roof box

  1. P

    Roof box placement Multivan T6

    Hi forum! I just bought a roof box, Thule Motion XT XL, and as I was placing it on the roof of my Multivan T6 I was thinking where the best placement for it would be regarding to aerodynamics. Far back, further to the front or in the middle. I have the short wheel base T6 but its still possible...
  2. P

    Sold Thule Force (Sport) Black 300L Roof Box + Thule Backpac 973 Bike Carrier + Thule 18 Rear-Mount system

    Thule Force (Sport) Black 300L Roof Box used twice (selling because now purchased bigger Thule Force XL to accommodate more stuff, 500L). Thule Backpac 973 Bike Carrier with Thule 18 mount fitting for T6 (selling because now planning to fit tow bar and tilt-able bike carrier system). Original...
  3. robbiebrown34

    Roof bars, boxes and other external storage solutions

    Hi Everying. I've got a detachable towbar on my T6 conversion and I want to use it for a little extra storage but I'm torn between various solutions and wondered if anyone has any advice/gotchas before I take the plunge. Basically we're going away for almost 3 weeks at the end of August and...
  4. J

    Bike Rack with Back Box

    Hi - we have a Thule back box on our barn door camper. Is there a bike rack that will fit on the back when the box is also fitted? Thx
  5. M40CCA

    Roof Box

    Hi guys We have a holiday booked in st Ives Cornwall in August Just wondering what roof bars and boxes everyone use (pics would be good). I have a 2019 caravelle Thank you
  6. B

    Tow Bar, Back Box And Bikes

    Good evening all. New to the camper game and recently took delivery of our T6 highline with tailgate. Just about to have a tow bar fitted and unsure as to what combination I should have for the extra storage and bikes. So far I've seen the Westfalia cargo box as well as the Thule easy base...
  7. M

    Vw Bike Rack With External Storage Box Solution

    Looking for help, first post.... We are about to pickup new VW T6 LWB campervan and need to decide on external storage and bike rack. Does anyone know if is it possible to use the VW 4 bike rack with the Thule Easy Base no. 949? We are then considering using Thule storage box 900 on the...
  8. Dieseldonkey

    Roof Box For Sale. Or Actually....maybe Not.

    Had this roof box for my previous donkey. As much as I like roof bars, they're not viable for the Panadonkia, so considered flogging the box. Especially as you'd need to tow a cherry picker to reach the soddin thing. However..... Plans are being drawn up for an continental alpine family road...
  9. Sam Lawson

    Roof Box Ladder

    Hi all, We make regular trips with our Roof Box fitted, and currently i use a rickety old foldable step ladder to get up high enough to pack the box up. It means that i then have to take the ladder with us, rattling around in the boot, otherwise i'm stuck when i get to the other end. Any...
  10. Sam Lawson

    Roof Box Recommendations

    As big as our new Velle is.. it's still a squeeze with 4 kids & 2 dogs.. so i'm going to need to invest in a roof box. We don't have any roof bars, and the chap at VW said you don't need to get the bars that go the length of the van and stay on there, as with a roof box you have just get the 2...
  11. Artaroos

    Roof Box Question

    Hi All, I'm looking for some reassurance here - and this may appear to be a stupid question but.. Will it cause any problems lifting the roof in the van with an empty roof box fitted? Thanks
  12. Jules

    Roof Bar/Rack for Caravelle to carry roof box

    Hi Guys Ok, apologies for the questions but I am struggling to work out what roof rack system will work best for the new Caravelle. For the most part I only use it for long trips with the family and generally only with my Thule 900 roof box. There seems to be a plethora of options out there...