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  1. dennismo

    VW Dealer for service near Sheffield

    Hi there. I've been inspired by @fezza68's helpful thread RE dealers in the NW. I have a VW Service plan for next 2 services, and therefore am tied to a VW Dealer. I didn't have the best experience last time I popped in to JCT600, Sheffield, and therefore wondering about other options...
  2. Donk

    Service Query

    I'm having van booked into VW as the message came up on the display: Oil Service 11800mi / 13 days Inspection 19400mi / 378 days Is this going to be a full service, interim service or an 'oil service'? VW seem to say its an interim service. Is it?
  3. Andy Power


    How often does a T6 need to be serviced.... I was under the impression that it’s two years or 20,000 miles.... my T6 was serviced this time last year however it says service due in 24 days??? I haven’t done 20,000 miles? I’m still getting a ticking noise when in gear (it disappears when I dip...
  4. L

    23k Miles.. Had 1 Vw Service.. To Send Back To Vw Or Do Myself?

    What are peoples opinions on the above? In two minds as I can get the parts very cheap. Cheers, Lewis
  5. Dilbert

    Carista: Service Due Reset - Does It Affect Fixed Vs Flexible?

    Does anyone have any experience of using the Carista feature to reset the 'Service Due' indication? Does it work OK on T6? Does it affect/corrupt the Service Regime (Fixed/Flexible) your van is set to? Can you change the Service Regime using Carista? Thanks! D.
  6. H

    Advice And Service Recommendations Please

    Hi all after a bit of advice. My 2017 150hp T6 Campervan was serviced on 24/5/18 at 5k miles before I bought it . It now has 7.5k miles on it and the service indicator shows it needing an inspection service in 33 days. Am I interpreting that correctly ? I don’t want to invalidate the warranty...
  7. teamfly

    Oil Service Price @vw?

    Hi, Just wondering what the going rate with vw is for an oil service / oil n filter change?
  8. B

    Service Schedule, Not The When - The What?

    Looking for service information on what gets serviced and when... Have seen the post that explains when you should get it serviced (mine is on the flexible system but will be doing it annually) When I was looking into these vans the internet seemed to think the 4motion haldex should be done at...
  9. Dellmassive

    T6 Service Intervals & Inspection, Flexible & Longlife

    T6 Service intervals & inspections , Flexible & Longlife : Im just posting this here to make it easier to refer back to in future . . . source: Volkswagen Flexible Service Regimes (Longlife) | Volkswagen...
  10. dubdub

    Inspection Notice

    Forgive me if im being dim here but im getting a notice come up on the dash saying 'inspection in x amount of days' its on a count down to round about the point i will have had the van about 18 months ish? Its thrown me a bit by saying inspection?....of what??
  11. L

    Vechicle Check Reminder

    Just turned the ignition on to be greeted by a vechicle check reminder in less that 30 days. Guessing I need to take this to VW now to keep up warranty?
  12. mopardave

    Service/inspection Indicator

    This is probably a really dumb question but can anyone explain this displayed in my MFD? Service AND inspection????
  13. Y

    EU6 150 CXHA Engine Oil Change

    Now I've changed engine oil & filter in plenty of cars, but it's usually very easy to spot the oil filter location. Embarrassingly I'm struggling to find it(!). I've read the maintenance document available for download, found a pic on here on another thread, but I'm still looking. Can anyone...