rear styling

  1. P

    Help identify part [Rear Bumper Spat]

    Hello all, new here so first post. Purchased our first camper 2 days ago (T6) having caravan'd for the last 10yrs. Very very excited for our first adventure out, I was always a little envious on the camp sites, it looked so much fun, and you didn't need to tow it - bonus! Will have to adjust to...
  2. Jimmmmy

    T6.1 Exhaust trim...?

    Does anyone do an exhaust trim for the t6.1, looked everywhere and cant find anything.
  3. R10loc

    My Black T6.1 DSG Workhorse

    1st day I got the money pit from the dealership
  4. djg87

    Barn door rear bumper style/diffuser

    Audi Q7 bumpers and exhaust for 1500ish. Thoughts?
  5. Gus_T6_Bus

    T6 Rear Corner Bars

    Hi, I've seen a clip I can't now find showing chrome rear corner bars fitted to a T6 like these: I quite like how low they make the rear look, but I can't find many examples of anyone fitting them - does anyone have these? What are your thoughts? How do they fit generally, and round the rear...
  6. Mwcard

    T6 rear bumper upgrades like this one pictured

    Good evening all. This is my first post to the forum. I have put a deposit down for a T6 LWB camper which I hope to pick up in about a week. Looking around at some styling options out there I came across this T5. I wondered if anyone knows if a similar rear bumper is available for a T6 or is it...
  7. JordanGT

    Sold VW T6 Tailgate rear bumper valance

    I bought this earlier this year but never fitted it. £250 Ono
  8. L

    T5.1 rear lower bumper defuser

    Hi. I have a T5.1 sportline. Trying to get rear bumper add on like a defuser or apron of some description. There seems to be quite a few options for the T6 but people the bumper profile is slightly different. Has any one bought or have any ideas. Cheers
  9. N

    Rear Bumper options??

    Hi all, New here! First T6 (but have had multiple T4s and T5s!) I’m in the process of starting a camper build and came across some smart looking wrap around led lights to replace the reflectors on the back bumpers however, my van is a standard panel van and the reflectors don’t wrap...
  10. czmate1999

    Rear tailpipes options

    hi all, Have seen a few images of T6s with a duel exhaust and quite like it... has anyone got this set up and how much did it cost? Just curious... Cz.
  11. Billybz

    Bumper addition ideas?

    Hi I am a newbie Can anyone help I want to buy a bumper add on to make my black T6 look sporty and advice on the back bumper or lip can anyone help point me in the right direction Many thanks
  12. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...
  13. Dino

    T6.1 by Urban Automotive

    Probably won’t be cheap.
  14. Donk

    Maxton Rear Valence

    Was wondering if anyone has got one fitted to their rear? MAXTON DESIGN LTD - VOLKSWAGEN T6 REAR VALANCE Might be tempted...
  15. J

    Gt6 Rs

  16. Jason Williams

    Rear Bumper Spoiler

    Does anyone have a modified rear bumper ? I had one ony T5 but I've not seen any for a T6 .
  17. J

    Gt3 Rs Tailpipe

    What do you guys think..Im planning on fitting this tailpipe to go with my theme..I plan to cut an oval out of the bumper and impact bar behind then install my mains hookup in the tailpipe.
  18. Dannywilds


    What's your thought??? Just getting the quad exhaust made.
  19. Ads_Essex

    Rear diffuser

    What are people's views on these rear diffusers as opposed to full-on replacement bumpers? I'm liking the subtleness.. .. but can't justify the £650 odd it'll cost. Are there cheaper alternatives out there? Thoughts?
  20. chriscroft

    Panamericana Front/Rear/Sill protectors

    I quite fancy some of these protecters, think they are aluminium; they list in the VW international accessories catalogue, wonder if @Pauly 's parts man can get them?