 67 reg 204 bi turbo from a Vw subsidiary in October, already had the egr cooler replaced but now worry she’s drinking to much oil . Should I go to an Independent specialist or Main VW dealer for tests ? I’m based near North Birmingham...
  5. Garyf123

    Servicing Intervals

    Hi, My May 2020 registered (2019 year of manufacture) T6 High line 150 HP Converted camper has 11200 miles on the clock. The previous owner gave me an invoice for an oil & filter change carried out in May 2022 at 8040 miles. This was done at a non-VW garage. Is it likely to have had (or...
  6. A

    T6.1 “Service Due”

    Is there a gizmo to reset console warnings for a 6.1 Transporter?
  7. LPollard

    Oil change.................... already?

    Hi Everyone, Please can someone help with the following My van has covered 12350 miles and it is saying oil service required within 100 miles But underneath that it says inspection due in 7700 miles. this is confusing me as i thought the the oil would be changed at the inspection miles and...
  8. cy294

    T6.1 oil reset process

    Afternoon all, does anyone know how to reset the oil change interval on a T6.1? I've tried the tried and tested method as per the other threads and the YouTube videos which works for my own T6, but it doesn't seem to work for a T6.1 It doesn't seem to come up on the dashboard display as to how...
  9. Farnorthsurfer

    Interval Service, and the point is??

    Just back from an 'Interval' service which came up on the dash reminder last week. The VW van centre handily also sent me a video of exactly what they did during the service! The video is about 120 seconds long, to be fair it doesn't include getting it up on the ramp, and then he looks at the...
  10. M

    Trip computer and its service history info

    Hi, I have a newbie question that can hopefully be easily answered by those in the know. I recently purchased a t6 19pate t32 , with 25k on the clock, on 1st of October. I have just had my first service and health check at my local VW dealer. Now before I took the vehicle in when I went into...
  11. czmate1999

    First Service

    Hi All, Had my van since Sept 2019 and have done around 12,500 miles and the oil light/service message just came up. I have it booked in for next week, are there any things i should look out for, or ask them to check? Cheers in advance. CZ.
  12. Steve Hales

    What’s included in a VW service?

    Had my first interim service at a main dealer last Friday and all was ok, just wondered what’s included in the service as today my “ad blue” warning has come on to let me know I need to top up. It’s not really an issue as I can do this myself but would of thought a service would have picked this...
  13. L

    23k Miles.. Had 1 Vw Service.. To Send Back To Vw Or Do Myself?

    What are peoples opinions on the above? In two minds as I can get the parts very cheap. Cheers, Lewis
  14. Dilbert

    Carista: Service Due Reset - Does It Affect Fixed Vs Flexible?

    Does anyone have any experience of using the Carista feature to reset the 'Service Due' indication? Does it work OK on T6? Does it affect/corrupt the Service Regime (Fixed/Flexible) your van is set to? Can you change the Service Regime using Carista? Thanks! D.
  15. H

    Non-Dealer Servicing during Warranty period

    Hi all after a bit of advice. My 2017 150hp T6 Campervan was serviced on 24/5/18 at 5k miles before I bought it . It now has 7.5k miles on it and the service indicator shows it needing an inspection service in 33 days. Am I interpreting that correctly ? I don’t want to invalidate the warranty...
  16. teamfly

    Oil Service Price @vw?

    Hi, Just wondering what the going rate with vw is for an oil service / oil n filter change?
  17. T6Paul

    Servicing Intervals Set Wrong

    My van was sold on the long life service interval and I took out the VW service plan to cover the first two services. It’s a 17 plate van, the fist service was completed last April at 13 months / 14,500 miles. No issue with that, however, the service due warning has just appeared after covering...
  18. B

    Service Schedule, Not The When - The What?

    Looking for service information on what gets serviced and when... Have seen the post that explains when you should get it serviced (mine is on the flexible system but will be doing it annually) When I was looking into these vans the internet seemed to think the 4motion haldex should be done at...
  19. Dellmassive

    T6 Service Intervals & Inspection, Flexible & Longlife

    T6 Service intervals & inspections , Flexible & Longlife : Im just posting this here to make it easier to refer back to in future . . . source: Volkswagen Flexible Service Regimes (Longlife) | Volkswagen...
  20. S

    'Inspection Now' message

    Hi my van is almost due the 20000 mile inspection, I rang up local dealer and he said it is a service, I thought it got serviced at 25000 miles? I have a service plan and don’t want them using my plan unless it is a service and not an inspection as I thought. Any help appreciated