1. Matt_camps

    Strange issue with DC-DC charger

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with the below Am just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before with a DC-DC charger. I first thought it was a faulty unit (CTEK 250SE) so changed to the RENOGY DCC50S but am still having the same issue. When the wire from the alternator is...
  2. J

    Renogy 50ah lithium battery not accepting a charge

    I have a renogy 50ah lithium battery that is not accepting a charge. I have spent a lot of time (frustrating hours) on webchat with Renogy. They are now suggesting that I buy a Lithium charger with re-activation capability. They have one on their website but they asking £129 for it!. I spent...
  3. Blitz

    Renogy DC to DC not charging

    Hi all I know this has become a popular item now and I have just upgraded to the 50A version. However. After the install everything looked OK. A week later both my Renogy Lithium batteries are dead. The alternator light is constant red which I believe is correct, the Service light shows green...
  4. J19WMK

    Renogy 200W Flexi-Panel Install

    Super Easy to install. The groves on the the roof allow air to travel through and massively reduces lift on the panel. Had it on for a couple months now, no chance of coming off.
  5. kevindu

    For Sale Renogy DC-DC and solar all in one charger

    £150 postage or collection from Cambridge
  6. T

    For Sale Renogy battery charger

    New and unused Renogy Bluetooth battery charger. Came as part of a kit but is not needed. Brand new in box £200 collection from Manchester or plus postage...
  7. Littleblackflash

    Renogy Solar Monitor using the Hub

    I have a Renogy system all working fine. (Battery, Solar panels, inverter, DCDC). The all connect through a data hub and transmit their status over bluetooth to my phone app. I have a monitoring screen for the solar which works then connecting direct to the Elite Solar changer, but doesn't work...
  8. Dellmassive

    Sold RENOGY DCC50S 50A DC-DC charger + BT2 Bluetooth adapter

    RENOGY DCC50S 50A DC-DC charger + BT2 bluetooth adapter +++ i was running a couple of these, this one now available for sale, as its been sitting about for ages. £190 + UK shipping or delivered to Busfest-22. +++ 50A dc-dc charger, but can be set to 10/20/30/40/50A via APP has all...
  9. D

    Cable size for renogy 100ah lithium battery and dcc50s

    Hello all Really appreciate the help I've been getting recently but I have another question. I've been doing a lot of reading but seem to come across different answers, I'm trying to work out which size cable to use from starter to dcc50s to lithium to fuse and also to earth? Some say 16mm2...
  10. T

    Dc to dc charger victron or renogy?

    Can't decide between the 2 does the renogy give out 50a charge ? I've read all the stuff about solar and alternator connected at same time and isolators to trick into just one is connected but is there still a 50a charge ? Bit lost in the flood of Chinese wires and panels ? Hoping to use 100ah...
  11. G

    Renogy DC 50 - 50 mppt help

    I have no output from the unit despite having checked the wiring 5 times. There is No alternator light, no solar light. The battery light is slow red flash and the tick is green . All voltages are fine when checked with voltmeter :- Solar 19v Alternator 12.6v engine off , 14.3v engine on...
  12. DuncanB

    Renogy DCC50S and LB under the single passenger seat? Advice please

    What is the best route to run cable from my starter battery to my DC-DC charger under the single passenger seat in my LWB please? I've taken all the matting out and I'm considering different layout options. Any suggestions would be very welcome. I'm only doing a basic conversion with the...
  13. J

    Renogy vs CTEK

    So the renogy DC to DC with built in mppt is quite a bit cheaper than the ctek but is it as good ?
  14. Mwcard

    DCC50S + solar + mains charing

    I contacted Renogy to see if the DCC50S is compatible with a mains battery charger (which I already have installed - looking to add the DCC50S + solar panel) I got this response: The DCC50S won't be able to detect if a battery is also being charged through another source hence we don't...
  15. @ndy

    For Sale Renogy Bluetooth communication HUB

    Due to a change of plans I no longer require my Renogy Bluetooth communication hub,I have opened up the mounting holes see photos See full details here - Bluetooth Communication Hub for BT-2 Bluetooth Module £25 posted UK mainland
  16. CJW

    Which is the correct value to enter in this Renogy setting please?

    Hello. I’ve got the Renogy Battery Monitor attached to a LB with 95Ah capacity. Set up of the monitor includes manually setting the Ah capacity of the battery directly as a value. I had put in 95Ah. I read the manual again and it says to set this value to the ‘usable capacity’ - so should this...
  17. Littleblackflash

    Renogy Inverter

    I now have a Renogy 100Ah Lipo battery and 50A DC-DC charger to fit to my van. I'm thinking of adding a Renogy 1000w inverter to the system but the ones shown on the UK site don't have a RS485 comms. If I look at the Renogy inverters for other countries they all have a new version out with the...
  18. RunDSG

    Renogy Battery Monitory - Shunt terminals are too big?!

    Hi all, I’ve read as much as I can find relevant to this problem and hoping for some expert advice. I’ve purchased a 500A Renogy Battery Monitor (I think you are all familiar). The installation is simple enough, except the bolts on the shunt are 10mm and all my accessories (negative terminal...
  19. boopzz

    Renogy DCC50S modbus stats

    Hi all, Been a while since I've been on here. Just throwing something up to say I've finally got together a Python driver to pull stats from a Renogy DCC50S using a USB modbus adapter/dongle plugged into a Raspberry Pi. The python module is fairly modular so just pulls from the dongle and spits...
  20. Nq_Dude

    Leisure Battery Box

    Wanted a leisure batteary but didn’t want it under the front seats so made this to fit under the right hand side rear seat of a Kombi. Also includes a Midi\Maxi fuse box and a Renogy DC DC charger. Vanarchy Newquay done a great job carpeting before it gets installed. Was not able to find...