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    Battery in a box
  2. W

    CTEK 250SE Solar problem

    Hi All, First post so please go easy. I have searched the forum but I haven't found any other posts on this. I fitted my CTEK 250SE DC to DC charger around 2 months ago and all was working as expected , I would start the engine and after a few seconds the CTEK would start up and charge the...
  3. travelvolts

    Renogy feedback.

    I have noticed that a few people have now fitted Renogy products. As I have been offered dealership on this stuff I would like to gain some feedback on it. What do you all think of it? Would you buy it again or buy further products from their range based on the general build quality?
  4. Rapt0rUK

    Renogy DCC50S + 100Ah Smart Lithium Install

    I have a general build thread in the works (Our T6 build journey...complete beginners!) but starting a separate thread for the electrics so that people can tell me in one place if i'm going to set my van on fire. After much research and deliberation we decided to go the lithium route with our...
  5. B

    Renogy DCC50S woes

    Hello I’ve been running one of these for the past month with no issues been doing it’s job fine Had a look today and it seems to have stopped charging,no light on for the solar or the alternator but the voltage is reaching the unit ok 19v on the solar at the renogy and 14. odd from the...
  6. 8o8

    Renogy Solar Panel

    Has anyone got any reviews on renogy solar panels? Looking at this: 160 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel Voc is 23v so bang on the limit of my ctek d250sa. Just wondering about build quality etc of the renogy? Cheers Bob
  7. OllieGBR

    Renology Dc-dc Battery Chargers

    Has anyone fitted one of the Renology DC-DC battery chargers? I believe this is all I need for regulate charging from the alternator and solar panels? The only thing I can't ascertain is the option to output the data to a compatible display module/ iPhone app...
  8. Dellmassive

    *new* - Renogy Release Dc-dc 20/40a Charger!

    RENOGY release DC-DC 20/40A charger! . . . . . . . . . . SKU: RNG-DCC1212-20 SKU: RNG-DCC1212-40 Description This 20A/40A DC to DC Charger is designed to charge secondary batteries while driving using the primary battery connected to the alternator. It is able to charge: Flooded, Gel, AGM...