1. C

    Sca rails

    Hi all, Bought couple of sca rails to fit to sca 194 pop top for solar system. I note as I lay them in the grooves, the rear kicks up on both sides? Is this normal? Or am I expected to shorten these with a hacksaw?! They were purchased through banwy vans specifically for this vehicle?! Many...
  2. J

    SCA roof - straps working loose

    I picked up my new camper last week it has an SCA Start roof with straps that feed into a crocodile clip. No other securing mechanism. I was reassured by the dealer that the straps are very safe and don’t fail unlike some of the clamp mechanisms. However twice in one week I’ve been driving...

    SCA roof fitters in the east midlands?! I’m based LINCS

    Any help appreciated - experiences you had too… want a decent fitter that’s given no problems.
  4. P

    SCA Pop roof leaving a gap

    Hey folks, wondering if anyone else has had this problem or can advise. Trying to close the roof today and the rear driver side is staying about 1cm high. No obstructions. Fabric etc. Even removed the roof bed to rule that out. But just cannot get this side to close flush anymore trying to...
  5. S

    SCA Pop-top plus W/O awning plus D/A awning?

    Hi all so im looking to get a SCA pop top fitted but i also want to be able to use a wind out awning (recommendations please) and a drive away awning (obvs at different times) is this all possible if so what system Ta
  6. S

    Roof bars and SCA pop top

    Hi all just to say what an amazing forum although you have all scared the life out of me with leaky roof bar talk 1 we have a newish as of last year T6 fitting roof bars bought through the forum this weekend and planning to use some silicone to fit as have read about the leaks. just a quick...
  7. H

    Leaking SCA 194 Pano roof?

    Wondering if anyone has experience of water ingress after moderate- heavy (Cornish!) rain with their SCA194 Panoramic roof canvas? I hire my camper out and frustratingly the last two rentals have included some typical Cornish weather. I’m new to the wonderful world of campervans so learning as...
  8. D

    SCA roof fitters UK

    Hi, I am looking to get a SCA pop top fitted to my T6 LWB. I have tried a few conversion companies and I found them quickly persuading me to go with a different pop top. I get the feeling they are making bigger profit from certain suppliers. I really want a SCA so can anyone tell me somewhere...
  9. Vinci

    SCA roof - Solar roof bar kits/advice/guidance, please

    I have a T6 lwb with SCA roof, with tracks in the roof channels, into which my Thule roof rack sits. Any one please know of any kits to sit in-clamp to said rails, onto which you can mount hard solar panels, permitting an air gap beneath, all whilst allowing surf/windsurfing boards to be...
  10. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Eclipse Custom Vans Updates!

    Hi All, Ian here form Eclipse Campers. I thought I’d start this post to provide updates to the work we do and what we see in our workshop. This is not a chronological list of works but a sample of what we do. We are based in Yeovil Somerset and have been trading over 10 years. We undertake all...
  11. stuart-t6

    Pop Top Paint Blisters

    Hi my factory painted SCA roof after 2 years has developed small 2mm blisters, looks like it’s between the gel coat and the paint. So far these are only in one section but this is where the rubber seal sits and probably stays wet the longest. I have now applied some clear helicopter tape over...
  12. T

    Sca Roof Fault?

    Hey guys I have noticed the stainless steel brackets on top of the rear hinges on the SCA 194 pano roof are causing damage to the canvas as it closes. Before you all shout the obvious it has nothing to do with the canvas bellowing out. It’s where the canvas attaches to the roof with the Alu...
  13. D

    Sca Pop Top Roof

    I am looking for advice/opinions. I paid nearly £6000 pounds for an SCA SWB roof with a panoramic canvas. Given that these roofs are one of the most expensive on the market I expected it to look good not only closed but also when elevated. For such an expensive roof I think it looks cheap when...
  14. G

    Sca Broken Pull Down Handle

    Just managed to pull one of the handles off roof when pulling down pop top. Was really surprised to see that the pop top back up webbing is just held by a single screw just a few mm in length.. Not sure this would hold roof down in event of main fastening failure.
  15. Vinci

    Grumpy Git

    Went to Rhossili last weekend, nice site, cleanest facilities outside of a CC site, warm sea, great waves, all good. Then packed up, closed the roof, stopped at Oxwich, and was chatting to another T6 owner (as one does) when they pointed out my roof wasn’t down properly on rear near side by...
  16. Vinci


    I have a SCA roof with rails, from a reputable supplier. Whereas the bolts supplied are stainless steel, the nuts are not, and now are badly rusting, staining the canvas. Anyone else got this. Have emailed company for comments and hopefully replacement nuts, and will report back.
  17. T

    Roof Bars For Sca Poptop

    Hi all, I have a lwb with a sca194 poptop on and am looking for the best roof rails to put on it, I have bought the rail pack from Banwy vans so just need to find the right Thule (or similar) rails to go on. Anyone else fitted such a thing? Thanks
  18. Mick

    Sca Rear Opening Roof Catch Broken

    Hi, Just back from Austria after a great week in the van. Moved the catch to open the roof and it just moved and nothing happened. Now it is loose and roof iOS secure. 2 questions: 1. how long is the warranty on the roof - any clues 2. Anyone have any idea how I can get it undone to see if...
  19. Chris Joyce

    The New Sca 290 High Roof

    Good evening all! We are close to narrowing down our choice of pop top roof and are between the Hilo sport and the sca 194 ‘high’. When doing some research on Banways website I noticed they had some pictures and infor of the new sca 290. I believe it’s been on display at the nec this week...
  20. Wills

    For Sale Rainbow Screen Poptop Screen Sca 190

    These screens are an excellent quality solution to the cold weather. Purchased in error and is like new. This is designed for the SCA SWB pop top and is in black. I have provided the dimensions for peace of mind. It comes in 2 parts and includes the carry bag. I'm looking for close to £250 inc