1. t6blo

    Sold Bonanza - Victron, Renogy, Fogstar, Helix, PV Logic, Blink, TP-Link - Solar Leisure Audio Wi-Fi CCTV

    My van has too much bloat - I’m going back to basics, reducing weight and unused, unnecessary things. A sale bonanza. Open to sensible offers and can post to UK (maybe not the Fogstar, need to check and not the solar panel) or you can collect, or I can meet locally. I will add photos once I...
  2. J

    Renogy dc-dc charger install, connecting ignition live wire ?

    Just Installed the Renogy 50a dc-dc charger under passenger seat and pretty much done but now need i to connect the red ignition live wire from charger to an ign live, for the smart alternator. T6 2018 I’ve looked and found a relevant post regards tapping into fuse box under gear lever in cab...
  3. M

    Battery shelf mode

    Hi all, My Renogy battery has just turned up and I understand it is in shelf mode for storage, and as such I cannot connect to it via Bluetooth to see SOC etc. Is there a quick and dirty way for me to pass draw / supply 1A to wake it up? I'm just collecting parts at the moment so I'm not in a...
  4. S

    Mppt or dcdc/mppt charger ?

    Question for the gurus. Just done an order with renology, for a t6.1 2020 van. Got a 200 w solar panel with rover 20amp along with Bluetooth module. Before I start assembly, just wondering should I have gone for a renogy dcc30s dcdc with mppt rather than my rover charger? As far as I know I...
  5. t6blo

    Sold SOLD Renogy ONE M1 Panel Energy Monitor Screen Smart Battery Monitor

    BRAND NEW & SEALED Description Introducing Renogy ONE M1, your all-in-one energy monitoring and off-grid smart living center that revolutionizes comfort when you live in your off-grid home or campervan. Renogy ONE M1 is the heart of your off-grid system with a sleek, flush-mount touchscreen...
  6. L

    Simple electrics set up (Renogy based)

    Hello everyone, i'm a total beginner in the electrics topic. Was reading this forum for a week, find it very informative but i still have some (many!) questions. Would really appreciate if someone could give me a hand. (And please excuse my English, i'm not a native speaker) So, we are going to...
  7. Jim Rey

    Renogy Warranty - do they have a UK based office or warehouse?

    My 6 month old Renogy 50aH LIFEPO4 battery has died and I have done everything suggested to re-activate it. Does anyone know of an UK based office or warehouse address for Renogy? If they don't honour the warranty on my battery I am going to raise a small claims action against them.... I need...
  8. Matt_camps

    Strange issue with DC-DC charger [Resolved]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with the below Am just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before with a DC-DC charger. I first thought it was a faulty unit (CTEK 250SE) so changed to the RENOGY DCC50S but am still having the same issue. When the wire from the alternator is...
  9. Jim Rey

    Renogy 50ah lithium battery not accepting a charge

    I have a renogy 50ah lithium battery that is not accepting a charge. I have spent a lot of time (frustrating hours) on webchat with Renogy. They are now suggesting that I buy a Lithium charger with re-activation capability. They have one on their website but they asking £129 for it!. I spent...
  10. Blitz

    Renogy DC to DC not charging

    Hi all I know this has become a popular item now and I have just upgraded to the 50A version. However. After the install everything looked OK. A week later both my Renogy Lithium batteries are dead. The alternator light is constant red which I believe is correct, the Service light shows green...
  11. J19WMK

    Renogy 200W Flexi-Panel Install

    Super Easy to install. The groves on the the roof allow air to travel through and massively reduces lift on the panel. Had it on for a couple months now, no chance of coming off.
  12. Jimm

    DC to DC charger over-charging?

    Hi, I'd be grateful for some advice/reassurance please! I have a T6 with Euro 6 engine. Renogy DCC30S 30A DC-DC charger, connected to Xtreme AGM 110AH leisure battery - all connected, fused etc as per manufacturers requirements, no solar currently installed. Equipment and installation about...
  13. kevindu

    For Sale Renogy DC-DC and solar all in one charger

    £150 postage or collection from Cambridge
  14. T

    For Sale Renogy battery charger

    New and unused Renogy Bluetooth battery charger. Came as part of a kit but is not needed. Brand new in box £200 collection from Manchester or plus postage...
  15. Littleblackflash

    Renogy Solar Monitor using the Hub

    I have a Renogy system all working fine. (Battery, Solar panels, inverter, DCDC). The all connect through a data hub and transmit their status over bluetooth to my phone app. I have a monitoring screen for the solar which works then connecting direct to the Elite Solar changer, but doesn't work...
  16. Dellmassive

    Sold RENOGY DCC50S 50A DC-DC charger + BT2 Bluetooth adapter

    RENOGY DCC50S 50A DC-DC charger + BT2 bluetooth adapter +++ i was running a couple of these, this one now available for sale, as its been sitting about for ages. £190 + UK shipping or delivered to Busfest-22. +++ 50A dc-dc charger, but can be set to 10/20/30/40/50A via APP has all...
  17. D

    Cable size for renogy 100ah lithium battery and dcc50s

    Hello all Really appreciate the help I've been getting recently but I have another question. I've been doing a lot of reading but seem to come across different answers, I'm trying to work out which size cable to use from starter to dcc50s to lithium to fuse and also to earth? Some say 16mm2...
  18. T

    Dc to dc charger victron or renogy?

    Can't decide between the 2 does the renogy give out 50a charge ? I've read all the stuff about solar and alternator connected at same time and isolators to trick into just one is connected but is there still a 50a charge ? Bit lost in the flood of Chinese wires and panels ? Hoping to use 100ah...
  19. G

    Renogy DC 50 - 50 mppt help

    I have no output from the unit despite having checked the wiring 5 times. There is No alternator light, no solar light. The battery light is slow red flash and the tick is green . All voltages are fine when checked with voltmeter :- Solar 19v Alternator 12.6v engine off , 14.3v engine on...
  20. OllieGBR

    Show us your Driver/Pax Seat Leisure Battery setups

    I have no idea how this lot is going to fit under the seat along with the biggest battery I can get my hands on OK, so I only need the DC-DC and 240 breaker under there, picture for sheer pleasure of seeing all that wonderful Victron kit together:D As I see it there needs to be a plate made...